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Description 1, Loudspeaker diaphragm 06 to 20 wt% NaOH bath treated with a scale of a plant of
the family (except for bamboo) in the molded body Shake board. 3. Details of the invention r (Description unknown relates to a loudspeaker diaphragm. Heretofore, diaphragms for
loudspeakers are known to be made of natural cellulose, in particular, wood pulp, a mixture of
synthetic or man-made fibers, etc., and lumber, cruciform flagellum, bamboo fibers (lugu, bast
fibers, etc.) ing. Thus, wood pulses and the like are produced mainly by a sulfide method in which
they are treated with an electric sulfite such as Ca, Mg, Na or NH4 and Wc acid water at high
temperature and pressure. Conventionally, a pulp of C8F 350 cc to 600 cc is used as a
diaphragm for a speaker, but in this range, deterioration of frequency characteristics in a high
frequency range is noticeable. Here, C8F stands for Canadian Standard Freeness (hereinafter
referred to as C8 \), which indicates the degree of beating. Unit cc> and @ C8F with a high degree
of beating is a small t value. In addition, the diaphragm for the speaker is the bottom of the
cylindrical container (a cone-shaped punched metal wire is put, the pulp solution is added and
stirred, leaving only the valve from the bottom and flowing down to make the valve mat
sufficiently dewatered, heat-formed and dried Apply to create. The discharge time at this time is
preferably about 20 seconds or less, and the efficiency for producing salt decreases when it
becomes 1 minute or more, and when it becomes 2 minutes or more, it is not suitable for
production. For example, beating 'f% degree CSF 160 ((pulp or beating degree CSF 660
((compared to beating gC 8 F' 160 cc pulp for speaker diaphragm made using valve as raw
material compared to beating mC 8 F 660 (( The frequency characteristics are excellent, but the
drainage time in making the above pulse mat is 2 for the freeness of 08F 660 cc pulp. It takes a
long time of 480 seconds to 2 seconds. As described above, the speaker diaphragm made of the
beating pulp having a degree of freeness has excellent frequency characteristics up to the high
frequency region, but the drainage time is long in manufacturing, so that the degree of beating
can not be arbitrarily increased. There was one fixed limit. EndPage: The present invention is
directed to a fist providing a speaker diaphragm having a short drainage time in manufacturing
and cutting and a frequency characteristic of the diaphragm. Detailed description of the present
invention will be given in detail. The present invention includes in a molded article a wood
cocoon m (excluding bamboo) which has been treated with 0.6 to 20 wt% caustic soda bath cloth.
It is a temporary vibration for force that was waiting for things. It is easily beaten as follows by
the speaker diaphragm of a non-f b light.
That is, it is treated with a mixer etc. with a rotating chopstick knife-like stirring at a high speed,
etc., which is first treated with a stalk of 06 to 20 wt. . Then, wash away the washed material,
remove 1NaOH and soluble components, extract a good valve on a metal wire, and press-shape
and dry it. The reason for setting the concentration of the NaOH solution to 0.6 to 20 wt% is that
the required valve can not be obtained if the concentration is less than 06 wt%, and the effect of
the present invention is not exhibited if the concentration is more than 20 wt%. In addition,
grapevines, rice, straw, straw, corn, persimmon, and the like are known as culmaceous plants
(with the exception of bamboo). The invention will now be described by way of example. Add
100g of sugar-dried stalks to a 10wt% NaOH bath, leave at room temperature for 24 hours,
break it up several times with a mixer of 2000 rpm, wash on a 100 mesh wire gauze, about 30g I
got a pulp. Among the above, 6.3 g was added to a paper making machine storage tank having a
diameter of 16 o + s and a size of 40 on, water was added and stirred well to make a valve
concentration of about 11. Immediately after the stirring was completed, the lower valve was
opened and drained. The drainage time at this time was 14 seconds. The pulp remains as a pulp
mat on a cone-shaped wire mesh provided at the bottom of the storage tank, and this valve mat is
dewatered, peeled off from the wire mesh, pressurized at 140 CIK g / cm 2, molded and dried to
give 3.5 g of heavy noble metal, Obtain a speaker diaphragm of diameter 165I. The results of
measuring the frequency characteristics of the thus-obtained speaker diaphragm are shown in
FIG. As another example, 100 g of sugar cane stems with bone dry weight is applied to 2 wt%
NaOH solution 1 p and allowed to stand at room temperature for 24 hours, and then about 45 g
of pulp is removed in the same manner as above. A speaker diaphragm of 16 cIR was obtained.
The drainage time at this time was 40 seconds, and the frequency characteristics were almost the
same as in the case of FIG. In addition, as a comparative example, NUSP (conifer, unbleached
sulphite halgueh) was subjected to beating 1 cs F 660 co (comparative example 1) and tapping f
14 # 1 cb k '160 oc (comparative example 2) and hvtam similarly to the example A speaker
diaphragm having a diameter of 16 611 and a diameter of t 3.5 g was prepared and shown in
FIG. The curve (2) shows the case of the comparative example 2 in the case of the comparative
example 1 in the music-(iii) in the second bad. In addition, it was 25 seconds and 480 seconds,
respectively, at the time of drainage in the papermaking process.
As described above, when discharging water with a beating degree of c8F 660 cc, the frequency
characteristics in the high frequency region are poor at the maximum, and in the beat frequency
C3 F 160 cc, the frequency characteristics in the high frequency region are excellent. Suitable rl.
The speaker diaphragm according to the present invention is excellent in frequency
characteristics, has a short drainage time in the sheet-making process, is extremely effective in
manufacturing, and is excellent in performance. In the speaker diaphragm according to the
present invention, it is possible to mix and match high elastic and delicate materials such as
carbon fiber and crow fiber.
4. Brief description of the drawings 41 Figure is a curve diagram showing the frequency of the
speaker diaphragm according to the present invention and the frequency tgf of the conventional
example, and Figure 2 is a curve diagram showing the frequency characteristics of the
conventional speaker diaphragm is there. Agent 3 'F 冨 J 章 (J or 1 person) EndPage: 2 (8 ’' '' '' l
Bf Ll 4 End Page: 3
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