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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of a cone-type speaker according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing
an example of a metal ring, and FIG. It is a frequency characteristic figure of a cone type speaker
concerning the present invention. Explanation of major drawing numbers, 1 ... cone paper, 5 ...:
speaker magnetic circuit, 10 ... metal milk Fig. 1 Fig. 2-95-actual open 50-145 338 (2) Fig. 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a cone-shaped
speaker, which is characterized in that the stiffness and mass of the top of the cone-shaped paper
are increased by mounting Wt on the cone-shaped paper-crested metal wall. It is intended to
improve various acoustic characteristics. The bass characteristic of the cone type speaker is
determined by the lowest resonance chest wave and QK, and the first resonance pigeon wave
number and Q are controlled by the mass of the cone paper, and the lowest resonance frequency
is increased with the increase of the mass. It is known to move to lower frequencies. With respect
to uniform KMlt number characteristics, high acid resonances are generally inseparable, but can
be moved to higher elevations by increasing the stiffness and mass at the top of the corn paper,
especially the bass In the speaker for the speaker, by moving the resonance point of the high
frequency resonance above the high cutoff frequency, the influence on the frequency
characteristic can be eliminated, and the transient characteristic becomes favorable.
Furthermore, the mid-high range damping generated by the divided vibration of the speaker is
lessened by .OMEGA.K which increases the rigidity of the cone paper, and it is possible to obtain
a wide reproduction band by increasing the flat portion in frequency and frequency. . The
present invention has been made for the purpose of improving the frequency characteristics as
described above, and the effect can be easily obtained by using a hollow conical metal ring.
Hereinafter, the horn according to the present invention will be described based on the → form
of the speaker with reference to the drawings. In the figure, (1) is a substantially conical cone
paper in which a voice coil zone is wound at the center, (哀) is a frame for holding and fixing the
above-mentioned cone paper 3fl + with an edge portion (4), (i) Loudspeaker magnetic circuit (@),
center ball (Ma), and speaker magnetic circuit from permanent magnet (a), tllilt dustproof cap,
yell is placed near the top of the cone paper, and the inclination of the cone paper l It is a hollow
frusto-conical gold ring which has an inclination # + equal to. The metal ring (101 is made of, for
example, a metal such as aluminum, and its outer peripheral surface is closely fixed to the corn
paper (1), and provided for giving stiffness and mass to the top of the corn paper +11). 7. Make
the stay and the mass of the metal ring −; ,,,! 7.7-2 3). Material, good luck, inclined. The desired
material can be obtained simply by processing the material of the metal repellant, the height of
the truncated cone, etc. K as determined by 實 →. The attachment of metal ll &-to corn paper fil
may generally use a #i adhesive, but other hand crotch may also be used, with # metal II & (G)
shown in FIG.
By increasing the stay and the mass of the cone type speaker by using such a Jubilee ring 匝 in
this way, and by making full use of the cone paper, it is improved as shown in Fig. 6! l! Wave
number characteristics are obtained. In FIG. 485, the solid line (a) shows the improved same
wave number characteristics, and the broken line (b) shows the same wave number
characteristics of the cone type speaker without the metal ring, and the speaker has an opening
angle of 119 degrees. A 60-al cone type speaker is used, and a metal ring is a hollow conical
aluminum ring with a height of 10 mm and a weight of 25 mm. As is apparent from FIG. 113, the
metallic ring-containing 7-fold stiffness and mass are added to the cone paper flK to obtain the
same wave number characteristic elongation in the low-pitch range as indicated by the dotted
square, at point C As shown in the figure, the high band resonance in the high band is pushed to
the high band (the increase in mass stops and the high frequency part is lowered, and the
attenuation curve becomes steep. ) The improvement of the same wave number characteristic in
the high range is obtained. In addition, since the top of the cone paper (1) is reinforced by a
metal ring that is harder to form than the cone paper ill, the division vibration occurs K <<, and
as shown by @ 6 one point 1, It has a feature that divided vibration is prevented. Moreover, the
provision of the metal ring K makes it possible to disperse the force concentration generated at
the neck portion of the corn paper (1) and prevent the corn paper from being weakened. As
described above, by arranging and fixing a hollow truncated conical metal ring whose surface is
in close contact with the surface of the cone paper on the cone paper of the cone type speaker,
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cone type speaker used for rice for 411K bass, 411K bass,,) aca <°°° -1 ° ** tm * "" R * 44 ht.
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