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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a system diagram of the main parts of a fourchannel stereo system in the SQ system, FIGS. 2 and 3 are waveform diagrams for the
explanation thereof, and FIG. 4 is an example of the circuit of the present invention. The
connection diagram shown, FIG. 5 and FIG. 6 are waveform diagrams for explanation thereof, FIG.
7 is a waveform diagram for explanation of still another example of the present invention, and
FIG. 8 is a concrete diagram for realizing it. It is a circuit connection diagram. SA is a logic output,
SB is a control signal, 1 is a decoder, 2 is a logic circuit, 3A to 3D are gain control amplifiers, 13
is a rectifying diode, 14 is a charge / discharge capacitor, 16 is a current source, 15.18 19 are
first to third resistors, and Ql and Q2 are current path forming transistors. Fig. 1-11-1- 開 50145305 (2) Fig. 2 Fig. 3 AB-Ec-One percent one one river 71. tz 々 −1 一 −1 12-50 50-145305
(3) Fig. 6 Fig. 1i <Tt <V's Fig. 7-"-t \ 15 B-Ee-" V! p + V "ae + Tp ++ / a + izt 57 temporary odor
Figure 8-13-one
[Detailed description of the invention] The home base is a four channel stereo JIi & 1 LKA with
matrix type anvil, and one time constant and one path for 1 LKA. In matrix method 04 channel
stereo t & direct such as SQ method ,! As shown by lx, the acid-acid-biased LT-kkr from the Niyu
# 2 channel to the 4-channel No. 1 LFI% LB1. 供給 す る 1 and セ 1 are supplied to the decoders
(narrowed by 11 and Cn 會 respectively to the corresponding speakers (-(1), ': not shown)), so
that the separation of -JI can be reduced. The signals 1q, fLr are temporarily supplied to the loss
path (2) and signaled at the output, for example, by controlling the levels 1 to -1. The abovementioned purpose tJ is set. In other words, the decoder output path A direct number Lk, I to KB
+ ,. Control is performed by a shaver system A (3 persons) to (31)) with valve pressure n applied
to the O-m channel respectively. The gain control (level control d) of this pair is, as shown by-,
the front of the No. 1 LFl and the Lou 1 are controlled by the 1IIIJ-1 symbol itself, but the rear
signal, ' Since the 1V correction state is completely reversed, it is divided by the l0 l-l l l l lA
signal S11, (4 is a phase inverting circuit therefor. By the way, how to output the p thick circuit
(2) is 1 for the level control signal mentioned above. In the case of i, it is normal C four chic
output Ss (Ii 211! Use il * aa]] at a predetermined time o ma * (MX2 figure B # black). That is, in
the case where there is no time constant, the level of the 1J1gIA signal to be controlled is
increased by Zee No. 1S, and the sound conduction tends to be unstable, and conversely 1. If the
time constant is large, (2) f, the fluctuation of the sound quality can be reduced by i, but the
follow-up note of the reproduction sound field to the change of the original sound field 0
becomes worse. In other words, it is better to control one's own channel because there is one
signal in the other channel, and immediately after nine straight bars, when there is a straight rod
1 in one's channel, K takes his own channel. It is necessary to do the above-mentioned '@ signal
immediately. However, there is a risk that the '1ll II # critical number has a predetermined O time
constant and the sinkability is poor, which may impair the sense of hearing. Therefore, in the
prior art, rather than increasing the time constant, it is made smaller to eliminate the abovementioned drawbacks. However, if the time constant is relatively small and 7 is added, the
following disadvantages occur. AIII, for example, as shown in FIG. 43, when a logic output of 8 m
is obtained with an earlier O4 return, the time constant is O with a small time constant, and by
passing through the time constant 1 path, the same dot dashed line in FIG. Since the control
signal 8B as shown is obtained, the level change of the recovery% signal by this control # 1 8B
becomes large.
That is, since a large level change is accompanied in a short time, in the case where the control
wholesale signal 8B changes every moment (3), the sound 1 year old shakes and the island #Mk
becomes unstable. Home, IS is to add such an entry point and 一層 A constant time constant
circuit. That is, in the present invention, it is possible to prevent the sound dignity play by
increasing the apparent frequency ff within the time without extending the time until layering to
the predetermined 0 level. That is, in this J # scheme, a diode is connected in series to the
transmission line of input No. 1M, and a capacitor for w / w is continuously connected in parallel,
and this capacitor tK is read by the first resistor and 411 in three. This resistance is different
from that of J1O grinding wheel. N * a2 (D resistance is paralleled through 1 ト ラ ン ジ ス タ d
type d transistor. 1irt in parallel, conductor 04 pressure is 4 predetermined) When it is possible
to lower the transistor to 4111 (on father is off) and change the current flowing through the
resistance of 槙 l, it is possible to automatically change its pay-off constant. It is a thing. In the
following figure, the right angle of this -1I 40 path will be examined with full reference to [l [i. In
FIG. 4,% 111 shows this circuit as a whole (4) \ 1! And (In) is an input ladder to which logic
output S is supplied 1 and (llb) if O output ladder, here tIII control signal S signal which is hidden
as described above * i! IIIa amplification! B (3AJ to <3D) is a JM that is n4. This diode u3 and a
parallel l11g are connected to each other through the diode al for the series connection rL7tgtvt
with respect to the logic output 8 and the αC transmission path 12; Condenona T14IQ discharge
path c is provided with a series circuit of a tenth resistor 1151 having a relatively large
resistance value as shown, and a wax source d. In the present invention, a series circuit of a
power source (+ B) Kfa'1JfL7tFj2TlID different in one row and a resistor US of 漬 11Z) resistor i
in series is continuously connected, and KPNP is shown as shown by- The transistor Q1 for
forming a VcA fixed 11 path is connected to both ends of the 430 resistor -0 via the resistor 1 of
A2 and the diode Ω. It is to be noted that the transistor 'ja (D base has a base bias and 1'- which
is connected to a level combination at a change point of a time constant to be described later is
connected d. In this way, one cycle of time constant 1 緬 de which has been constructed will be
described with reference to the waveform diagram of the diagram + 51S, but in the case of one
example it is possible to solve four of those works. The logic output 8A supplied to the incoming
skin (11 m) uses the remarks 7 in FIG.
