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Patent IN (1) (patent application under the provisions of Article 44 and Article 1 of the Patent
Law)! (Begistry of Patent Office, -4 channel stereo display device 2 display of original patent
application Patent No. 1iyp7603s (September 27, 1981) Representative Ministry Shoji
Matsushita Representative Office ? JP-A 50-155201 Organize in the Office Number 1g
Document 1, the title of the invention
4 channel stereo display am
3. Detailed description of the invention zq ming ri * shows simulated and visible Km of the t-field
of the reproduced sound from four independent speaker devices in the four Tyanonel stereo
reproducing device and controls the volume of each channel Optical Kll for the magnitude of the
volume produced by the speakers of each channel. It relates to jifK which is shown. -How to
arrange four speaker boxes in the general K4 channel stereo reproduction value fII KlfJ There are
basically three types of methods-Left front, left back, right front, right back speaker box
Arranged (2-2 system) (Suzuki) Arranged speaker speakers on the left, right, before, after, spring
loser (1-2-1 system) ?- Arranged only in front of loser (4-0 Method) M of the ea type method is
used in the bed. From now on, it is planned that use will be more and more planned for the 2-2
system of Sakai, but the following explanation will be made taking the 2-2 system as an example,
but of course the present invention KkVh-G described later will It is suitable also in the case of 'l2-1 method of (2)-In the case of the 2-2 method # C in Kamiki, the loser is the central part of the
nine funds (S EndPage: 1 from each speaker box, listen to the playback sound in 1 take position),
but in this case, in order to adjust the volume of the playback sound from each speaker box, in
general, the left front speaker box and the right front This is done by operating the volume
control forceps on each of the four channels provided on the main unit of the 4-channel stereo
playback device installed in conjunction with the speaker box-however, such a method of
adjusting the volume @ loses Let's balance the sound from the speaker box of each channel at a
predetermined number of positions in a well-balanced manner, and the four-channel stereo noble
device body installed between the left front speaker box and the right front speaker box. It is a
certainty to take a bass tube as you have to go to the end-even if the sound from each speaker
box is balanced to be the same K at the 4-channel stereo playback device itself, If 4j # 1 is a
predetermined 0III snow position, if K is back, the sound from the left rear speaker and the right
rear speaker box will also make a big heat <sound can be heard from the front left and right front
speaker boxes x- J! In the case of the former, the balance volume should be balanced, but in the
case of the former it may not be possible to change the position of the heating, and in the case of
the latter, the listening position of each channel is Make sure to move the volume control ladder
of each channel of the stereo playback device main body after making sure about where it is with
respect to the speaker system.
And with this-it is not easy to balance the sound of each channel at the desired listening positionbook! By making it possible to visually recognize the volume of the volume from the speaker box
of each channel at a glance at l @, it is possible to easily know the balanced lI taking position, or
each channel at a desired listening position. This is to make it easy to operate the volume WI 4
section to balance the sound of. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the X invention will be described
together with srM. In Fig. 1, 1 is a display, which is a square shape mainly composed of a thin
glass side or a translucent plate-like member having a light-relaxing property such as KJ [similar
translucent composition @ ** etc. The display board 2 having a display surface of 0 @ and the
corner 1 part of the back of the display board 20 (including 4 when provided at a position facing
the corners thereof) It consists of a diode or a lamp 3-@@ 8b, @a, 3d. ? The shape of the above
display @ 2 is made square (square or rectangular may be used), and the Kiri self is a 4-channel
stereo playback device. Set up! Since the plane m of 1lljl is almost a square shape, the display
board 2 is as if it represents the plane of the member layer but as if the impression is @ * sc * 'L
Wi so that its indication The lamp am, 3b provided with an angle lIK of 112 pictorial information.
??????? I! It is clear that the speaker boxes for each of the left front, left rear, right front
and right rear channels set at 1 mK will be corresponded to each other-4M, 4b, 4a, 4d are
volume control devices for each channel In the variable impedance / circuit whose impedance
value is controlled by the output signal of the volume controller of each channel, for example,
according to the electric signals Lv, IJ, Rr, Rm corresponding to, if they increase the volume of
each channel, Therefore, the impedance value becomes smaller as the volume of one speaker
from each channel increases. The variable invidano jL circuit like this can be easily realized by
using a transistor. Each variable invida 7. To circuits 4M, 4b, 4a. One end of 4d is connected in
common and connected to the -7 terminal of # 6. The other end of each is connected to the other
ladder of the power supply 6 via the lamps am, sb and aass dl respectively [II connected in this
way, the channel system corresponding to the speaker box installed on the left front If it is
desired to adjust the volume f and save the volume of the channel system of the rattan-power
saving and therefore higher than the speaker volume, the impedance value of the town line
impedance l path 4a becomes smaller than the impedance values of the other variable impedance
circuits 4b 4c and 4d. The brightness of is brighter than the brightness of other runs ysb, sa, saso 4!
