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2, inventor address Shizuoka prefectural police, g can? 1 (i 797 No. 5 Name Shigaroyama Jae Foo
3, Patent Applicant Address 1 o No. 1 Nakazawacho, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture Name
(407) Representative of Japan Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Kawakami Gento-. i
Manual ■ JP-A-51-148401. 0 Published Nissho 51. (1976) The actual title of the invention by
listening to 12.20 signals with headphones
Sound pickup method
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a sound collecting
method used in a pinaural reproduction method, and more specifically, spatial information when
sound waves coming in by a microphone disposed in a dummy head are collected. The present
invention relates to a sound collecting system in which the amount is increased. Recently, a new
φ binaural reproduction scheme different from stereo reproduction has attracted attention. This
reproduction system is two microphones at a position corresponding to the ears of the dark head.
By installing Roh y), it imitates human auditory sense and collects the sound wave coming from
the sound source and tries to obtain the listening sense of the obtained sound collecting
performance venue etc. However, in this reproduction method, when the sound wave is picked
up by the microphone, only the information for both ears of the dummy head is picked up, so the
sound at the time of reproduction is collected around the left and right ears or collected in the
back of the head. I could not hear only the unnatural reproduced sound because the sound
spread and sense of direction was insufficient. Therefore, an object of the present invention is
made in view of the above-mentioned point, and it is possible to provide a sound collecting
system capable of listening to natural sounds, ie, realistic sounds by increasing spatial
information collected. is there. In order to achieve this object, according to the present invention,
the collecting system transmits the incoming sound wave to the dummy head placed in the sound
field by the respective microphones installed corresponding to the ear and forehead parts of the
dummy head The sound is picked up more than the amount of information t. In the following, the
EndPage: 1 will be described in detail according to the embodiment of the present invention by
using the-plane. The drawing shows the principle essential part configuration when the sound
collecting system according to the present invention is used in a pinaural reproduction system,
and for example, a sound source in a performance hall is attached with a reference numeral 1. In
the sound field of the sound source 1, an artificial pseudo-analog similar to a human head, that is,
a dummy head 2 is disposed. Although this dummy head 2 is configured in various shapes, a
spherical one is shown as an example in the figure. In the dummy head 2, the microphones 3a
and 3b are installed on the left and right of the ear part by a distance which is equal to the
distance between human ears, and the microphones 4ae 4b are desired on the left and right of
the forehead part. It is installed by a holding member (not shown). Note that these microphones
are generally used for directivity-! It is possible to use one having omnidirectionality. Therefore,
the microphones 3aa3b pick up sound waves arriving to the left and right ears of the dummy
head 2 in the sound field, and the microphones 4a and 4b pick up sound waves arriving to the
chain portion and sound waves reflected by the chain portion can do.
At this time, the -3- microphones 4a and 4b have the same function as that of the one-point
microphone method because they are gathered close to each other at the forehead portion of the
dummy head 2. The collected sound signals converted by the microphones 3a * 3b and 4a, 4b
are processing units 5m, 5b and 6a independent of one another via transmission lines. Processed
by 6b. These processing devices have various functions such as amplification of the collected
sound signal, frequency compensation, phase compensation, recording, reproduction, etc., and
the output side thereof integrates a pair of speakers 7m and 7b via a transmission line. It is
connected to the headphone 7 as well as to two vibrators 8a + 8b pressure-welded to the left and
right of the human chain part. These vibrators 8atab are also vibrated by the collected sound
signals sent from the processing devices 6a and 6b, and the vibration sound is conducted to the
inside through the weir surface, as shown by □. It is fixed to the integrated spring member 9m +
9b. The headphones 7 and the vibrators 13a and 13b are disposed at geometrically equivalent
positions to the microphones 3a, 3b and 4-4m * 4b installed in the dummy head 2. Therefore, in
such a pinaural reproduction system, according to the sound collection system of the present
invention, the microphones 3m, 3b and 4a, 4b arranged corresponding to the ear and chain of
the dummy head 2 are placed in the sound field Since most of the sound waves arriving at the
dummy head 2 can be picked up, the amount of spatial information in the sound field is
increased. Therefore, by reproducing the collected sound signals accompanying these pieces of
information by transmitting them through the headphones 7 with the same geometrical
arrangement and the exciters 8a and 8bK and reproducing them, the reproduced sound is in the
vicinity of the left and right ears as in the prior art. Also, it does not gather in the back of the
head, and the sound spread and sense of direction are obtained, so that the spatial arrangement
of the sound sources can be clearly reproduced. In the embodiment described above, two
microphones 4a and 4b are provided on the forehead of the dummy head 2 to collect sound, but
the present invention is not limited to this, and it is not limited to this. It can also be implemented
by installing a microphone on the forehead. As described above, according to the sound pickup
method of the present invention, the microphones respectively disposed corresponding to the ear
and forehead of the dummy head pick up a lot of information obtained by the listener in the
sound field. The spatial information can be increased more than the dummy head pickup by two
microphones placed at the position of.
Therefore, by inputting an information signal corresponding to the forehead part of the
information into an exciter or a speaker different from the headphones and reproducing it, a
sound with a spread is obtained and the sound is localized forward, so the reproduced sound
Have an effect such as being able to listen with a very natural sense.
4. Brief Description of the drawings The drawing is a schematic view showing an embodiment
when the sound collecting system according to the present invention is used for a pinaural
reproduction system. -'V, 91 #-Fist sound source, 2---Dummy head, 3a. 3b # 4 '&, 4b * e * m
microphone, 5a + 5b, 6a, 6b-... Processing device, 7 咎 @@@ head phone, 8 turtles + 8b 轡 加
shaker. 6−EndPage:2Cヒー6. Other Agents EndPage: 3
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