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+4 Patent Office Director Hideo Saito June 20, 1950 Speaker Name Yoshimi Toshikazu 3, Patent
Applicant Address (where to live) Meguro-ku, Tokyo Meguro i Me r i 1st 4th Name (Name) (501)
Pioneer Corporation Representative Ishizuke Sogyu Name (6069) Patent attorney Hideo Nobuo
[Phase] Japan Patent Office ■ JP 51-1511210 published Japan. (1976) 12.25. Japanese Patent
Application No. rO-77, t31? (, 1 [Phase] Filing date Akito (197 j) 〆, 2 sigma examination request
unsettled, seeking (all three pages) Office serial number? 316 Tata specification 1, title of the
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electrodynamic
speaker O The conventional electrodynamic speaker has its diaphragm supported by a frame at
two points. That is, the damper is provided at the threshold between the voice coil bobbin and
the frame, and the edge provided between the opening of the diaphragm and the phrase.
Incidentally, it is ideal that the diaphragm vibrates in a noncontact state with respect to the
frame, and in particular, it is desirable that the opening side is noncontact. However, there are
edges in many speakers at present, and urethane, rubber and cloth S are used as the material,
and various shapes are used to open up the diaphragm so that mechanical resistance does not
act on the diaphragm as much as possible. Ingenuity is applied. However, no matter what
materials and shapes are used, they have always been mechanically resistant and far from ideal.
The present invention is sharpened at diagonal points, and the purpose is to use a piezoelectric
film as a support for the diaphragm, synchronize its bending direction with the vibration phase of
the diaphragm, and make it unsupported. It is to provide a speaker which is made to perform
close operation. EndPage: Next, an embodiment of the present invention will be described with
reference to the drawings. 0 Illui & fi circuit, (2) is a frame, (3) is a voice coil bobbin, +4+ is a
voice coil, + 5 + Ita, (6) is a diaphragm, (7) Are arrowheads and the above are known structures.
(8) Rolls and polarizes the polymer material of polyvinylidene fluoride, and forms an end with a
polymer piezoelectric film provided with electrodes on both sides, and the inner peripheral edge
is the diaphragm (6) and the outer peripheral edge is the arrow paper Each is fixed to (7). Here,
the polymeric piezoelectric film will be described. If it is assumed that the thickness of the film is
10 μm and the size is 1 ml, and one end of this sample is fixed and the other 5 iux Q) fb width is
given, it is necessary to apply a voltage of 200-5 oov. Therefore, in the present embodiment, a
transformer 顛 is connected between the input signal @ (9) and the edge (8) of the polymeric
piezoelectric film to boost the input signal. When a signal is sent from the input signal source (9),
it is applied to the voice coil (4), and the diaphragm (6) vibrates as in the conventional speaker.
On the other hand, since the force signal is boosted by the transformer a and applied to the edge
(8), the edge (8) vibrates due to the bending piezoelectric effect and bimorph effect of the
polymer piezoelectric film. Of course, the input signal applied to the edge t81 and the input
signal to be input to the voice coil (4) K have the same phase, so that the diaphragm (6) is not
supported at the edge, ie In the above embodiment, although the case in which the edge (8) is
formed of the polymeric piezoelectric film has been described, in the above embodiment, the
other supporting the diaphragm on the frame, for example, the damper (5) The K polymeric
piezoelectric film can be used. Therefore, if the polymeric piezoelectric film is used for both the
edge (8) and the damper (5), the diaphragm (6) vibrates in a nearly unsupported state It will be
The piezoelectric film is not limited to a polymer material, and may be a pressure-sensitive film
having 0 'r flexibility. In the present invention, as described above, a piezoelectric film is used as
the diaphragm support member, and the film's concave piezoelectric effect or bimorph effect is
"first", and the enclosing phase is synchronized with the movable phase of the vibrating plate to
vibrate. Since the movement of the plate itself is not restricted by the hardness of the support H,
mechanical resistance does not act on the transmission plate, and effects such as improving the
characteristics of the speaker can be realized. .
4, a simple illustration of the drawing is a 10 tatami mat of the speaker according to the present
invention-implementation 441? It is a center longitudinal cross-sectional view which shows one
example. (2) · · · Frame 4 (5) · · · Damper (6) · · · · (8) · · · Patent patent applicant Pioneer stock
acquisition company agent Hideo Kanno EndPage: 2
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