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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded front view in half section showing
one embodiment of a speaker according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a half section view
in FIG. 1 ... frame, 2 ... pressing projection 3 ... diaphragm, 4 ... seat paper, 5 ... field portion, the
small protrusions for 6 ... screw, T ... screw groove 8, 8: case 9, 9: small projection, 10: voice coil.
Fig. 2-119-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, the pressure applied to
the peripheral portion of the diaphragm is set in the case by means of the optical screw IiK, a
speaker aiming to stabilize the minimum resonance j11 wave number and simplify the assembly.
It is about ll! Taking a picture as a speaker of this kind [C) II + constant depends on the
coupling force of the driver unit, but with this kind of fixing, the pressing force of the diaphragm
is not constant and it is difficult to adjust. The present invention seeks to eliminate the abovementioned disadvantages of the prior art. Hereinafter, the present invention will be exemplified
by 111 examples by 0 m 1 m 1. A frame 1 is provided with a dome-shaped O-sliding plate
holding lip 2 in the frame 1. The diaphragm 3 having the voice coil 10, the dust paper 4, and the
booster 6 are sequentially inserted into the frame 1. Next, a small screw 6 for screwing is formed
near the opening of the outer periphery of the frame 10 to form a screw groove 7 on the inner
peripheral surface of the case 8 so as to be hinged with the small rolling 6 for screw. At the
center of the bottom surface of the case 8 which is If the case 80 screw contingent is
hinged to the screw small center 6 to the screw small center 6 by 411 and the tightening of the
screws is advanced, the screw O force diaphragm 8 紘 pressure lip 2 and the magnetizing are
generated by the screw O force. I will be pressed and held by the part 6. Further, proceed with
screw tightening and the pressure at which the presser lip 2 presses the loose plate S is adjusted
to an appropriate value and fkp minimum joint circumference # is stabilized and screw
tightening at the head is stopped. At this time, an adhesive is flown between the frame 1 and the
box x 380 to prevent loosening ((Because the field portion 5 and the case 8 are in contact only
with the projection 9 when the screw is tightened) Even if the case 8 is rotated, the field * ss does
not rotate and the mai + plate 3 is not broken even if the case 7 is rotated. As described above,
the speaker of the present invention inserts the diaphragm, dust paper, and the field section into
the frame. , And by screwing and assembling the outer case to 7 frames, it can be identified that
it can be easily adjusted and the pressing force of the diaphragm can be easily adjusted. It is a
book of great practical value such as easy to assemble.
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