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(1) Specification 1-- (2) Drawing 1 (3) Application 71 71 Sub-copy 1 ←-y-----Settle-------------[Phase] Japan Patent Office ■ JP-A-51-1192190 published L1. (1976) 10.19 Internal Code No.
64-65.55 Specification 1 Title of the Invention
Speaker cone or method of making the same
A detailed description of the present invention will be given below with reference to F 爲 2 L 9 J
・ L 讐 5 G 5 U 1 i. De, j · □ Ha principle Ili known as the Ili electrophoresis method, the white of
the 4 pieces The f (r 用 い 扛 扛 桿 桿 桿 桿 S S S は は 出 出 出 出 出But in the general ward
swimming, juvenile law? C ', five water umbrella 1 詠 μ 支 · 、,-拷 拷 拷 歇 呪. It was questioned
whether it would float even if the smallpox 48 was mixed with collagen 1 fibers 5). In this
respect, the present invention has the following advantages: collagen 'a, a, a, a, a, 独, a four pure
“I +”: quite sniffing, *, ・, 極, −, can be multiplied to a pole 11. Natural 4 uncles, synthetic
fiber 戊 金 藏 粥 1.15 粥 粥 水性 濁 水性 金 百 百 k 百 百 百 百 百 百 コ ラ ー ゲ ン. Uncle, 'i to
summon to the hot water pole? Axis out. The following fibers are obtained by feeding four or
more leathers of cattle, *, and 1 as fibers of a collagen fiber for use in the present invention.
Fragmentation method of 稜 f et al. Collagen ridge is mechanically and chemically Io fxj “h! I, in
the 於 ク ロ ム ク ロ ム ク ロ ム な ク ロ ム な 離 な な な 細 細 、 fc, 比 捗 '' 'i i' c L 捗 '水 J 7JO
O え 水性 4 PH Ramff picks up the solution and chooses Fil (7). In fact, if PH 7) is alkaline, it is
diluted to the 1-pole and PH (7 C's at the age of 7) will be 1 to acid, so it will make a long-lived
accumulated VC. Collagen fiber Kanemu aqueous S1 @ liquid gold alkalinity 911 acidity and
accumulation layer to 41 @? r It is a good idea to have a good idea. PH (selected to 7 g can be
obtained by cooling 4 g of uncooked sea bream (in water to the above aqueous solution 44).
Apply a voltage, + ifit, into the all suspension / all in the settling tank here. As the electrode tank
of this field piece, it is possible to use all the usual ones, but it is particularly advantageous to use
the 71] paper shown in Fig. 2 in order to make the stratification thickness uniform. In FIG. 2, (5)
is, for example, an anode +61 composed of stenol / root by the same method as stainless steel
etc. and formed in the form of stainless steel etc. and formed in the form of a 7 ス ′ L nine
cathode (7 In the tank, the above-mentioned aqueous suspension 14 solution is completely
inserted into the tank to add a DC voltage of 10 to a pole and a 10-ZOOOV strain flt. At this time,
it is possible to accumulate fine fibers of collagen in the cathode, but to attach it to the cathode
(7) support plate 1.8J, in order to adjust the FK to select the FK or more from the pH off. If you
go back to axis 9) and turn it into rhythmic rhythm, you will get rid of all the # accumulated
inside the periphery of # 9.
The thickness of the directed collection r, the collagen fiber I-, ■ ■ 1 pressure, ■ conduction
time. ■ Slope of 4 fibers of collagen contained in aqueous suspension. ■ Aqueous @ @ 欣 19 謁
(Shin is a big parameter. Top + L (R (1) r l lil clean up; 100 vm4 tkb 'effective t (i) + 02 (5) both l
lil l nt -1 + l l l l l l l l l l l Furthermore, it was found that the temperature of 4yj de (shows that it
is 1) for pickling. In the history of the speaker cone # # in the law il · · · 86 Figure (a) (g) 4 or 1.
In order to have more curved surfaces and depths-edge of 1 iL at pole or edge for damper in Fig.
