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8. □149. President of the Patent Office Patent Judge Patent Bj applicant "° °" ''. Hitachi,
Ltd. [Fa] Japan Patent Office 0 JP 50-143501 ° 0 published date 50. (1975) 11, 19 ■ Japanese
Patent Application No. 4'-502g [phase] filing date 1llI tooth 2. (197) t,? In-hospital number
'13116237 θ15! 53 @ 斃 110 name straight bell llAl1 No. food circuit request OSm multiple @ 0
threatens human power signal, at least three or more. O Kimari Shinshu 11! [Result II: In the
signal synthesis path which makes the true value of the amplification 1 path for amplifying the G
meeting power, respectively, and the above-mentioned signal path for amplification, the common
terminal of the amplification vswio feedback resistor is Ill! L, this connection! Place the point
through the exchange path means j! With the oes terminal, aWL is applied to one input terminal
of the voltage comparison myso, the reference voltage is applied to the other input terminal of
the voltage ratio 11Ra, and the output of the 上 O voltage comparison circuit is reversed. The
details of the above-mentioned O increase @ circuit failure of the circuit invention are adjusted to
the signal threat imm so that the resistance and the power supply side terminal oiisi level
coincide with the above reference voltage, and the signal threat in the playback of the flash
memory Target all. Conventionally, in the second-channel matrix stereo type pain-slider system,
the left and right niji code 1 No. Xa-, / "7 correction 1 to Oka S branch forms a signal pipe of
opposite phase, and the signal multiplied by the m2O coefficient 1 to obtain a signal combining
the above-mentioned internal phase and anti-phase 01i4 #, change the coefficients of these
signals according to the signal in the long run, and synthesize the internal phase or anti-phase O
signal I know how to improve the amount of speaker output at the time of the j-l and j-l-placed
speaker output by means of the signal etc., which is entirely known, for example, improvement of
the encoding-f-code method in ttfr4ah matrix reproduction Telecommunications Society of Japan,
Institute of Electro-acoustics, Material No. mA'Fk2 (19'Ffs-O3) K. : 1M as shown in Fig. 1 and Fig.
1 in the case of 1 in the case of 1 マ マ う [錯 錯 錯 complex circuit has WIm-"amplification
action, so the back of the element **, etc. [I [tIL level occurs and キ EndPage: 1O level value
becomes unstable, 崗 0 * 641 increase in power ■ ■ 踏 ■ ダ イ ダ イ ダ イ ダ イ ダ イ 龜 龜
Good V% ζ 7, some-cause of life strain etc omm occurs. Normally, in the case of amplification
1111 K, a negative * a-II K, and an output signal O assault is provided, but, for example, three λ
power signals as “E” and “E output # 4 #”.儒 七分 七 7 信号 不 信号 な 信 信号 、 儒 OO を
出 儒 ■ シ ー 上 記 上 記 C C C 飯 −6 C C 飯 C C −6 C C C C C C C C C そ れ そ れ そ れ そ れ O
1 1 1 Step 1-IKJIPI /%, it is thought that I will soften the W # I negative remorse II in the inputoutput fight Jh, however, the above amplification * @ m ~ 6, it is O output I talk about the ac 儒 成
分 component (九 88 88118 M's デ de !!
And, [1 Lebe Ale return weight ■ cost must be high J for Jb to make the road a must. 1 as well,
semiconductor accumulation ■ Dovetail K that constitutes the above all by the intestines, round
off the external terminal machine such as OS 鉤 1llk and 1kh. Non-explosion-11 is a big thing to
round 1 to break the above layer, ya e1 m! i ゐ ζ ζ 儒, 儒 ■ 踏 ゐ ゐ ゐ ゐ ゐ ゐ. In order to
achieve the above-mentioned ■ 豹 O * −-O basic composition, multiple O input ig + n is met, or
less (at least s-p or more 會-@ 4 Ital 儒 勺 ■ 踏 七 、, the above O合 ■ ■ all ■ @ @ ζ 0 @
mirror point connected to the common side, 交流 0 @ mirror point AC side layer Place i through
means! And power terminals * I! するとと4K。 Voltage comparison ■ yao one input terminal
El! 1! , Apply the reference voltage to the input terminal of the above voltage comparison
circuit lIO, ζt) 111. E. According to the ratio soft output, the common Ell flow fIh construction is
performed on the input side of the aS @@ step as the above-mentioned return to the anti-osvuua
child OI flow level or the above-mentioned reference voltage. So = Apply this lI @ below to Ban
Tae Qui Le Ma) Lix Regeneration 1111 and Sledge to Marubakai o * m *-See the specific ■! Light
up. Regards λ is a member of the Gututa Garden, which is an example of this book. The pottery
11 is 5 # c, and the above ■ m is lower JleO. II's input signal-8! From, these O Nobuaki (acidcontaining and get the prestige of number 41 Mad マ ヌ 路 路 コ コ, and above! 調 ■ ■ ■ λ λ
調 調 調 調 桑 桑 桑 a a a a w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w Return to
80 i terminal respectively m * i anti-If. ~ If 4 is connected, this resistance wing f, ~ 簾 t 4 K) * @ 儒
寓 I I I 共通 ll ll 金 成 今 交流 交流 交流 交流 交流 # # 唱 唱 唱 唱信 = = = = = デ シ O シ = eth eth
eth eth eth IR IR IR @ IRf 振 @ Common Origin Own k Level を 膳 Semiconductor Integration l I
電 圧 電 圧 Large voltage Comparison 086 @ One O mark, mark 1 and ζ O voltage comparison
■ Stepped-0 II co O input Butterfly above DC level 1 place! 01 [K holding the reference voltage 1
· t, the output of the voltage ratio 貌 l 1 l I 4, ie, the upper l l e l l l l l l 0 [current level l7 l voltage
l · f and oWA difference By the output, the control signal is controlled in the same way.
The S @@ is the specific one of the above-mentioned ツ プ principal cost part, one e-example.
Porcelain 1mK 一, 増 メ ー メ ー si si si * si 増 幅 large amplification transistor ~, 定 定 # # ジ K #
# # # # # # # 以下 以下 以下 橡 橡 増 幅 器 増 幅 器 増 幅 器 amplifier 増 幅 器~, Q4. To) # (ζ, Qf.
4) = (Q4-%-ζ,) to 5 seconds. In the above amplification guis ~ 6 Trasidis I ~ ~ ζ 0 Beni 1 Sumi @
each! Tritus a step or bo out, power ILy% eIaBaby is marked 11, Tosu 1 1, Qs-ζ Q: F Z Zta also
increased 躯 會, Shin: No. R is "im" io "i-it's got it. For the voltage ratio soft 1 path-transistor ~ ~
QQIK], is configured, the transistor ta, t) reference voltage 1R * t # mark, Ill, the base) シ ジ / QQ,
0 base 紘: return 111 / Ik pile 11f, ~ f 40 common DC level is applied. The transistor 10 pace is
increased by the above 51 g 1 m 1 g 6 K) error detection output to the upper lemtsc bulk to flow
R element i! Den gammas is a common choice to common. トツシジス/∼4. ∼. On enter the
base voltage 鳳 · fEndPage: list of documents attached with 2 (1) 1 specification (2) 1 drawing (3)
1 letter of attorney (4) patent application 1 copy 1! 5) m4-06 Shigoi 1 硼 Inventors other than
the above, patent applicant or representative Kikuchi Kosaku representative Kosaku Kikuchi
EndPage: 4 Warning: Discontinuous three pages of Page Dropping out
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