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Description or title of the invention
Speaker dome diaphragm
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a dome diaphragm in
which a diaphragm base fabric made of cotton, hemp, silk, synthetic fiber or the like is formed in
a dome shape, and an object of the present invention is a base fabric formed in a dome shape On
the back of the dome part of the base material, a buffer material with excellent weather
resistance (heat resistance and cold resistance), moderate flexibility and viscosity, and a large
internal loss is applied, and the dome part and edge part surface of the base cloth are weather
resistant. By applying silicone rubber with excellent, moderate and flexible elasticity and shape
retention, it has excellent weather resistance, strain characteristics, sound pressure frequency
characteristics, and a stable dome diaphragm of good quality. It is about getting. In general, it is
well known to use a cloth such as cotton, hemp, silk, synthetic fiber or the like as a base material
of a dome diaphragm of a speaker. As a conventional dome diaphragm of this type, for example,
as shown in FIG. After the base fabric (1) is impregnated with a thermosetting resin and heated
and pressurized to form a dome, the base fabric (1) is provided with an appropriate soft elasticity
and the purpose of imparting internal loss. There was a structure in which silicone rubber (4)
was applied to the surface or both front and back surfaces of the dome portion (2) and the edge
portion (3) of the cloth (1). In this structure, since the coating material (silicone rubber) after
forming the base fabric (1) is a kind, a unique property is remarkably imparted to the coating
material to the dome diaphragm, but the silicone rubber is weather resistant. While it is excellent
in heat resistance (heat resistance, cold resistance), hardness 11r after hardening (JIS hardness
15 or more EndPage: 1) or high, suitable soft elasticity to base cloth (1) or 10-1 minutes As
shown in the discharge frequency characteristic diagram and strain characteristic diagram of FIG.
2, partial resonance or abnormal vibration in the divided vibration region, vibration one
vibration, or one vibration because the internal loss due to mechanical vibration is not sufficient.
Of the vibration normal state, causing sharp peaks and dips on the sound pressure frequency
characteristics, and generating harmonic distortion (in particular, second PiFlal =). , There is a
defect that good quality reproduction sound can not be obtained. In addition, silicone rubber is a
natural drying and curing question (always wet and always tl! Because of the extremely long time
of about 20 hours, silicone rubber dips the cloth of base cloth (1) and flows out to mIii during
application, or flows down along the surface of dome (2) during drying. The coating amount or
the dome portion (2) is concentrated on the riverside portion, and cured in that state to cause
coating unevenness, and uniform explanation will be made. In the present invention, acrylic resin
ester latex, acrylonitrile butadiene rubber latex, styrene butadiene Laha Latex, and styrene
butane are applied to the back of the dome of the base fabric formed into a dome shape, and
then the surface of the dome and the edge of the X cloth. Is characterized by a structure formed
by applying a silicone rubber which is excellent in weather resistance and has 1 to 10 degrees of
soft elasticity and shape retention.
Hereinafter, an embodiment in which an acrylic ester latex is used as a buffer material will be
described and described. 1 and 3 Figures will be described with reference to the following
drawings, after impregnating the base cloth (1) with a thermosetting resin such as a phenol resin,
and then heating and pressing to form the dome portion (2) and the edge portion ( 3) form. A
soft type self-crosslinkable acrylic ester latex is coated on the back surface of the dome (2) of the
molded base (1), and the base (1) is airtight on the base (1). (Impregnation treatment) while
forming a thin film on the back of the dome portion (2). The latex coated end has a diameter of
the dome portion j2) or a dry weight of 50101 which is 0.1 to 0.27, preferably 0.15 f. After
curing, an acrylic ester latex (0.15 to 022 in dry weight) is applied again and cured, and a
thickness of about 0.2 to the dome portion '2)' of the base cloth (1) is obtained. The acrylic ester
latex (5) layer of the sphere is shaded (FIG. 3 (a)). After that, apply the silicone rubber (6) with a
weight of 05 to 077 on the surface of the dome portion (2) of the cloth (1) (5), and apply a
portion of the silicone comb (6) It is cured in the state of being impregnated in (1) (FIG. 3 (b)).
