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-Patent application-Patent symbol 71, Title 3 of the invention, Patent applicant i '3' / jO + J
[Phase] Japan Patent Office 0 JP-A-Hei. (1976) 10.6 Long-awaited request ko-n 7 o 2 [phase]
Application dated application o (197s ") 3. Z, P Office internal reference number ░ specification
name of the invention name of the invention vibration chair for sound reproduction
2, inventor
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a vibrating chair,
in particular to a vibrating chair used for sound reproduction. Conventionally, at the time of
sound reproduction, an attempt has been made to increase the sense of presence by directly
applying sound reproduction vibration to a human body using bone conduction supination. In
this case, however, a sound box with a built-in speaker is provided at the bottom of a chair, sofa,
etc., and it is intended to transmit the vibration of the sound box to the human body by using the
space for sound reproduction and the blank space. there were. Therefore, if it is intended to
increase the vibration to the extent that the user gets pleasure, the sound power in the
reproduction space has to be increased, which is not suitable for quietly enjoying the
reproduction sound. The present invention seeks to provide a vibrating chair that eliminates such
conventional aspects and can increase bone conduction efficiency in sound reproduction. The
invention will now be described with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 is a schematic view of an
example of the swing chair of the present invention. 1 indicates that the seat and back of the
chair are integrated, and 2 indicates its leg. The vibration apparatus of 3111 vibration chair is
shown. The structure of the present invention is specifically shown in FIG. The drive unit 4 is
built in the inside of the vibration device flt3. The drive unit is an electrodynamic type in which
the movable coil и 8 is vibratably inserted in the magnetic gap of the magnetic circuit including
the permanent magnet 5, the plate 6 and the l-rua, and the movable coil 8 is held with the
damper 9 It is a thing. This drive unit is not necessarily an electrodynamic EndPage: 1 but may
be another drive type such as a movable iron piece type. The damper 9 is preferably a so-called
butterfly damper using a plastic plate or a metal plate 1 in order to maintain mechanical strength
sufficiently. In the vibration of the movable coil 8 of this drive unit, the diaphragm 1 is held by
the holding angle 12 and is fixed to the lower part of the vibration receiving member 13
suspended in the lower part of the brain. Further, a drive unit holding member 15 is attached to
the step portion 13a of the vibration receiving member 13 via a rubber pad 14.1 and a plurality
of support columns 1i connect and hold the holding member 15 and the drive unit. The outer
periphery of the holding member 15 and the drive unit is covered with a drive unit cover 19 in a
watertight manner, and the drive unit cover 19 is filled with oil for the purpose of dumping
unnecessary vibrations. The drive unit 4 of this structure is accommodated in a housing 16
provided on the leg 2, and the drive unit 4 and the seat 1 are held by the upper portion 16 a of
the housing 16 via a packing 17. ing.
When an electrical input is applied to the movable coil 8 of the drive unit of the kite, the
motional coil 8 vibrates according to the input, and the vibration is applied to the peristaltic plate
1 through the vibration-vibration transmission rod 10. The vibration of the high frequency part is
reduced by the diaphragm 11 and only the low frequency part is transmitted to the holding angle
12. The vibration of this low frequency portion is transmitted to the seat 1 through the vibration
receiving member 13. And it gives a sense of rhythm and power of music reproduction to the
person sitting in seat 1. In this case, the vibration of the drive unit F is sufficiently shut off so as
not to leak to the outside. First, although the drive unit cover 19 is suspended by the vibration
receiving member 13, it is designed to be relaxed by the rubber pad 14 and the cover 19 is filled
with oil. The vibration of the drive unit cover 19 is damped at the same time as the internal
vibration noise is absorbed. Furthermore, since the drive unit 4 is suspended by the seat 1 held
on the upper part of the housing 16 via the packing 17, the vibration of the drive g4 and the seat
1 is hardly transmitted to the floor via the leg 2. It is needless to say that the above-mentioned oil
is not necessarily an oil, as long as it is a liquid for giving a dumping effect, and it is not
necessary to limit to an oil. Further, even if the packing 17 is not an elastic body having flexibility
such as rubber, the same effect can be obtained by a spring using a spring material, an air spring
or the like, and the effect of the present invention is not impaired. The housing 16 does not have
to be in the form of a box, but in order to prevent the vibration of the drive unit 21 from leaking
as acoustic vibration to the outside, it is preferable to use a box for the entire vibration of the
drive unit. It is effective not to leak it. As described above, according to the present invention, the
drive unit is held floating from the floor surface and the vibration is sufficiently considered to
prevent the extra vibration from leaking to the outside, so when playing back the sound, listen
with the ear. Not only that, it is suitable for use as a man who sends voices and vibrations to the
chair and gives it to the body in order to feel the force of the music in the body and to feel the
sense of rhythm. in this case,. Conventional devices using bone conduction can not use music to
enjoy the music so as not to bother the third party by using headphones, but in the present
invention, the third party may bother the third party even in such a case. Without, you can enjoy
the reproduction of sound. It is natural that the composition of the present invention can be
applied not only to a chair but also to a sofa, a bed and the like, and this applied article falls
within the technical scope of the present invention.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an example of the
external appearance of a vibrating chair for sound reproduction to which the present invention is
applied. FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing the main part of the vibration chair for sound
reproduction to which the present invention is applied. 1 ... seat of a chair, 2 ... leg. , 3 и и и
excitation device, 4 и и и drive unit. 5 иии Permanent magnet, 6 иии Plate. '7 pole ... 8 ... movable coil. 9
? ? ? Damper, 10 ? ? ? Contacting transmission rod. 11 ... vibration plate, 12 ... holding
angle. 13 иии Vibration receiving member, 14 и и и Rubber packing. 15: Drive unit holding member,
16: Case. 17 ... Patzkin, 18 ... post. 19: Drive unit cover. Patent application agent Suzuki Satsuo
1st NEndPage: 36, list of attached documents (1) 1 description, (1 successful drawing, (3) 1
power of attorney, EndPage: ?
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