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March 19, 1959 "Phase" Japan Patent Office 0 JPA 51-108801 ░ 0 published date of the day
51. (1976) 9.27 Japanese Patent Application No. so-si-osg No. 7.34623732655 Specification 1 in
the Office, Title of the Invention
Multi-channel sound stereo sound system
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention 1, 1 is a multi-channel
stereophonic writing system 11-capable of obtaining an arbitrary sense of direction in the south
with only a 2m speaker on a multichannel signal. Four electric signal sounds that can be
eavestically extended to FiI # by four channels / channels such as CD-a, BCj, RM matrix, etc. by
conventional multi-channel sound recording system, square (or rectangular) It is common to
radiate with four speakers arranged at the 4th base and direct 15-point localization to 5M% p
power or total land. This EndPage: 14 channels (two power amplifiers, two speakers and two fsignals) in the one-life system compared to the conventional two-channel and l-wage system. It is
necessary to make it unnecessary, and P4 #: In the device, it is necessary to falsify about twice as
much. 0 Also, this power amplifier and sliver power discreet. It becomes messy,-). (и-Around the
codeta i4 + viscosity ? 12 & j ? [и not ? I '-rice filth was found. * Inventive, city life de 4 ', rfi
flight coming stereo (? cow joint ?) size, tiil ?,' city capo width instrument two five speakers
two only each multi-Eyan ? male quality attack Friend Chi Chi to a child of a bandage, Qi,
Honsha Akira? It is a multi-channel solid five-pole, circle 'I [7 j] unique offering that enables the
whole circumference curvature of the juvenile to be suitable for the bouton. ? 1 Figure 4 shows
the example of the 4 channel size f ? recording example ? ? ? ? ? ? ? stem, ? 2 figure is
a space acoustic f 4 part definite 1 & r, ? 72 ? 1 1 1 (in-book), 2 is a signal generator, 3 to 61
ktll se width A, 4, a! U speaker, human power '+ j'i of four speakers here: FfkEi (sl, this one. % 7,
(N ? -Ei (sl is a speaker 4) и b b и ? 1 ? 1 ? 1 ? 1-(name 1 ?) ear or stone j 4-C C 5 If '7 P (s
And P (thin 17Ei (in)) ? ? ? w ? ? Go Goij L 8) and 2F. In this case, ? is a rotating body from
the true IFli'i middle history of the reception to the speaker 4, and the ffrj speaker is 7, the one
on one side is combined, and the assembly R is on the right side. Also, jki speaker left ear! ! Tc) Ri
и j ? sound transmission characteristics, speaker scale right I-1 knee 1 ?) 9i ', JI 84. ? Al Al Al
Al Al Al Al. For example, the set in Fig. 12 (и Moe ? =-466, and intercostal between P and S or C1 h)-P! Hui-Ye (case "-46LL (8), from the speaker to the right ear Isa summon" ? ? -1 (?-45 LH
"'' is also.
Next, 'r is 73 in Figure 2. The order of 1-1 example-(1 ? left half box (=' 1 :? There is a lot of
speakers with one at F ? ?). This body (all, the speaker is p) left earlobe-r no qir: hg east 5 UI!
???????????????? The right ear from Ssu 14 '-, 6! In, ?I I ? ? ? ? j ? G G
G-18 ? LI ( This Oita, the city fL man Suka Shinichi no siege (f size n 4 I и spectrum v Ata +, of
Sukika! ??? 9) Korea's left ear ? 6 6 ? L7) first E (? +1 (PL, PR and PL ? ? 2 I 2 I) ? G136 LL (s) и и и 4 и и и G EndPage: (2) The electric input signal is radiated from the left and right
speakers 24.25 and reaches the left and right ears of the listener, and let TPL and TPR be
synthetic sound pressures in the left and right ear and right ears, respectively. TPL = -N voice-1
"q-45 L Corridor 8-1-a 6 LL (! GaGa6RL ("'46 R ? 1 brown-* 3 sLi, (11 N,-TL 8 ..... ..... TPR
product s N (1 (045 RL (" animal., ER (")" '-45LR ""-4sL; (") 7136 chest R o и и и и и и и и и. Here, in the
? formula and ? formula, in tk, the term of // holizen is considered to be sufficiently small
compared to 1 and thus reckless. Therefore, TPL and TPR are, respectively, TLSTPI, = ?-1asLL
("? e ........... 0TPR = ? 1asLht ? ... 4 ..... ... That is, here, if TL = TR, the results obtained by adding
?? for a given time to ? and ? ? ? become ? and ?, and even if it is reproduced with only
two speakers as shown in Fig. 1.4, Fig. 3 and Fig. 3 Reproduction of orientation localization
recognition shown in FIG. Here, in general, '/ G-46LL (' l or '/ G45HB (slTS can not be realized, so
a fixed delay and ? are added. Here, FIG. 6 shows the amplitude frequency of the electric
network having the space sound 1 # transfer characteristic. If the angle ? is 1 46 ░, the angle 6
indicates that the angle O is 1 361 '. The phase characteristic is omitted because it is a one foot
group delay time characteristic in which the distance between the speaker and the ear of the
speaker can be separated. FIG. 6 shows Example 1 in which the present invention is applied to 4channel regeneration, in which CH1 and CH3 ? M connected left and right speakers C-radiate,
and CH2 and CH4 each Ume electricity-j path network 1 It is intended to give the listener 's
second desire for backward localization. Also, in general, the first speaker is a left and right
movement, and the transfer characteristic to the listener is also a left and right phantom name, so
'-46LL ("eye., ?"' -135LL ("Cabinet 135 RR (" и и и иииииииииииииииииии G-45 LR (?? G4? RL ('l'-135 L
Town-Seki 138 RL (?' '-??? River TL TL TH TH, 000, 90016010,
The network shown in FIG. 7 is also an implementation town. As described above, according to
the method of the present invention, the diversionary direction localization which has
conventionally been obtained using four speakers can be realized with only two speakers, and
this has an advantage.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 is a schematic diagram of the conventional fourchannel stereophonic sound registration system, Fig. 2 is a diagram for clarifying the spatial flail
characteristics 1t%-fig. 43 When playing a predetermined directional sound, it is actually one of
the nine dark noise V transmission characteristics of a speaker or G-listener placed in that
direction. 11. и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и 12, 13, 14, 15, 20. и и и Phase reversal-span, 18 и и и и и и и и 7 30 31
41%, 24, 26 и и и и и и и и и и и и и. Name of the aboriginal person 4P Toshiya Nakagishi r to 1 person
Figure 1 Figure 2 EndPage: 3 fifth plan, 'l =, f,' l 'I 4 collection (4) y IJ aspiration f (b) EndPage: 46
Inventors and agents other than the above (1) Inventor's address same place ((2) Agent's address
Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oji Kadoma 1006 EndPage: ?
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