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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional front view of a conventional
motorized receiver, and FIG. 2 is a sectional front view of an embodiment of a motorized receiver
0 according to the present invention. 1 is a yoke, 2 is a pole piece, 3 is a ring magnet, 4 is a plate,
5 is a rear case, 6 is a diaphragm, 7 is a bonding frame, 8 is a voice coil, 9 is a front case, 13 is a
cylindrical shape Frame, 14 is an outer peripheral pulsing green. Figure 1-119-True opening 51121051 (2) F 72-120-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a motorized
handset for facilitating the assembly process. The conventional motorized handset has a tire
plum having a voice coil in contact with the field section. Therefore, it is necessary for the
operator's training to look at the center of the field section of the field section. In addition, there
is a disadvantage that the drying of the coating agent requires a long period of time due to heart
movement and so on during the working process, an example of which is as shown in FIG. In the
figure, 1 is a yoke, 2 is a pole piece provided at the center of the yoke, 3 is a ring-shaped magnet
disposed on the yoke 1 with a gap in the periphery 9 of the hole heat, 4 is a pole piece as well A
plate is placed on the magnet 3 with a gap around 2 and these are stored as field units in the rear
case 5 and the plate 4 is placed in contact with the face of the magnet 3 and the in-x, s Do. The
reference numeral 6 denotes a sliding plate provided with an impermeable frame 7 in the
circumference, and 8 denotes a voice coil fixed to the fan plate, which is regarded as a vibration
system, and the voice coil 8 is the pole heath 2, the magnet 3 and the plate The frame 7 of the
lively work board 6 is bonded and fixed to the ground of the board 4 by grinding with scissors. A
front case 9 fixed to the mouth of the rear case 5 is a front case 9 fixed to the mouth of the rear
case 5, and an earplug 11 made of a soft vinyl resin or the like is attached to the throat 10
thereof. Reference numeral 12 denotes a cord, one end of which is introduced into the rear case
5 and connected, and the other end is connected to a signal source (all not shown) with a plug.
When configured in this manner, a gap gauge is used in order to form the gap A for containing
the voice coil 8 all the way around the temple, while securing the yoke 1, the ring-shaped
madanenot 3 and the plate 40 in a short position. These one! Since it is necessary to fix the right
side with an adhesive, not only is there a lot of strict workability but also it takes a long time to
dry the scraping and it is inefficient. In addition, moving plate 6 (! -In order to position the disc 1
inserted in the clearance A at the center of the mounting line around the scroll 8 so that the
diaphragm 6 is struck up and down and so that the voice coil 8 does not contact the field 5 part
Since it is necessary to adjust, it is very common to lose much power and there is a lot of national
rights around the fan plate, and it is necessary to fix it on the frame 7 kebrate 4 with a care
agent, so it will take a long time to dry this adhesive. Inconvenient disadvantages such as
inefficiencies of manufacture and incurrence of many defective products and inconvenient
production are also considerable. Is the present invention the above-mentioned conventional
drawbacks? If one of the embodiments shown in FIG. 2 is described above, symbols 1 to 12 and
A in this figure are shown as mk in FIG.
In the present invention, a cylindrical frame 13 formed of a thermoplastic resin or the like to
support the yoke 1, the bowl 2, the ring magnet 3 and the plate 4 is provided in the case 5 and
the outer periphery of the yoke l (IB And ball pee;). The outer peripheral surface C1 of the 6th
base 2 and the outer surface of the plate 4 and the outer peripheral surface of the lower inner
peripheral surface F of the inner cylindrical frame 13 and the outer peripheral surface G of the
mouth are respectively rotated An outer peripheral edge 14 is formed concentrically with the
voice coil 8 at the central portion around the outer peripheral frame 7 of the diaphragm 6, and
the outer peripheral surface B of the yaw 1 is the lower inner periphery of the cylindrical frame
13. In 1 mIF, the outer peripheral surface E of the plug V-to 4 is on the inner peripheral surface
G of the mouth of the cylindrical frame 13 and the outer peripheral edge 14 of the diaphragm
frame is outside the mouth of the cylindrical 7 frame 13 II! lll [[iti, adhesively fixed with an
adhesive of nitrile comb type, even if it is made to fit in old-fashionedly. The diaphragm 6 has a
stepped portion 63 for coil attachment at the boundary portion IklXl between the dome-shaped
central portion 61 and the slope portion 62 connected to the outer periphery thereof, and the
outer dove of the slope portion 62 and the frame 7 for 48 The outer peripheral flanges 14 are
formed integrally with each other, and the shoulders 63 and flanges 14 are formed
concentrically to form a relationship between the hose coil 8 attached to the shoulders 63 and
the flanges 14 completely concentric. According to the autopsy, the lower paste of the cylindrical
frame 13 [1 [1, F and the inner surface 8 G of the mouth portion 1, the center of the pole heath 2
and the plate 4 is the center of the cylindrical frame 13] The gap A between the perimeter and
the center of the hole piece 2 is secured concentrically with the outer periphery of the hole piece
2 [[[IC and plate 4 and so on. 6 easy. Therefore, even if there is some looseness between the ringlike magnet 3 held between the yoke 1 and the V-44 and the inner periphery 1 of the cylindrical
frame 13, there is no difference. Then, when the voice coil 8 is inserted, the outer rim 14
provided on the frame 7 in the vicinity of the state coil 8 and the moving plate 6 is concentric, so
that the rim of the rim By fitting 14 into the outer periphery of the opening of the cylindrical
frame 13, the boss 1 is inserted into and supported at the foot position in the gap A in a desired
and correct manner without any trouble and the position is secured. Since it can be carried out,
the following -F phase is embarrassing and assembling is very easy. In addition, the product can
provide a good product with excellent performance without the occurrence of abnormal noise
and the peripheral supporting state of the diaphragm 6 is strong and reliable. According to the
present invention, gl- ['assembly work is easy and does not require skill, and the defect rate Fi is
reduced, and the layering process also has a contact time of splurge or rL-Jilt or lrL multiple
pupil production opening " It is a great deal of promise because it will
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