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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing the principle of the
present invention. FIG. 2 is an electric circuit diagram showing an embodiment of the present
invention. 3 and 4 show a part of the electric circuit of one embodiment of the present invention.
1 is a detection circuit, 2 is a control circuit, 3 and 4 are loads, 5 is a power supply, 6 is a circuit
serving as the center of the detection unit, 61 to 67 are diodes, 68 is a large capacity electrolytic
capacitor, 69 is a coil, 7 is 71 and 8 are low resistance, 72 is a lead inch, 73 is a triac, 9 is a
capacitor, 10 to 13 is a receptacle, and 14 is a power supply terminal. 1-89 to 11-51. FIG. 3-90.
FIG. 3-90. 12. 4
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a switch circuit
which operates simultaneously with the activation of the circuit. Heretofore, in an audio
apparatus or the like, in order to achieve the purpose of operating the bending circuit
simultaneously with the operation of the circuit, a dedicated outlet interlocked with the soi /
switch is provided. Unless it had a dedicated outlet, it was considered impossible to achieve that
goal. In general household products, there is no such outlet, so it was impossible to switch on
many other devices by switching on one device. And even in a machine having a dedicated outlet
like these, when the current rating is limited (1), it is not possible to newly connect a high power
device. This has made it difficult to use high power devices simultaneously. The present invention
is a switch circuit in which these impossibilities are eliminated, and the contents of the invention
will be described next with reference to the drawings. (A) The load (4) is activated by the power
supply (5). (B) Next, the detection circuit (1) detects the current flowing to the load (4). (C) And
the control circuit (2) which is a switch of load (3) operates with the output. ) There the load (3)
is activated. When the present invention is implemented with such a configuration. The structure
and effect will be described below with reference to the drawings. Oka, In the following
embodiment, 100 volts AC for general household use is used for the power supply (5), and the
power supply (5) is still connected to the power supply terminal (14). 1 First, the detection circuit
(1) is constituted by a diode and a reed switch □. The circuit (6) is a main part of the detection
circuit (1) □ 1 (2) □ l of the present invention, and when it is implemented as shown in FIG. 2,
the nine circuits (6) 62), (6a), (64) and a large capacity electric field capacitor (68), and a reed
switch (72) is constituted by a coil (69) in which an extremely thin wire is wound several dozen
times. Usually, coil (69) needs to have high sensitivity, and it needs to have a certain internal
resistance, so it depends on the current used, but under normal use conditions, it is necessary to
have 60 to 300 Use one that has been wound approximately once. Next, a thyristor is used for
the control circuit (2). Although the thyristor (73) is used as the thyristor in the embodiment, it
will be referred to as the thyristor (73) in the description. The circuit (7) is a combination of the
reed switch (72) with the control circuit (2) of the present invention as its main part, and this
reed switch (72).
A thyristor (73) and a resistor (71) for firing the thyristor. Here, several hundreds of ohms are
used for the resistance (71). Under normal use conditions. Several hundred ohms are suitable for
the resistor 71. (3) The resistor (8) and the capacitor (9) are provided to improve ignition of the
thyristor (73) under no load or inductive load, and the receptacle (10) + (11) is a load (3) The
receptacles (12) + (13) are provided to connect the loads (4) respectively. Noricon diodes have
the property that current does not flow unless 06 volts is applied. Therefore, if a load is
connected to the Noricon diodes (61), (62L (63), (64) ladders (12) or (13) and a current flows, a
voltage drop of 06 volts occurs respectively, By detecting the voltage generated in the diode (61),
smoothing it with an electric field capacitor (68) and applying it to the coil (69). The reed switch
(72) operates. And if the reed switch (72) is turned on, the voltage of the anode is applied to the
gate through the resistor (71). The thyristor (73) is fired. Regarding the detection part, when the
resistance of the coil (69) is small to a certain extent, the current flowing to the load (4) is small
to some extent ) □ □ 流 れ る (63) + (64) flows through the coil (69) and the diode (62) in the
ninth half cycle. When the current is relatively large and the voltage applied to the coil (69)
exceeds 06 volts, most of the current flows through the diode (61), and the coil (69) does not
apply a voltage of more than 06 volts. Be done. As the diode group used in FIG. 2, it is possible to
use a four-element matching diode for power supply rectification. By the way, another structure
is also considered in the diode group of a detection part. FIG. 3 is another combination of the
circuit (6) which is the main part of the detection circuit (1) in FIG. 2, and the same operation can
be achieved by doing this as well. In this case, a noricon diode is used as the diode (65) + (66),
and a germanium diode is used as the diode (67). If the voltage across the diode (65) is 06 volts.
Its value is sufficiently high compared to the forward voltage drop of 0.15 volt of the germanium
diode (67), so that a voltage of about 0.45 volts is applied to the coil (69), and thus Similar to the
embodiment shown in FIG.
The reed switch (72) can be operated. FIG. 4 is another combination of the circuit (6) in FIG. 2. By
doing so, when current flows to the load (4), it is possible to disconnect the load (3). The chewing
resistance (71) is higher than that of FIG. 2 and is suitable for several kilohms. If this is used, etc.
when using a large power device at the same time, for example, when the home current rating is
limited. You can cut naturally if you can break it. Now, also in the embodiment shown in FIG. 3, a
four-element matching diode for power supply rectification can be used as in FIG. Thus, from the
configuration according to FIG. 2 and FIG. (A) It can be manufactured with a small number of
parts. (ロ)ローコストである。 (C) It is lightweight. ) Small size. (E) The power consumption at
no operation is zero. The above advantages arise. Next, if you actually use this device, you can
use the audio (6)! ! Taking the outlet of the device as an example, it is possible to add a limited
number of outlets, and solve the problem that the capacity is not enough even if there is a cent.
Furthermore, activation of the device connected to either of the receptacles (12) + (13) has the
effect of activating the device connected to the receptacles (10) and (11), but again on the gold
side of the audio device If it takes, there are two preamps, and the main amp's rooster ": thh; b @
0" "" J7 y? There is no tdlQL "96", but in this case, the main amplifier works by inserting either of
the preamps. In the present invention, as in the case of 5 or more, when expecting the operation
of one circuit simultaneously with the operation of another circuit, a dedicated dedicated outlet
becomes unnecessary, and it is safe to connect a new high-power device, and further It is a
convenient thing which has an advantage like said (I) to (E).
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