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君 書 (な し 名称 名称%%% 許 臨 枠 枠 枠 枠 枠 枠 枠 枠 divided into a seat and backrest, the seat
and backback And adjustably connect those 1IIt, pivotally pivotally attach the backrest to a
support frame supporting the frame member, and movably support the seat on a heel support,
and The position can be fixed, and the diaphragm can be fixed to the seat portion and the
backrest portion by positioning the diaphragm at the connecting portion between the seat
portion and the backrest portion, and the sound reproduction device can be fixed to the
diaphragm. A sense of reality reproduction that is attached to a vibrator that is driven by the
audio current from to generate vibration.
Realism reproduction device
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention converts an audio signal from an
audio reproduction device such as a stereo into mechanical vibration and adds it to a furniture
for a rest such as a chair or a bed, and creates an atmosphere of a place where music is played. It
is a sense of reality reproduction device Kll that makes it possible to listen to live music O full of
sense of presence and feel with the body. Live music K> The music is wonderful Butterfly, who
listens to music, not only listen to the music in the ear where the music is played, it is because
the sound is felt by the body. Even in the case of playback music with records and magnetic tapes
as sources, various improvements have been made to bring them closer to live music, and ideas
are made-II. It became K. In this% (in J, company recording technology, sound reproduction
equipment such as stereo 0 performance is improved so that the music of live music can be made
to listen to live performance, Because it is not something that gives the sound to be felt by the
body, it listens to immersive music (K # i has not been reached yet. The present invention gives a
pleasant vibration to the device main body optimally configured to listen to the music EndPage: 1
<t) at tO which cancels the above mentioned intermittent point, whereby the music is played and
the music is played It is a feature that is made to be able to listen to immersive music so that you
can feel the atmosphere of the place where you are. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present
invention will be described by means of tWJm. FIG. 1 is an example of the case where the main
body A of the realistic sensation reproducing apparatus is formed in the shape of a chair which is
one of the furniture for resting. Frame part support to support the human body is composed of
main frame 1 and sub frame 2 and divided into main frame 1t-seat part main frame 1m and
backrest part main frame 1b, backrest for seat part main frame 1a The back support portion
main frame 1b is attached to the h section main frame 1m by means of a pivot attachment means
or the like so that the Wsf of the part main frame 1b is variable. On the other hand I! As shown in
FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, the sub-frame 2 is made of a member having good vibration properties such as
a vibration-resistant punching plate, and the sub-frame 2 is similarly a seat sub frame 2JI and a
back support sub frame 2b (! It is divided into-, and the seat portion small frame 2m and the
backrest portion sub-frame 2b are connected by the vibration good diaphragm 3 which doubles
as a function of placement. Then, as shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. 142, while attaching the backrest
main frame 1bKw abutting part sub-frame 2b via the spring member 5, the seat sub-frame 2m is
also mounted via the spring member 5 on the seat main frame Apply 1aK'lIL. As shown in FIGS. 4
and 5, the armrest of the support frame 7 pivotally attaches the backrest main frame 1b to the
rear portion 81 of the portion 80, and both g14 portions 8 of the seat main frame 11 Attach rails
L, L to the lower surface of .8.
Then, a fitting frame 9 for slidingly fitting the rails L, L to the supporting frame 7 is provided so
that the rails L, L can be slidably fitted. , S supporting rollers 210.10 ', the rails L, L are slidably
fitted in the fitting frame 9.9' and the rollers 1G, 10 'on the seat main frame 1a Support @ 8,8. In
addition, the seat main frame tacJ-儒 8 Ks? And one end of the cylinder 11 is pivotally mounted
on a seat main frame IJIK-- movablely and a projecting end of the rod 12t biased in a direction to
project from the cylinder 11 by a spring is pivotably pivoted to one Oi1 interlocking frame 9
Wear it. The protrusion amount of the rod 11 from the cylinder 12 is adjusted by the stopper 13.
Further, as shown in FIG. 6, the mounting of a nut or the like is provided with a member 15 on
the back surface of the diaphragm 3, and the mounting can effectively vibrate the sub-frame 2
through the one diaphragm 3 to the member 15. The vibrator 14 is driven by a 150 & () audio
current to generate vibration at a frequency of, for example, 250% or less. In addition, it is a
thing of audio reproduction apparatus η · et al., Such as an audio current company stereo
applied to the exciter 14, and when an audio current from the audio reproduction apparatus is
applied to the exciter 14, a vibration synchronized with the sound flowing from the speaker.
Generate. Further, in order to disperse the vibrator 14 on the diaphragm 3, it is best to set the
position corresponding to a portion where the human body feels the most vibration when a
person sits on a chair. Therefore, when a person sits down in a chair and drives the vibrator 14, it
feels like a vibration synchronized with the sound flowing from the speaker with the body and
feels like listening to music at a place where music is being played, and a live performance full of
sense of presence It will be possible to play the music of In addition, when changing the backrest
portion main frame 1b4 to the seat main frame 1 frame once, the butterfly 13 operates the
stopper 13 to free the movement of the rod 12 for the cylinder IIK to pivot the backrest portion
main frame 1b. When the backrest portion main frame 1b is pivoted about the attachment point
A ', the seat portion main frame 11 is supported by the rollers 1G and 1G' and the rails L along
the fitting frame 9. L moves. In this case, once in the backrest main frame 1b with respect to the
9-seat main frame 1m, it is adjusted. After adjustment, when the force is removed from the
stopper 13, the opening degree is maintained. Further, although not shown, a cushioning
material or the like is placed on the upper surface of the sub-frame 2, and the sitting and bending
is unnatural. In addition, the frame member 1 may scatter the shock absorbing material for the
rattan Kfi) which is in contact with the tatami or the floor of the house. Although the sub-frame 2
KIIR is attached via the diaphragm 3 in the embodiment, the 0 KFi-frame member A which may
be directly attached is divided into the main frame 1 and the sub-frame 2 but the frame member
A is vibrated Assembled together with a good-quality member or with a good-oscillation-rich
aggregate and divided into two to change 1lIf, an exciter 14 is connected directly or through a
diaphragm 3 to this. You may do it.
EndPage: 2 or more of this, convert the audio signal from the audio playback device into
mechanical vibration, and use this vibration in the frame member configured in the OK optimum
shape to be used when listening to sound power Since the vibration is synchronized with the
sound from the speaker, the atmosphere of the place where the music is played can be felt by the
body, and the lively music with a sense of reality can be reproduced and heard. Furthermore, the
diaphragm on which the vibrator for making the frame vibrate is printed has a change in the
degree of opening between the seat portion and the backrest portion. Because they are born,
they always feel pleasant vibrations, and they do not have any disadvantages from the fact that
they have changed their habit.
4 is a perspective view showing one embodiment of FIG. 3 and FIG. 3 and FIG. 4 is a crosssectional view taken along the line of FIG. 1 and FIG. 5 shows the relationship between the frame
member and the support frame. FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing, and 1 sg is an enlarged
view showing a relationship between a diaphragm and a vibrator. -A ... Frame member 1 ... Main
frame 1 m ... Seat member 1 b ... Backrest member 2 ... Subframe 2F ... ... Seat portion subframe
2b ... Backrest portion subframe 3 · · Diaphragm 9 · · · Vibrator patent applicant shares in stock
company / (Ion Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 4 4A EndPage: 3 procedure correction · letter (type)
January 19, 1981 2尭 尭 “0 Name Presence Reproduction 3; Person who makes corrections,
Relationship with the case Patent applicant Name: Paion Co., Ltd. (2 other people) 7) Correction
to the description of corrections (No change in contents) EndPage: 4
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