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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1A is a plan view showing an embodiment of the
present invention, FIG. 1B is a front view of the same, FIG. 2A is a plan view of a conventional
printed circuit board switch, FIG. B is also a front view. 1 ... printed circuit board, 5 ... contact
plate, 6 ... fixed contact. Fang 1 矛 2 · Figure (A) 岬 苧 CB 冫 CB)-181-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a switch for a flint board
which is a corrosion switch for a car stereo channel cutting switch. The second problem is to turn
off the channel cutback switch of the conventional car stereo. In the figure, 1 is a printed circuit
board, 2 is a holder, 3 is a slide volume, 4 is a channel switch, and 7 and 8 are fabric edges. . In
this way, attach the switch to the holder 2 with a screw, and from the switch cloth #! I was 7 + 8
”c. For this reason, it is necessary to make preparations such as cloth 1ilji, and the number of
operation steps is increased. -In addition, since (+-1 佃 1 of the switch is connected to the wiring
by wire, it may be considered that the short circuit is made by mistake). The object of the present
invention is to provide a printed circuit board switch which has the disadvantages of the prior art
as described above, a small number of operation steps, and can reduce the cost of parts. The
characteristic feature of this proposal is that, of the two contact points, the solid layer 4, ...: point
is soldered to the base machine, and the movable contact point is made to face it. The following is
a brief description of an embodiment of the present invention shown in FIG. This ○ ○ · · · +? In
1], until now, go off with the channel off switch, and use the mounting holder 2 of the slide
horium 3 to ground the IC 1 contact and 5 ヲ 1 history, and tighten the movable contact on this,
while printing 4 Solder the facing abutment pregnancy 6 to the plate l and keep it 2 and contact
plate 5 (! -By pushing in the direction IJ of the arrow 41, it is configured to act as a contact
person or as a sleepy student to work as a support staff. As is apparent from the above
description of the invention qjj I, 1 inch history 1 inch 0 inch 0 嵌 嵌 嵌 嵌 下 曲 曲 曲 曲 ・ ・ ・
ま た ま た also contact printed Because it is embedded in the 2 o'clock board, even with the ugly
product of the operation part such as car stereo, the effect that the switch can be housed in a
small space, M 1
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