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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic cross-sectional view of a magnetic
circuit used to explain the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a schematic cross-sectional view
showing the connection between a conductor and a magnetic circuit according to the present
invention. The figure is a cross-sectional view showing a state in which a plurality of conductors
pass through the same magnetic circuit, and FIG. 4 is a plan view showing a state in which the
same conductor passes between the magnetic circuits. E Direction of the swinger. 2A //-1-XX2b)
2C7--S \ "\ r, J :: S" "/ 1 1 1 1-1- 1 ? SNS 2 Figure 4342 & N2b 'Q 2 c / / -187. 1soso-153943
(2) Fig. 55 и, 1 to 3 ?" to one .. y 6 B b 2 a ? b r ri ? 4 (2)-188-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to, for example, a
good electroacoustic transducer which comprises a magnetic circuit and a vibrating film. In
general, if the current is 1 and the force is 1, then the conversion efficiency t) jL no depends on
the flux coherency ?? and -1 of the conductor passing through the ghost field by t and O
synergy & L I can do it with my heart. This synergy is called hyper-entrapment (kl). That is, 1 =
? m 1 here 1 m) 1: (m) B: (GATI 8 !! It: <xsr By the way, in the conventional O11 gas circuit, a
rod-shaped O-stone is magnetically fixed on a flat screen ** constant threshold ? Klk, and ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ?Also, the magnetic poles of adjacent O-rod O11 stone are arranged in the
opposite pole-like manner, and the O-rod magnets are generated mutually and leak-up O-pole is
conducted by an electro-acoustic transducer K having a magnetic circuit such as over current. )Where the distribution of the leakage magnetic field is wide and where the conductor passes O11
The eastern dense layer is a large magnetic circuit in the speaker etc., so that the force coefficient
k can not be made too large- . That is, as an electroacoustic replacer having such a magnetic
circuit, as in a headphone, a speaker or the like, the above-mentioned defects were eliminated by
increasing the force coefficient through a plurality of 411 in one magnetic circuit. There is
something. However, since one conducting a plurality of O-leads to one O-magnetic circuit
(closed magnetic circuit) is to stick a lead toward one vibrating membrane, it takes time and
effort at first, and As a product, there is a drawback that the OA tsutsu is a large product and the
quality is constant. Also, by applying such film vibration to the good acoustic transducer tox II,
the adhesive used for dumping the transverse wave of the agricultural machine-and the effect of
h), the adhesive 01111 and the amount of application ?As a crystal-making crystal, the O sound
quality is given a ? # * ll sound so that it is also 0. However, there is a defect that these O
controls are not free in O character. In the present invention, it is possible to eliminate the abovementioned conventional defects, and to extend the longevity of the conductor passing through
the magnetic field to the pigeon which is limited to 0 and 1a. The conventional O will be
eliminated, and the following description will be made with reference to the drawing O example.
That is, the present invention, as shown in Fig. 1g, is a rod-shaped O magnet (2 m, 2 b) formed of,
for example, a magnetic plate 11 formed of a magnetically transparent iron plate for increasing
magnetic flux density. , 2c), in a straight direction with respect to the O magnetic price plate, and
fit-)-Stone (2a, clambered or clambered, 2a) was placed so that Ml would be opposite In the M2R
diagram, when the direction of the leakage magnetic field in this case is indicated by the dotted
line in FIG. The principle is that, by raising)) and passing a current through this conductor 1i
1141, it makes Fleming's left-hand rule and -4 lead wire (4) vibrates across the alas field, instead
of the electric IIO gang O change. To eliminate defects and to be a friend.
That is, the present invention arranges a conductor overpassing the leakage 1IIIl field in the
upper part of the magnetic circuit O, and affixing a very thin-vibration lIO true picture on a
friend, and by passing the sound current through this conductor. The vibrating membrane is
turned into a sound current and vibrated in a circle to give 40. As a specific means, stripes 3. As
described with reference to the fourth, for example, extremely thin-high molecular weight e **
plate use both 11 Kfl bond aluminum foil etc. 0 II-metal plate to bond a plurality of laminated
films of sandwich structure tSa-5f) And make it a conductor (S, 5 ', i'), and by connecting this
conductor so that the voice current passing through the magnetic field of one section flows in the
same direction, the force of the seed electroacoustic transducer The coefficient is improved and
nine. In this case, it is important that each conductor is all connected in series to ? i, so that each
conductor (5, 5 ', 5', the direction of the current which is 1 K It is. By connecting S and OO, for
example, the overall length of the conductor is 6 times that of the case where there is only one
conductor in a single drawing, and the sound conversion amount is also 6 times It is As described
above, multiple O conductors are connected in series to each other in one closed magnetic
circuit, and this O conductor is disposed on the surface of the diaphragm 0, but with O, the force
coefficient The polymer vibration film is an insulator, so that it can be easily increased by
increasing the sensitivity of the transducer. A practical effect is achieved such as no need to
apply # & wrinkles, and a large increase in cost formed by a plurality of conductor pattern
companies in one process. Description of craOwi + * Fig. 1 is a schematic cross-sectional view of
the magnetic circuit O used to explain the present invention, @! II is the body 11! Schematically
cut off mI1. The third W company threshold 1 O-in the air circuit KI [through several O
conductor to show good condition ~ 7 off, the fourth Wri one O conductor is a plan view showing
the state of passing magnetic-path cabinet is there. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 иии Plate 411 for
magnet 411 ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Current direction utility model registered applicant
Nippon Victor shares Company director and president Kokichi Matsuno ? U figure 2 ainimi \ 2b
z z 2C! ? 2 ? 2 ? 2 Figure 44 32 a 2 2 b, s, 2 c ? ? // ? T-3 S S 5 ? ? ? # ?1 ? a a 2 a
? ?, 62 b ratio 2 c? / ? 41 6 6 "i-coco 1 ? 2 = ? ?"-7 Q), ? ? ? ? 3?) 3 ? = = ? ?-?
?-2 cL-1-? 2-= ... 15394 q 3 utility model registration '(3 condyle Japan Victor Co., Ltd. Hera ?
other than the above O ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? 111 111 111 111 111 111 111 111 li li
? ? ? address-name 1) island 1 'address-place name list i buy i address same place name
Kazuhiro Sato
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