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2 Display of the original item ? No. 45610 Suguruhara No. 45610 (June 22, 1979) 4% ? ? ?
? Address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Kajimon Kaduma 1006 Place name (5821 Matsushita
Electric Medical Co., Ltd. stock Company representative Masaharu Matsushita 6 agent ? 671
'Address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata Kadoku 1006 6 eyes of the new documents 0)
Application examination request form 1 letter @ statement, 1 letter [phase] Japan Patent Office
published Patent Publication 0 Japanese Patent Publication, o'aL 2040, Japanese Patent
Publication 50. (1975) 12.27 ? Desired application Shoyu ?- ,, 7) 2 ? 27 [phase] Application
date date! , (197 /) /, -12-12 / 22V @ Record 1, Title of the invention a% of the invention Detailed
description of the invention #ll '& Description The present invention uses four signals mutually
for IIIL handling equipment etc. Relating to the polarization indicating the relationship), to allow
one to one relationship between the amplitude-phase of the four signals with a simple
configuration JIKIm-I? In general, the objective is to add 4116 oscilloscopes to add the
interrelation of the four signals III; Simultaneous KII in the form of that o! In the case of long
lasting one-on-one because it is a bribe shown, I was completely indifferent. ? ?The present
invention is from such a thing, Ossi cylinder scope Kll lll form 1? Assume that this one figure is
configured to display the interrelationship of the four flaws e. Hereinafter, the practice fliK of the
present invention will be described with reference to FIG. 1 e. Reproduce the sound field in the
case of the so-called display of so-called four-light stereo value setting as an example, or even if it
is other four other signals, it is the same i. 14 to 174 signals A, m. C, Dk each IIR rectification 61
~ 4 is resistance 18 ~ fog 1 each, composed of a capacitor 8 o-%-6 a bird trimmer removing
component-path, 6 ? electrostatic-one pair of plain tube J 6 , 7 is an upper and lower Plavushi
tube at least positive and negative Y-axis deflection tlL 8. e is a positive, negative X'-deflection
electrode ░ and a voice ? 'EndPage: 1 B 1 g K, four remarks A, B, C, D are respectively ** и
14.16, 16.17 Positive electrode * Kf Jifll *, high feed removal-Deflection type via% 1, 2, 3. 4 @ e,
a, e, tvcd ? Self-only, only signal A is present, customary signal B, Assuming that C and D are
zero, only the signal A is supplied to the inner type 1i6. The figure on the large cathode ray tube
6 is as in o atm (a). In the case that the figure on the Braun tube 6 is as it would be to show the
sound field in the 4-quaternary stereo entertainment as it is, ie, 4-quaternary l11ItK ? V% te x
beka 10,11,12,131 years 2 If so, if only the number A is present, the amount of regeneration
may be forward. 9 9 9 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ?? ?? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?
? ?? ?? ??Because the voltage of the same positive polarity Xj & # J111fi, the figure on
the Braun tube 6 is 1 as in a- (d)-and the 47i in this case: the sound field in the thick teleo device
is the middle of the speaker 10.11 In the case of K, the above Ik8 figure indicates the 10,000 C
of the sound field, and the father of three, the three signals A, B and C are the same, and in this
case the ml111 electrode in this case The same positive voltage is applied to 6, 8 and 9 and the
figure on the cathode ray tube 6 becomes 5 as in 2111 (a). Since they are mutually canceled 6,
only the deflecting action by the deflecting electrode 6 is eventually obtained, and the cathode
ray tube 6 becomes The figure above is like a stalk Sallig (... and the sound field of 2 in the fourway stereo device in this case is also present in the previous Hjl K, and the # 4 above indicates
the direction of the sound field If the four signals Ajfi, C and D are till, then in K, the same
function 'is canceled by K, and the figure on the CRT is ml!
l (becomes like Q и And in this case the sound field in the four-element stereo valence is at the
center of the four speakers 6 teeth shape will indicate 7jli8 of the sound field e-1 'k
L "c% 4 0 signal A, B, C +, D @ K sp and ll during the interval, etc. If the relationship is not%, the
figure on the Braun tube 6 is the same as that in FIG. 3 (4 or ('-like' & '-this means aaoc ?,-)
difference is resistance 18-21. Capacitor consisting of a pair of capacitors 60 to 6 s, which is due
to the difference in the nature of ? ^ modulation component (b) approximately 1-4, ie, ar I! J4
has a small resistance value of resistances 18 to 21 or a small capacitance of nodenser 60 to 6 s,
which is defined by (resistance value О capacitance value) and a small time constant-in this case,
II fl 14 I now Since there is little removal effect of the high-harmonic component in the medium,
it is possible to make fine work or dots or many in the tooth profile. The resistance value of ~ 21
is large or conten, t5 !! The capacity of o to 6s is large, and one time constant is large lh field
gold. In this case, the removal effect of the harmonic ff component in the square is large, and the
middle of the tooth is fine There is no, and it is drawn with a figuratively gradual one with
continuity, and the high m * component removal 1 lalJIIIf) purpose and electrokinetics in this ?
? ? ? ? during this figure 3 (cut and (?) K So properly, 3! I /-& ll K, which is displayed with
emphasis on the transition of the sound image every time it is illuminated, increases the Q factor
a of the harmonic component removal-paths 1 to 4 and shows 3 years of age (и The sound of '' is
displayed, so that the movement of the designated point can be followed visually, the shift of the
scale is displayed, and the display of the distribution of the sound image of a certain temporal
genus is emphasized. QK is the harmonic range. Minute # Out-Road 1 Transport 40 Specific
contribution is reduced, Figure 3 (like dJ !! If water is added, it is possible to know the IiI-like
distribution of the sound according to the lightness of the display, as well as the afterglow action
on the rear surface of the Braun tube. Four signals A,! The mutual fII between i and C0DI 'can be
expressed by three leather tooth shapes, and moreover, it is a / 4A temporary component line
removal circuit. The display effect can be better than the conventional one, and it is far easier
than the conventional one. ? And, if this one is used for 4 yuan stereo valancy #IC is on! It is
very effective that the le-form itself displays the sound field of a four-way stereo device. Also,
above: According to the example of the note jlIi separately the signal for the time-sweep EndPage:
2- There is no need to provide a path or a blanking path (b), and the structure can be made
extremely simply. May be applied to the rectified signal 'of negative polarity.
In the embodiment, it is described that the indication point of the blow-off pipe is made to be
electrostatically Tsuruoka, and the same applies to the case where the six points are deflected
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 shows the amount of iron of the present invention.
Figure 2 shows the basic structure of overturning, Figure 2 shows the clear diagram of the
embodiment in the 4K stereo 11K example, Figure 3 shows the figure of pleasure shown by the
amount of iron of the present invention-1-4 ... ... Shimacho wry, partial removal - road, 6 ...... CRT,
6~e иии ░ ии - inner electrodes, 14 to 17 ...... 11 heal,, 18-21 ...... resistance, so~6 $ ииииии capacitor
attorney's name Attorney Satoshi Nakao! # 1 or 14 Figure 3 7 Agent other than the above
EndPage: ?
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