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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an essential part showing
an embodiment of a microphone apparatus for pinaural recording according to the present
invention. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Rod-shaped member, 3ay 3b ... Unit, 4a, P ... Dummy
mask, 8a, 8b ... Hole part, 9 ... Convex part, 10a, 10b ... Support member. One seventy-one
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a microphone
device suitable for pinaural silver tones-recently a new pinaural recording system different from
stereo recording is threatened Ia. In this system, two microphones are separated by a distance
equivalent to the distance between the positions of human ears, placed in a sound field, filtered
and recorded, and a loud sound is recorded with the head 7 on. Well, it has the feature that it is
possible to faithfully reproduce the sound of the original sound source by making only human's
ear placed in the sound field -1 ==. In this case, it is known to use the human III or original model
h 4 dummy mask and set the position of the microphones of both sides of this dummy ma X / m,
but this dummy mask The holes are only formed at the positions corresponding to the ears, and
the holes are only held by the tip of each single microphone, so the holding is insufficient. The
present invention has been made in view of the above points, and an object of the present
invention is to provide a microphone attachment for a pinhole recording which can stably hold
both the dummy mask and the microphone. In order to achieve this object, the device for
pinaural sound recording according to the present invention comprises a rod-like member in
which both ends holding a pair of unitts in which microphones are housed is inserted in a hole
11 formed in a dummy mask. It was set up and held. Below, the microphone device according to
the invention will be described in detail with reference to the drawings. The zo-2 =-picture is an
example of the microphone device according to the present invention, so it is a rod-like member
formed in a T-shape. This rod-like member 1 f) i 1 m part. 2bK # 'i A microphone microphone
(not shown) is accommodated with its sound receiving surface parallel to the axial direction of
the rod-like member 1, and the large units 3a, 3b are held. The units 3a and 3b are provided with
fitting grooves 5a and 5b spaced apart from the window portions 4a and 4b in which a large
number of windows are bored on the circumference thereof at predetermined intervals. Here, the
microphones housed in the units 3a and 3b are generally known, and large and relatively high
sensitivity O various types of microphones are used. The rod-like member 1 is, for example, a
circular joint portion 6sK of the base portion of the base, and is erected. [gamma] is a dummy
mask similar to # 1 IKII of human being, and holes 118a and 11b of a predetermined size are
provided at positions corresponding to the ears, and a convex 111m of a triangle is provided at
the position corresponding to the nose Are formed.
In this case, the loudness of the hole 畠 an @ b is determined in accordance with the size of the
unit 3m, 3b / arbitrarily, and a pair of opposed supports on both sides of the hole Jla, Ib3- The
members tDa and 1 @ b are fixed. Therefore, when the units 3m and 3b of the rod-like member 1
are inserted into the holes 1a and 8b of the dummy mask T, the support members 10a and 1b
are engaged with the mating grooves 5a and 5bJC to hold the units ms and 3b. Therefore, the
dummy mask T is stably held. Therefore, if the six microphone devices configured in this way are
made to face in the direction of the sound wave coming from the sound source at the time of
linear recording, the dummy mask 7 is held stably and the original function of the dummy mask
is exhibited. The sound in the sound field can be recorded faithfully. As described above, in the
microphone device for recording of a nock note according to the present invention, the unit
containing the microphone is placed at the position corresponding to the human eyebrow
interval between the units of the rod-like member held by both turtles. A running support
configured to be held in the position of a hole of a dummy mask in which a hole is bored and a
convex portion is formed with the two holes as a base, '-4-, dummy mask And the microphone
unit can be stably held.
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