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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a half sectional view showing an example of a
general speaker, and FIG. It is an important section sectional view showing one example of a
speaker. 5 · · · field portion, 6 · · · frame, 8 · · · diaphragm, 9 · · · voice coil, 13 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · foam
rubber. Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 8 = 73-
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention works on 4 speakers, 4IK! Excellent fatigue
resistance in one amount as a wood board edge! It is intended to provide a high level of ** IFI
variation to improve the characteristics as a speaker. Generally as a speaker, II! It is configured as
shown at 111. · A frame is coupled to a field section 6 constituted by a ring 2 provided with a
center ball 1, a ring 7 7 and a ring 3 top 4), and this frame 6 The shoulder edges of gaskets 7
and -K, iim * i 'are bonded with an adhesive or the like) 2), and a voice coil e is provided at the
center of the diaphragm S, and a coil 1 bin 10 is provided. The voice coil 9 is suspended, the
middle portion of the coil 1 bin 10 is held by the damper 11, and the dust cap 12 is attached to
the upper surface of the central portion of the diaphragm 8. In such a speaker, a conventional
diaphragm,% machined, a di-part may be integrally cut with a cone part, a cloth may be sealed
with 4 $ special resin, or a foamed rubber may be molded. No matter what you do. It is 1 m1 g to
be asked for this work, di Kll! I'm sorry. Not being,-being a suspicious amount, 1 being resistant
to alli movement, being excellent in fatigue resistance, having one direction being dangerous, 1having a common mechanical loss, being rich in 111 flexibility, Things can be mentioned. Work
to seal the cloth in the past, in the case of di 1ml. Although there is a fall 11 that can be set to 5
for lbllol, it is not always satisfactory even if 1 dl and 1 m are particularly insufficient. This is
stunned given the nature of the cloth. ) $-· With foam rubber, Klbl can not be satisfied because it
satisfies 1 ml. On the other hand, in the case of foam rubber, the performance of (− is
insufficient. Furthermore, except for the K, lal,-disputes, the desired flexible foam Ureta 4 is
produced, which is completely satisfactory in terms of cost. The present invention will be
described with reference to FIG. 2 of an embodiment of the present invention. The structure of
the speaker is almost the same as the structure shown in No. 111, and only the main part of the
present invention is shown in 11121. In other words, in the present invention, as the vibration 1
[8 work, di 13], cotton wool silk. The bird 14 (the one formed of a relatively inexpensive foam
rubber 16 such as foamed polyether or polyester by thermocompression bonding is used.
As the manufacturing method, the cloth 14 is formed into a predetermined shape 4), and then
formed, and then a sheet of the foamed rubber 16 or, in the case of the foamed polyether, a sheet
30 to 30 times foamed with a thickness of 31 to 280 It is manufactured by thermocompression
bonding to the cloth 14 with a mold heated to ° C1 degree. ・ ・ The work, which is configured
like this, is pasted with corn section KJI and made vibration IF8. As described above, the speaker
according to the present invention can be made of a lightweight lightweight cloth attached to a
thin i as an edge of a diaphragm, and can be rounded by using a thin i-piece, which can be made
excellent in fatigue resistance by one amount. Oh sIl is relieved, and also one mechanical loss of
foam rubber causes less defects of lI's lathe loss, so that the foam rubber will be heat-shrinkage
by rubbing with cloth! It is possible to make it easy to reduce costs and to be able to achieve high
quality as well as to make it possible to make high quality products. It's great.
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