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April 1974 I7 3. Patent applicant 4 and agent cloud 160 [phase] Japan Patent Office ? Japanese
Patent Application Laid-Open No. 50-1375020 published Japanese Patent Application No. 50.
(1975) io, 31 Request for examination not requested (all four pages). No. 7 ? L 53 Description
Name of Multi-dimensional Stereo Signal Transmission ? ? ? ?? ?? Multi-Level Stereo
Signal Transmission Device In Multi-Level Stereo Signal Transmission Device Two-channel Signal
All-Multi-Level Stereo Extraction Stage And P phase shift means for removing a specific band
TIRf in the signal of the foot, and amplitude control for amplitude limitation of the output of the
phase shift means, which is obtained from the control means A multi-stereo signal transmission
device l comprising a mixture of the output of the above and another one of the channels to
remove a specific signal in the control system signal. Detailed description of brother Akira This
book Ryuumei relates to an arbitrary direction sound note signal removal apparatus useful for
applying to a multi-optical three-dimensional signal transmission device, in particular, a signal in
an arbitrary direction at a front stage of the decoder To provide an apparatus for removing and
transmitting. Water before sounding out in Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 49-3001)
Sounds localized in any direction in C stereo reproduction device 1 #! In order to completely
eliminate all the components (for example, FLPL, f3R, BL '%) included in both the left and right
channels, the phase of each component was adjusted to obtain an elimination signal. However, in
practice, it is often necessary to eliminate unnecessary signals at the transmission side and the
pre-decoder stage to transmit two or more sounds. The present invention proposes an apparatus
for transmitting a signal by removing only a signal in an arbitrary direction from transmission
signals matrixed in an arbitrary direction in the present two-phase transmission system, and a
multi-dimensional 1 ^ 'transmission apparatus. It applies to a universal matrix system
(hereinafter referred to as LInjversaJMatrix called UM below) known as one of the two-channel
transmission using a matrix Km, to be detailed about fCiJiO. For the UM method, see JP-A-4846301! No. 48-46302 to Teraaki, and the transmission signal in the case of 2-channel
communication (BMX). ?J? ? ? l, = (1-e) Sn * ? @@@, (H?J?T1. U = (1 + e) Sn иииии (2)
EndPage: 1 is transmitted t ? ? L, its vector is as shown in FIG. 1 V, and n All diagonals as can
be seen from the vector et al. Consider the case where the front signal (F) ft is removed from this
transmission signal for all the phase differences between sound images such as front (F), rear (B),
left 11i1 (FL), right rear (BR) etc. View. In other words, a forward signal CF) of equal magnitude
and in opposite phase is canceled by canceling out each other if 7 JD.
That is, the (TL) signal shown in the equation (11) is shown in FIG. Here, CT'L ') is added to (TB)
and the (TB') k (TL) signal is added. N is a signal obtained by removing the forward signal (F) as
shown in FIG. 3 (TI, ") (Tl"). You will get The father, the backward signal CB) may be eliminated in
addition to the (TL) (TR,) signal shown in FIG. For the left front (II ? ? L), the right +1 iJ side
(Ff?t) 41, the left rear (BL), the right rear (BR,) etc. Similarly (TL), there is a need ? ? ? to
equalize the middle of the (TR, tf) signal because the magnitudes of the vectors differ during the
call. This is noted in Figure 45. An embodiment of the present invention will be described below
with reference to FIG. In FIG. 4, the input terminal (11 (21 (21) shown in FIG. 1 mentioned above
(1'l, (TL)) signal is different, the signal is band passing: I sees him t31 + 41). And add to the phase
shifter (8) ?2 of 06, and select the removal band necessary for the power-law + 31 (41). That is,
only one constant band in the signal to be removed is removed. ???????? (7-8 f91. (Its,
? ', respectively,' i = output is next-stage amplitude limitation circuit 03), (141, (15L (lj). (171, (1
+ iC greeting [6 (81, ti'lJ] output u7 M & a [! l, 031 Kall ?, ?bowl egg J1 ? circuit (131 (+ 51 7
7) ?) ? 6 Figure 1; Amplitude 1iul turn @ + 161 NK (J4J selector circuit (2) consisting of a
potentiometer) is added to M12u +. Range width limited circle IJJ ~ 0 PIf according to the
respective position shown in FIG. To get it done. 5 for the t-time characteristics of the width
control circuit 03I, and if 1 condition is set, all the rl J of the left and right signals (L) and (R) and
the backward direction CB) pass 0 and the left signal (L). Gradually increase. Loads 1 and 1E are
shown such that they are attenuated toward 7.5 dB or more at tr-1 II J (FL), forward (F) -r: odg,
and -7, 5 dB or less at right front (1 = 'fL). This magnitude relationship is due to the magnitude of
the vectors in FIG. Wedge control circuit + 151u + au 81 ? 1/1 is also decided on the first self
digging width 1 ? (circuit (I3 it same as the first arrival. ? [1151 is 4 и ?, as in the left and right
signal (L) (?) in Fig. 1;
Potentiometer selector circuit: ??, 3+, 1+ 41 output mixed with 06 phase shifter + 81 [12]
output 8 ': = 4 :! '4 (231, n mixed, output terminal 1 :), 4J + 2: U и 1 ho? G fan. Although it is not
shown after the output / iM child of 121), the decoder is arranged so that it can not be
superimposed on a signal such as 4 channels. i ? и I want to leave 1J No. Indicating the position
position, box width ? ? ?) ~ (181 selectors and potentiometers consisting of a potentiometer! It
is a circuit whose position is totally 10 in zb + '211. Fig. 6 shows the selector circuit consisting of
the register potentiometer: ? 11z LIl! As described in more detail with reference to FIG. The
phase at 1st Tl and 1 range will be selected. The same applies to the selector circuit tzn, and the
left signal (L) [TL signal of reverse phase] and the right signal (l (,) I near I. Takumei are as
described above in the multi-light three-dimensional transmission system d. I want to remove и) I
can remove all 1J properly in the direction over ? destruction, and all out of the band can be
transmitted without any change, etc. Insertion of t is also easily and collectively possible in the
person skilled in the art, and transmits EndPage: 2 to the invitation father except for a specific
signal from M 1g in the decoder removal. It can be carried out in a single step at a time, and can
be carried out in a Q-like operation, and it has a great reverence to be done with two channels as
compared with the case where all the signal from the bar is removed after the decoder or the
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS AA1 A vector diagram of TL and TR signals of UM
method in FIG. 42 in FIG. 1 T1. , TL signal is phase-shifted, and a 7-bit vector diagram, FIG. 3
shows a '11' L 'TR' i diagram of FIG. , ?'141 g issue vector diagram, FIG. 4 is a system diagram of
the removal apparatus of the present invention, FIG. 5 swing amplitude C6 swing amplitude li!
FIG. 6 is a diagram showing a specific example of the selector circuit which is 1 meter from the
bolt 7 yometer. (11 (21 is an input terminal, (31 f 41 band pass,! J) J wave, (51 ? ? ? ? ? ?
? 4 ?, 03) ? 1 I 1 ? 1 sub 1 ? 1 0 1 ? 1 1 year instructions circuit, mountains selector
circuit @ 1221 i, J is a junction port j2 button 25) is an output terminal. ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? BL LB LB LB LB LB LB LB rp LB 3 ? ? LB 6 ?? LB ?? LB ? ? ? ? g g June 2 ??
1 2 gE2 ? ? invention multidimensional signal transmission device 3, the person making
corrections 7, the column of the brief description of the drawing of the correction statement 6EndPage: ?
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