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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a
conventionally used piezoelectric bimorph oscillator, FIG. 2 is a chart showing vibration
displacement of the piezoelectric bimorph oscillator, and FIG. 3 is a piezoelectric pie 1 according
to the present invention It is a longitudinal cross-sectional view of a morph oscillator. 1 ... metal
diaphragm, 2 ... piezoelectric ceramic, 3.4 ... curve, 5 ... maximum point of vibration displacement,
6 ... additional mass, 7 ... space. Fig. 1 ? 5 / 'и и и и /', / '= <. '<71 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 One scale balance =139-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, when a plurality of
piezoelectric bimorph vibrators are driven and resonated by the same power source, there is no
piezoelectricity for the purpose of matching the resonance frequencies of the individual vibrators
to obtain a stable operating state. It relates to a bimorph oscillator. Conventionally, a ferrite
vibrator, a piezoelectric lange epan vibrator, and a piezoelectric bi-self vibrator are widely used
as the recording wave generating element. Among them, ferrite vibrators and piezoelectric
Langevin vibrators use stretching vibration in the length direction, so they tend to be used as
relatively large sound recording wave generating elements on page 1). In addition, as shown in
Fig. 1, a piezoelectric bimorph oscillator is a metal diaphragm (a disc-shaped piezoelectric
ceramic (2) is bonded to 11 and utilizes bending vibration, and its structure is simple and thin
and lightweight. Either way, it is used as a small ultrasonic wave generating element. However,
since the bonding inner sleeve when attached to the device is large, even if the resonance
frequency of the single vibrator is exactly adjusted to one, the bonding causes dispersion in the
resonance frequency, and in particular, a large number of vibrators When driving and resonating
with the same power supply, there is a disadvantage that the resonance frequencies of the
individual vibrators do not match and stable operation can not be obtained. In other words, the
thickness and diameter of each of the metal diaphragm and the piezoelectric ceramic should be
adjusted in order to equalize the resonance frequency of the piezoelectric bimorph oscillator, but
the final frequency & iI adjustment should be performed after being attached to the device. In
addition, since the metal diaphragm and the piezoelectric ceramic have relatively small
stagnation and small diameter, it is practically impossible to use C to adjust these dimensions.
The piezoelectric bimorph oscillator differs in its operating state due to the difference in the I-1
boundary conditions such as support or fixation (page 2), but the fundamental (first-order) mode
or curve shown in the second VJ curve (3) As shown in 141, as in the secondary mode in the next
mode, the maximum point (6) of the vibration displacement is usually located at the center of the
piezoelectric bimorph oscillator in any vibration mode. Based on the above facts, this device adds
a mass to the maximum point of the vibration displacement of the piezoelectric bimorph
oscillator, that is, the central portion, adjusts the resonance frequency by increasing or
decreasing this mass, and mounts [K We propose a piezoelectric bimorph oscillator that can be
easily adjusted K11 l later. In this device, as shown in the third problem, metal vibration & (11
with a mass (6) added to the center part of the spring) and the above-mentioned mass (a space (]
for inserting 6'1 in the center part) It is a piezoelectric bimorph oscillator in which a cylindrical
(1 to 6) cylindrical cylindrical turtle 1a (having a mass (61 inserted in the space (7, and
overlapping) is bonded.
When the frequency of the piezoelectric piezoelectric vibrator A] vibrator is adjusted, the mass
(61 is increased or decreased. That is, when the mass 161 is increased, the homogeneous
substance or the heterogeneous substance is further adhered and increased (page 3), and when it
is reduced by one, the amount is reduced by 1 to turning or the like. The substance used for the
mass (6) K may be either conductive or nonconductive, and its shape may be cylindrical or
columnar. In addition, metal diaphragms (1+ and mass 5 (buttons may be added via an
intermediate layer, or via an intermediate layer such as caulking, etc.) depending on the method
such as fusion, adhesion, bonding and fixing, etc. The metal diaphragm 111 can be formed of the
same body by a method such as cutting or pressing. Furthermore, the shape of the mass (61 and
the space (7) may be circular, square or any other shape such as a nose shape, the mass (6 and
the space (7, 0 need not be identical, However, if the mass 16) is to be penetrated into the space
1 ии, the mass (when using a conductive substance for @ 1, the cylindrical piezoelectric ceramic (!
The IFi high voltage is driven by 1 ░ and the mass (6 and empty 11 tl (71 must not be in
contact). Next, an embodiment of the invention will be described. In FIG. 3, a ram disk (1 m) with
a lead zirconate titanate annular piezoelectric ceramic (2) with an outer diameter of 31 m1, an
inner diameter of 6 m, and a thickness of 27 was bonded to a pull of target diameter 52 mm and
thickness 21 Screw a screw on the center part of the aluminum disk 111 of a piezoelectric (page
4) bimorph oscillator, and screw a 3.7 m diameter, 7.51111 long, cast screw fitted to this screw,
and then screw it Is fixed by an adhesive to form a mass (6), and as a result of excitation in a
second-order mode of centrosymmetric among vibration modes of a piezoelectric bimorph
oscillator, a mass (6 и without the resonance frequency of 254 KH 2 However, it becomes 20.5
KHz and changes about 20%. Further, the mass (the crude cast screw provided as a button was
scraped off with a grinder, and resonance frequencies Fi 21.8 KH2 and 22, 8 KH 7 f at 5 III K and
U 2 and L f were obtained. Although the above embodiment was tested on a disk-like
piezoelectric bimorph oscillator, it is obvious that the same is true for a square or rectangular
plate-like piezoelectric bimorph oscillator. As described above, when adjusting the frequency of a
piezoelectric bimorph oscillator used as an ultrasonic wave generating element as described
above, the volume can be simply and easily adjusted without compromising the characteristics of
the pressure-bimorph oscillator, especially When using a piezoelectric bimorph oscillator (fifth
ax) in a sonic cleaning device to obtain a broad ultrasonic wave emitting bacterial species 1, 1
When individual oscillators are driven and resonated by the same power supply It can be used
very effectively in adjusting the variation of the resonance frequency.
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