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???? [Phase] Japan Patent Office ? Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 501.444250 Published Japanese Patent Application No. 501. (1975) 1 1.20 Internal Code No.
646555, Specification 1, Title of the Invention
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a speaker. Because the
aperture of the diaphragm is a large factor, the directional characteristics are better for the smallbore agate beaker, but the efficiency is poor. Because of the above conditions, even with domeshaped speakers that have superior directivity compared to cone-shaped speakers, a large frame
is placed for directivity modification that allows users to get out of the range determined by the
aperture of the diaphragm. Nine, slight improvement was observed. The present invention
ameliorates such conventional drawbacks, and the directivity does not change even if the
aperture of the diaphragm is increased, and its purpose is to provide a speaker with good
efficiency, so that An embodiment will be described with reference to the drawings. The figure
shows a speaker comprising an external magnet type magnetic circuit t1. In the figure, reference
numerals A and B respectively denote magnetic circuits (a magnet 2 EndPage: 1 with a magnet
and a ball 2 at the center) A disc-shaped yoke 3 and a ring-shaped yoke plate 4 are provided, and
the pair of magnetic circuits A and B are made to have their respective plate 4 faces relative to
each other on the circumference, and have a certain distance. It fixes with the bolt 5. A voice coil
6 is provided in the magnetic gap of each of the magnetic circuits A and B, and both are driven
simultaneously. Reference numeral 7 denotes a diaphragm used in the speaker according to the
present invention, which has a cylindrical main body 8 formed of a material such as a plastic or a
polyester film, as shown in FIG. A ring-shaped air gap 11 is formed on the outer periphery of the
dome 9 with a small diameter 10 at the center of the aperture, and both ends of the diaphragm
70 are directly connected to the voice coils 6 described above. When forming the diaphragm 7, a
pair of dome-shaped diaphragms are made to face each other, the tops of the diaphragms are
integrally connected by a ring of the same quality as the diaphragm, and an air gap is formed
around the central portion. The reference numeral 1 in the figure is a horn attached to the
outside of the magnetic circuit. Therefore, when the voice coil 6.6 of each of the magnetic circuits
A and B is manually powered, the voice coils 6 of both circuits are simultaneously driven, and the
opposing domes 9 of the diaphragm 7 directly connected to the coil 6 are driven. .9
simultaneously vibrate in the same direction by pulling 9 or pressed in the same direction, and
the vibration of the dome 9.9 changes the volume of air in the ring-shaped air gap 11 formed on
the central outer periphery of the plate 7, and the horizontal direction Waves are generated and
sound is uniformly radiated in all directions, and compared to a cone-type speaker in which the
diaphragm moves in parallel, the additional mass of air over the diaphragm is small and there is
no loss, so the conversion efficiency but very well, each of the magnetic circuits a and each of the
other voice coil even subjected to any strain on either the voice coil because it uses a method of
driving the one of the vibration plate 7 by the voice coil 6.6 B To As long as the body is not
applied, the His J is canceled.
As described above, since the present invention adopts a cylindrical swing circle or plate having a
central portion with a small diameter so as to form a ring-shaped gap around the central
periphery, the directional characteristics change even if the diameter of the diaphragm is
increased. The sound can be reproduced uniformly in all directions, and the added mass added to
the diaphragm is small, so the change efficiency is good, and no distortion occurs because one
diaphragm is moved by a pair of voice coils. Even if it occurs, it has a feature such as being slight.
4. Brief description of the drawings shows an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 1 is a
front elevational view of a speaker, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view with a part of a diaphragm
cut away. A и и и magnetic circuit B 1-magnetic circuit 1 и и и magnets 3 и и и Y400 400. Yoke plate
611, ll voice coil 7 Il и и diaphragm 9 иии dome 11 и и и air gap patent applicant Hokuto Acoustics,
Inc. EndPage: ?
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