46-) assuming that f plate is less than f 2 There is a drawback that the distance between the
mountain gtle and other flat plate electrodes 4 is not constant. ・ 45 (In the slope cone No. ・
The depth is even with the eyebrows (the above-mentioned defect is large in history because the
teacher is large, so the shape on the positive image side is also almost a cathode and 41 to make
the figure 5 −) (h) It is possible to obtain collagen fiber integrated Ink having a uniform
thickness by etching to a distance of -6 m of W6 + "b + and 'e +" d of W6 +. In the case described
above, we have described the aqueous # suspension in which the collagen 4 fiber is completely
shaped like a cone, but 40 cones shown in FIG. 5 (b)? If you can get natural fibers such as
ordinary pulp @ or artificial 1 fiber mixed DC voltage eyes] n can be accumulated in the same 4
to control the compliance of the corn, etc. 14! Find a friend.
Speaker cone or method of making the same
The detailed description of the present invention will be omitted with reference to FIG. 4 as well,
but the pipe (5cL) 'r derived from the F end of electrodeposition +1 1 (5) [, Pi (stands .about.
Pump (2). Tank (2) 2 through the tank, 5) Vibe (5b) to the tank and let go home. The PH stat (4)
is an apparatus to keep the pH of the aqueous solution at a constant level automatically, li, and
an apparatus for regenerating the four solutions. The cooling 4 is a suspension temperature
(even if it is cooled by running water to keep it constant). 5 The cathode (7) is attached to the
support plate (8) and rotates integrally with the hollow shaft (9). I'm sorry. In the hollow shaft 9)
-4, a super gear (1) is engaged with a spur gear (2υa) having a shaft V of a size of a few of the
motor 4 by 41. Tooth contact-· · · · · · · · · · · · · · contact with the DC stabilization circuit H な 間 の
、 、, the anode, 6) through the direct current flow 酎 α り in the (+) pole of the direct current
stabilization circuit There is a voltmeter (t) connected to the circuit I in a heartbeat. In the DC
stabilization l111 path, the AC 10 Ovl IE source 1 is provided with rectified and multiplied
(down) human power. Also, including the hollow shaft support plate and the cathode, multiple II!
The paper pulp and collagen fiber water suspension are continuously arranged in the direction
441c by arranging in a direction toward the back side of the gold sheet and arranging these in
order to move them in order to move them sequentially. Adjust the pH of the solution to 20 ° C
and adjust the pH to 7 or higher and set the DC voltage to 70v for 4 minutes nlff1 voltage? In
addition, as a result, the thickness after peeling it off to the anode and drying it is 120. It was
about @. Since these can form a pinhole 4 which has almost no pinholes, two sheets of tapping
edges or cones shown in FIG. 5 (a) (a ') are stacked to form air and other compliances tI # 11 #. A
member of the company 1 is sent to a matchmaker by an arrival letter 1α. As you can see in
Figure 15 (&) (It '), corn or edge in some t-laminated mold? Cedar 7M is also possible to find
many friends. More than · tQ (This speaker · It is a speaker cone # present r now not far away V
ζ C no matter where it is not a place completely and its j11 '6 # effect stride is large angle <14
and others friend speaker cone thickness bar In l, the internal loss is large.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic front view for showing a method
of manufacturing a conventional speaker cover. 42 Figure r! Routed sectional view which is not
suitable for the speaker cone manufacturing method of a visitor and a wing. @ 66 il (b) is a figure
44 showing the magnetic pole arrangement of the eddy acid cone. FIG. 4 is a schematic overhead
view showing a method of producing a Peltoco / bear type cone and an edge according to the
present invention. Fig. 45 (a) (α ') (b) (b') is a schematic view showing υa, Lf: of n 几 cone or
edge obtained according to the present invention. (5) a tank, 6) an anode, an ear) a cathode, "8) a
support plate, (9) EndPage: 3vi, 1J air / oil, a firewood, a 2nd; a pump, a threat, P) l stano t '! 'Lli
motor, · J: □-, J spur gear, dpi + Mlf safety circuit 1 person 檗 11 檗 τ 1 ic ++! Circuit, "1 · Ma
prano / not. 、, 1 出 狽 [1 杢 々 代理人 社 弁 弁 L LJ, 11 beauty 讐; 弔 2 Figure EndPage: 4
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