Therefore,% point t1% t, at diode ダ イ オ ー ド diode u3 turns on, and is it? f141 is charged 1
and turned on, and FjiiTf 17] and transistor Q are on. When it reaches 4 breaks t, the logic output
8.0 level drops, so at the CC) point the diode u3 is turned off 1 ° accordingly. ! The 141 K stored
load starts discharging at a dark point t. The discharge path is a loop passing through the first
resistance uj and the charge 4L. Note that the current at which the dog can make resistance -1 °
by Jl-b & et al. 31 is i, i, and i. Make 11% constant current work. By the way, although the source
(or drain) potential of FgTση, that is, the potential E of the output electron (llb), is nearly
stopped by the charge at, i, these four (fit, L, 1-IFJUTnn) Determined by 1. Of course, this FIT17 +
is connected to the game i1 cil and the conduction voltage is controlled by the tide voltage Hc of
the person of Ndenza α, and the one child voltage (6) Bc decreases from す み 13, 、, と 共 に
13, with one hour. Conversely, the electric power R5 increases by 0 minutes. Next, when the
potential E of the output terminal (11b) reaches V, + V voltage VD (vBIA is the voltage between
the transistor QalD pace φ emitter and VD is the same drop voltage of the diode QIIOII # 11) as t
Because the transistor Q is turned off, it naturally flows through the M2 resistor WaS. Becomes
zero, and accordingly the current i, which corresponds to this current fix, increases rapidly from
before, ie, it increases rapidly at the IO discharge current point t, which condenses, so the
discharge time is rapidly advanced 9. The discharge is completed in a very short time. That is,
since the point of time t when the transistor Q is turned off is selected before the 10th resistance
of the resistance is relatively large, the discharge time constant is large, and the lfs force In (llb) K
is large. The obtained @@ signal 8Bo is very gentle as shown by the falling FiIlI line Pm. However,
since the point 1st 111 is a current i, there is no current, and the current i の 一 also keeps
decreasing with R, so that the number of the source 11 increases ,! ! , The self-made equivalent to
having a small discharge time constant of +71 is performed, and accordingly, the falling of the
control signal 8B · 'is stratified as shown by 1Pb to be a sharp / thunder. For example, even if the
level change of the logic output S is quick as shown by 6 @@, for example, the period T from T
111 to T i, the period T shorter than I, the next logic output SA Is obtained, the control signal 8B
has an output as indicated by a dashed dotted line.
As a result, during level change W can be written much smaller than before, which means that
the level change of the demodulated signal L1p 'controlled by the' OS control signal 8B is
reduced. Even if the logic output 8 ^ changes suddenly, there will be no chance that the Maehara
will shake, and the sound field will be stabilized naturally. As described above, in the present
invention, the time constant at the time of falling of the control signal 8B is TjL * greatly
increased, and the logic output 8m changes gradually with a relatively thick level t-. However,
without following the level change, it has a great effect of effectively suppressing fish level
change. Therefore, in the case where the negative sound field of which the level changes rapidly
with time, such as human voice (Nalay (8)), is reproduced (demodulated), the effect is remarkable
and the stone is remarkable. In addition, although the friend example mentioned above is the
case where the level control is performed by dividing it into 4 steps at 2 stages, the part of the
time constant can not be fixed by anyone, and the above mentioned 7 is an example time point t,
an example in which the first time constant in the following is selected to be large and the next
time constant small, but this is exactly the opposite, ie, as shown by 117 @ I1 m The time
constant may be made small so as to make the level change steep, and the time constant may be
made large so as to make the level change gentle at time t and thereafter. The figure 8 shows the
specific connection state, and the corresponding parts to those in FIG. Transistor Q between 1
and. Is connected in parallel to the 30th resistor a8, and the base of the transistor Q is connected
to the transistor Q via the resistor of @ 4. The time constant circuit d · is configured by being
connected (9) to the collector of Therefore, since the transistor Q is turned on between 11 and t1
now, the transistor 9 is turned off by inception. Since the current i is zero, the current i increases,
and! The multiplication is 1 time constant 4). However, at time t when the transistor Q is turned
off, the transistor Q 婁 is turned on this time, a current path passing through the second resistor
mal is formed, and the voltage fii becomes a predetermined one. For this reason, the current i is
decreased, and the time constant is thus apparently increased to obtain the control signal 8g
indicated by 7114B. The advantage of using such a time constant 1i 1111 is that an element
such as a transistor controlled by the control signal SB (in the above example, an element
constituting the gain control amplifier) has an inverse logarithmic characteristic or In the case of
the characteristic close to that, it changes rapidly near the O level, but when the control signal 8B
tube of this example is used, the time constant near the 0 level is a thick LnO, and the level
change becomes gentle.
Therefore, the correction is done even in COW combination. These embodiments are all applied
to the sQ system K) 1, 4-channel stereo system in the case of 9), and in the case of nineteen other
systems, the matrix system is adopted by 14 channels stereo system,! I! Can be applied to
other electronic devices. First of all, in order to improve separage wages, it is a good idea to use a
method that cancels the cross daughter in a pond of gain control method, but it is needless to say
that this method is applied to the latter.
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