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(B, 06pp1) Patent Office Secretary Saito Hideo 2 the same as inventor patent maxim 4, agent mail
# No. 515 Address Michiken Matsusaka City Michimachi 1383 Telephone concave 03 ′ ′ 1-2
2520 name 6544 Yukio Imamura C5, List of attached documents (1) Description 1a (4) Letter of
attorney 1 ■ Japan Patent Office ■ JP-A-51-128649 @ (1976) IL9 examination request (gold 3
pages) Office serial number number specification 1, name of invention
Nonconductor plating method 2, claims 15. The silicon in the vacuum chamber for the gate
vacuum deposition is coated with silicon for deposition together with the metal for deposition,
and the inside of the vacuum chamber is heated to 1300 ° C in the shape of an egg of IX16 ′
′ torr to raise the silicon and the inside of the vacuum chamber is 1 × When 10 ′ ′ Ftorr
becomes and silicon flies about half and ices to an obstacle board, raise the change of flat to
make evaporation temperature of metal for evaporation f; and make filament of metal for
evaporation different Is the evaporation temperature of the metal, and silicon and a fully open
alloy for deposition are deposited on the upper surface of silicon alone, and finally only the
deposition metal is deposited to deposit it. Nonconductor plating method.
3. Detailed description of the invention a1 Purpose of the invention The resistance heating
vacuum deposition method has a weak deposition effect of the deposited film even if the metal
film is directly coated on the surface of the non-conductive example HeLa on the surface of the
synthetic resin substrate There is. The cause of impeding the deposition effect of the deposited
film is that the layer between the synthetic resin substrate and the deposited metal is due to the
released gas from the synthetic resin substrate, the released gas from the deposition metal, and
the fluorinated gas in the vacuum chamber. It is formed, and the layer is fragile, so it is easily
peeled off from the gold layer which is attached to it. In order to prevent it, the method currently
used is to apply an undercoat with a transparent paint in advance in order to prevent the
synthetic resin substrate power, etc. to release the gas, deposit a metal on it, and further to form
an aluminum film on it. And other protective films. The invention of the present application is
intended to reduce the number of such steps and to firmly deposit a metal film on the surface of
a nonconductor by absorbing and suppressing a gas which hinders the deposition of these in a
vacuum chamber. Configuration of the Invention The present invention is characterized in that,
in the case of nonconductive plating by vacuum evaporation, silicon which becomes active is
used as a medium for evaporation. That is, gold for deposition II (hereinafter, Chrome is
described as an example, EndPage: 1). In the case of chrome, put 2 chrome in the center of the
filament [in the case of chrome, put K silicon, due to the chromium evaporating at a higher
temperature than silicon. When the vacuum condition in the vacuum chamber is lX 16 + t, orr
and the degree of sculpting is' b 300, the silicon evaporates and becomes activated, and from the
retained gas in the rz tank or the synthetic soot substrate? They react with the gases released
from the outgassing and chromium to p% Q these and suppress their activity. Thus, the silicon
fills the vacuum chamber, and the "right te": The inside becomes the IX10'torr, and the silicon
comes first. Since there is a weak part in the silicon single p = F attachment but a place showing a
solid swimwear can also be made, it becomes a scaffold of chromium deposition. When silicon
rises to half a degree, the precipitation of chromium starts when the temperature rises to 1600
° r, so at step 9 an alloy of silicon and chromium is deposited. After that, the silicon disappears
and finally only chrome is deposited to deposit. Therefore, as shown in the ashes 1 of the
swimwear, silicon 2 and then silicon and chromium are applied first on the synthetic resin
substrate 1. That is, since the chrome body is deposited on the silicon and the double base of
silicon plus and chromium on top of it, a resilient effect can be obtained.
In the case of P that emits P at a higher temperature than silicon, as in the above case, the
evaporation r degree of the deposited metal varies, so it is possible to use silicon with metal? [1
filament may be used. In the morning, it may be possible to apply dual heating. c1 Invention of
the Invention In the invention according to the invention, by using silicon having high activity as
well as a metal for vapor deposition as an accelerator for vapor deposition, a strong vapor
deposition effect can be obtained, and a film on a vapor deposited metal can be retained. Because
the vapor deposition metal is directly exposed to the surface, it has a particularly excellent effect
on the processing of the anti-electrostatic film. In general, the cost is naturally reduced compared
to the current method of applying the undercoat and the upper coat, and as a plateable insulator,
polyester, polycarbonate, epoxy, urea, phenol, melamine, OR-39, The use of ABS, silicone rubber,
and others is wide, and as a special effect, it is possible to obtain excellent effects of FC such as
half mirror processing, decorative plating, etc. in addition to the above-mentioned antielectrostatic effect.
4. Brief description of the drawings. Fig. F is an enlarged sectional view of 1rkn for depositing a
target metal on the top or surface of a nonconductive substrate with silicon as a base. Patent
applicants 征 征 弁 弁 End 今 Page End EndPage: 2 長官 Secretary's piece] 1 [Ishibe-don l, display
of the case Showa inauguration patent 111 # o3: q 877 No. 2, title of the invention 2 , The name
of the invention Aya 7 7 luster 31 Su f curse name Ken Neyomi 4, agent ZIP code 515 address
Matsusaka City Mie Prefecture 1338 telephone 0598 (+-Fifl1 common name 6544 patent
attorney Atsushi Imamura, male, 1'5, date of correction order Spontaneous pillow erase . C2) (Fi
1 page 4 line 15: "To delete the 11 letters of" for processing of the current preventing film ", and
instead, insert 6 letters of" to the point of "-(3) 4th" Insert the 4 letters of “upper” on page 17
in the upper row, fF, erase, and 3 letters of “top”. (The fourth letter on page 42, page 5, line 3
erases the 3 letters above j and 2 letters on the line Reject the 3 letters of L2 and put the 10
letters of the plastic lens j next to "L out of the old 1 line". EndPage: 3
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