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Detail Cao 1, Name of Invention
Domed diaphragm and method of manufacturing the same
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a dome-shaped
diaphragm used for headphones and the like and a method of manufacturing the same.
Conventionally, as electroacoustic transducers such as headphones, an electrodynamic type, a
pair of [type and piezoelectric type transducers have been put to practical use, and as the
diaphragm, the former uses cone paper and the latter EndPage: 13-glass film is used The sound
quality with each feature is obtained. In the case of the electrodynamic type, a plastic dome
diaphragm is partially used. For example, the present invention relates to a diaphragm suitable
for the diaphragm of an electrodynamic transducer for an open air type headphone, and a
method of manufacturing the same. An integral adjacent dome-shaped diaphragm which is
lightweight, has a small elastic modulus at the edge portion, and has a large elastic modulus at
the dome portion, and a method of manufacturing the same, and can realize high-performance
headphones. The dome-shaped diaphragm is generally used for the purpose of reproducing
middle and high tone ranges such as tweeters and squawkers, and the stiffness of the edge did
not become a problem. Therefore, it is often V-shaped by the same material as the dome part. In
the case of metal and etc., the edge of a good snack is joined to reduce weight by weight. In the
case of a diaphragm of this purpose, from bass to treble The conventional diaphragm can not be
used because it is necessary to reduce the size and weight. 0 The present invention is a
conventional defect by changing the elastic modulus of the dome portion and the edge portion in
the integrally formed edged diaphragm. To remove That is, a highly crystalline substance of an
organic polymer material is used to change the crystallinity of the dome portion and the edge
portion. [Example 1] Thermoplastic polyester resin (terephthalic acid. An ambic acid-ethylene
glycol random copolymer was used to prepare a 40? film by the TF method. The elastic modulus
of this film was 1300 Kp / ctl C, and then this film was used to form a diaphragm by true wall
molding. FIG. 1 shows a vacuum forming apparatus. In FIG. 1, 1 is a heater, 2 is the abovementioned film, 3 is a dome portion, and a heater 4 is embedded in the dome portion type s.
Reference numeral 6 denotes a current edge part mold, and a pipe e for cooling is currently
formed on the part type 6 of this collar :). 7 is i such as asbestos intervened at the boundary
between the above-mentioned dome metal work 3 and the edge section m5! A insulator, 8F8t8 is
a through hole penetrating the boundary of the mold 6 or the mold S, S, 9 is a suction port.
The film 2 is heated (170 ░ C. to 200 ░ C.) by the heater 1 to make the film 2 in a softened
state, then the air is removed from the suction port 9 and the softened film 2 is made of the
molds 3, 6 Close contact with the top. In this case, the temperature of the dome mold 3 is 100 ░
C. ▒ 10 ░ C., and the temperature of the edge mold 6 is 30 ░ C. ▒ 6 ░ C. The film adhered to
the mold 3 ░ 6 2 is cooled and molded. After molding, it was left as it is for 1 minute, and then
cooled at a constant temperature. FIG. 2 shows the completed state of the dome-shaped
diaphragm. As described above, the difference in the cooling condition between the dome portion
1 o of the dome-shaped diaphragm and the edge portion 11 causes the dome [i 1.0 to be highly
crystallized and the elastic portion 2 to be crystallized or amorphous. 3 shows a cross section of
the electroacoustic transducer using the dome-shaped diaphragm of the present invention, and in
FIG. 3, 12 is a lower grate, 13 is a center ball integrally formed with the lower grate 12, 14 is a
The upper grate mounted on the upper part of the lower grate 12) E magnet, mounted on the top
of the 15 fl magnet 14, and a voice coil 16 mounted on the dome-shaped diaphragm.
[Experimental Example 1] In the same manner as in Example 1, the same vacuum bottom shape
was carried out by setting the temperatures of the edge portion mold and the dome portion mold
of the molding die equal to 30 ░ C ▒ 5 ░ C. [Experimental Example 2] In the same manner as in
Example 1, molding was carried out with the temperature of the edge mold and the dome part set
to 100 ░ C ▒ 1Q ░ C. [Example 2] An unstretched polyglobylene film (40?) having an elastic
modulus of 3500% s / ctA was heated (170 ░ C) to a softened state, and this film was molded in
the same manner as in Example 1 9 [9] Experimental Example 3], [Experimental Example 4] The
film used in Example 2 was molded under the same conditions as in Experimental Examples 1
and 2. Using the dome-shaped diaphragms manufactured according to Examples 1 and 2 and
Experimental Examples 1 to 4, EndPage: 27 was also prepared for the headphone converter, and
the acoustic characteristics were measured. The results are shown in Table 1. When using
polyester thermoplastic resin in Table 1 V at the quenched edge part! The quality of the dome is
poor, and because the cooling is promoted in the dome portion, the elastic modulus is improved
by 1.4 times. The acoustic characteristics are also low in fo, enabling wide-band reproduction
from low to high frequencies. Also in the case of polypropylene this method--a difference in
modulus of 20% can be obtained.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an umbrella for forming
the dome-shaped diaphragm of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the
dome-shaped diaphragm of the present invention, and FIG. It is sectional drawing of the
electroacoustic transducer which used the board. 1 @ Fist ... heater, 2 и 11 @ battle и film, 3 и 11 e
and и и и и Dome section board, 400. . -M thermal heater, 5 ░, 11 mm square plate, 6 и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и thermal insulation, 8, 8.8 и и и и и through holes, 9 ..... suction port, 10 ..... dome
portion, 11o иии e edge portion. Name of agent Attorney Nakao Toshio Nakano has 1 person
Figure 1 Figure 2 0 EndPage: ?
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