Unlike the conventional structure in which the silicone rubber (4) is applied to the surface of the
base cloth (1) as described above according to F4 J of the diaphragm completed in this manner,
the cloth 1-1 of the base cloth (1) & Behind the dome portion (2), with excellent weatherability,
moderate flexibility, viscosity retention, large internal loss, acrylic ester latec, sc (5) layer, dome
portion of base cloth (1) (2) ) And the edge portion (3) are formed in a state in which the silicone
comb (6) layer which is excellent in weatherability and has appropriate soft elasticity and shape
retention is firmly and firmly adhered to the base fabric (1) Be done. Therefore, the elastic
elasticity of the silicone rubber (6) layer keeps the shape of the base fabric (1), and the acrylic
ester latex has a large internal loss due to the vibration of the base fabric (1) or the dome portion
(2). (5) The layer, and the silicone rubber (6) layer on the surface of the dome portion (2) are
effectively transmitted and damped, so partial resonance, abnormal vibration, and edge of the
base cloth (1) in the divided vibration region. Vibration energy such as the reflected wave
reflected by part (3) is effectively reduced, and as shown in the characteristic diagram of FIG. 4,
peaks and dips are removed to obtain flat sound pressure frequency characteristics And Jt,
harmonic distortion (especially second harmonic distortion) or significantly suppressed, good,
quality reproduced sound is obtained.
Also, unlike the structure in which the acrylic ester latex (5) and the silicone rubber (6) are
simply superimposed on the surface or the back of the dome portion (2), the acrylic ester latex
(5), the silicone rubber (6) Since it is applied directly to the front and back of the cloth (1) and
has good adhesion to the base cloth (1), it has excellent shape retention of the base cloth (1) in
addition to the above-mentioned unnecessary vibration energy dumping effect. The quality is
stable, with no luster ester latex (5) layer, ljlQ or no silicone rubber (6) layer. (At the time of
application of EndPage: 2 acrylic ester latex (5), it is made to penetrate the cloth of the dome (2)
to the extent that the same dome (2) holds airtightness in the first application) Then, a thin film
of acrylic ester latex (5) is formed on the back of the dome portion (2) and a sealing treatment is
performed, and an acrylic ester latex (5) layer is formed on the thin film in the second
application. Because the acrylic ester latex is applied in a necessary amount at a time, the acrylic
ester latex (5) protrudes from the back of the dome (2) to the surface or flows down along the
back of the dome (2). The coating amount and concentration do not concentrate on the periphery
of the dome portion (2), so that the coating and unevenness can be removed, and a diaphragm of
stable quality can be obtained. Furthermore, the acrylic ester latex (5) has excellent properties as
a dumping material for vibrational energy and is extremely excellent in weather resistance, and
can stably maintain the above excellent quality. In the above embodiments, an embodiment using
an acrylic ester latex as a buffer material has been described, or an acrylic ester latex having the
same quality as that of the acrylic ester latex, and the same series of acrylic ester latex. Genla.
Using bar latex, styrene butadiene rubber latex, styrene butadiene latex and the like, they have
almost the same function and effect as in the examples described above. As mentioned above,
according to the present invention, a shock absorbing material (5) such as an acrylic ester latex is
applied to the back surface of the dome portion (2) of the base fabric (1), the curing amount is
small, and the dome portion of the base fabric (1) Flat sound pressure frequency characteristics
in which distortion is remarkably reduced because of having a structure in which silicone rubber
(6) is applied to the back surface of 2) and the one thousand tine portion (3) and which has
excellent properties as a diaphragm. As a result, it has the advantage of being able to provide a
stable car plate with excellent weather resistance and quality.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 shows the structure of a conventional dome
diaphragm, and FIG. 2 shows the characteristics of a loudspeaker incorporating the dome
diaphragm. (B) is a diagram showing the structure of the dome diaphragm of the present
invention, and FIG. 4 is a diagram showing the characteristics of a speaker incorporating the
dome diaphragm. (1) is a diaphragm base cloth, (2) is a dome portion, (5) is a shock absorbing
material, (3) is an edge portion, and (6) is a silicone comb. ! ! fc 皺 r) -1zl 堵? EndPage: 3 weeks;
& rHz]-Figure 4 EndPage: 4
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