To the endPage: 2NL? Just as you can see that the volume from the front left speaker box is
higher than the volume from the other noss beak box, do the same for the rear left, right front,
right rear speaker system when the volume control 1 for the channel system is great. Run ysb, 3a
respectively. In the state of 5P1m where the brightness of Sa becomes brighter, it indicates that
the volume from the left front and right front speaker boxes is greater than the volume from the
left rear and right rear speaker boxes, and simultaneously C, ta-simultaneously The sound field of
the sound from the speaker is indicated by% as shown in the schematic KWJ display-therefore
one view is a square display of display @ 2-8 by the four speaker boxes It is regarded as
mukuhira-lIII 120 run y * a, sb, so, 5aec and 5 light! ????? hJsl 1 min (A, B, C, D) ec! l 1111
A, 6 I 1 min 1 IC of central IC! If you go to the place corresponding to the sub-speech of each
channel, it will be possible to balance the sound from the cabinet. There is furniture such as a
table. For example, in the case where it is feared to take away at one place that is in a position
corresponding to the G portion of the display, the position to be the central portion of the E
portion of the display @ 2 matches the position of a in the 1 display, Part B, which is brighter
than @ wK. Part A where D is brightened by the ramps 3a, 30. It is a good idea to adjust the
volume control of each channel in the 4-channel stereo playback device so that C may become
large as well. Note that input electric monks to the impedance circuits aa, 4b, me and 4d in the
town as described above. If you use the output 1 of the volume controller of each channel (no
charge R4 or voltage according to the volume controller of each channel Kri does not change Fi)
as No. LF, Lm, RF, R1, it is unsurprising, The amount of light emission from each lamp 8a-sdtt will
change according to the presence or absence of the reproduction signal, and the amount of light
emission depends on the volume control lI 'of each channel. Change according to the volume of
the sound produced from the speaker of channel = k has no surprise. l is a diagram showing an
example of another example II of a scene indicator 10, such as #i display job 2 II- or a large
number of wrinkles as shown on the back by printing etc. -Printed cellophane throat and t1? h
Ming or tracing paper and 1!
By making 11 sheets of # -transparent sheet, it is possible to visually emphasize each channel's
sound so as to visually emphasize the 4-channel conflict stereo feeling by giving it to the person.
Alternatively, as shown in 57-a @, one set of asperities may be inserted into a nineteen-piece art,
and it is not blindness that it is conceivable that 4 various rhombuses can be considered. In
addition, each run 18a in the pottery in the above-mentioned laughing lIP. By applying different
colors such as red, blue, green and yellow to the original from 3b, 3a and 3d, it is possible to
enhance the aesthetic effect and thus to be effective for eyebrows ? As described above, the
present invention displays A light source is disposed at a position where the above-mentioned
speaker box of the display plate ? is placed at a position to be 111111 viewed from a plane
surrounded by a speaker box of a rectangular shape of 1 t + 4 channel case, and the light sources
are provided Since the volume of the channels is set to awake, depending on the volume of the
sound produced by the speakers of each channel, the channels of the channels are just looking at
the display board. Volume and sound from Tutus can be found in 1 ? 7 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? * * * * * ? * m * ? ? ? ? * ?, tv ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?It is
also possible to obtain a dignified effect of being able to easily perform the volume control
operation of balancing the sound from the speakers. $ P and X may be integrated into the stereo
playback conference, or may be combined separately.
4. Brief description of the drawings 1rIJr1 A block diagram of an embodiment of the present
invention, FIG. 2 is a life figure of another example of a display which can be used in the present
invention FIG. 1g 31g1 is a display which can be used in the present invention It is other 94tJ'IN
part sectional drawing of a board. 1 иии и и и и и и и и и и и и 2. t, t-и и и Display board maa @ sb, own a sd и и
и и ramp saa * ab * aa * Ad ++ ++ "и EndPage: 3, variable impedance circuit, 6 и и и и power supplyName of agent Attorney Nakao Toshio Nakano 1 cylinder 2 figure 3FI! J2??5 Agent ?571
Address Bold Kadoshin, Kadoma City, Osaka Pref. Address: Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Name (6152) Patent Attorney, No Shigetaka, ?? [Contact information (J: 453-3111 Patent
Division Room] -6 List of documents attached to documents (1) 1 specification (4) request 1 copy
duplicate 1 EndPage: ?
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