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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial sectional view showing an
embodiment of an electrodynamic speaker according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an
enlarged sectional view of a diaphragm thereof. Explanation of main figure No. 1 ... diaphragm, 8
... foam metal diaphragm, 9 ... empty "hole, 10 ... closure machine
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present discussion relates to an electronic
loudspeaker, and more particularly to an improvement of an electrodynamic loudspeaker using a
foam metal as a diaphragm. The characteristic conditions required as the diaphragm material of
the speaker include rigid weight, internal loss and the like. In order to obtain a reproduced sound
that is faithful to the original sound, it is necessary for the speaker's vibration 5 ")-1 t 'r 9) 2 plate
to operate in a straight line over a wide frequency range for the input signal The diaphragm
needs to be light and have high rigidity. Hard paper has been widely used as the diaphragm of
the speaker. The above-mentioned hard paper had a ratio: relatively satisfactory characteristics in
terms of weight, while L, 7) ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ a ax′′il! A light
metal such as aluminum or beryllia □ 1 チ タ tita 'has also been used as an alternative
diaphragm material. However, the base metal can prevent the weight from increasing in order to
obtain relatively high rigidity over a large area. It was not enough for the application to the large
diameter speaker. Therefore, the applicant of the present invention has previously operated a
speaker using foam metal, which is optimal as a diaphragm material for both rigidity and weight.
The metal foam is manufactured from 7 pieces of foam-treated 7 pieces of metal powder 1
powder such as nickel, iron, steel, etc., rolled 5 deg. It is possible to produce a pore size of
α08α0 to 30∼1. Thus, all the pores of the foam metal communicate with one another, which
has the advantage that bending and cutting can be simplified. When using the above-mentioned
foam metal as the diaphragm 1 of an electrodynamic speaker, it is a drawback that the holes are
in communication, and when the diaphragm vibrates, the air leaks from the holes. As a result, a
□ 1 means is required to seal the holes. The present invention relates to the sealing of a
diaphragm made of foam metal, and will be described below based on an embodiment of the
present invention with reference to the drawings. 1 Fig. 1 is a partial sectional view showing an
embodiment I of an electrodynamic speaker according to the present invention, in which (1) is a
vibration metal plate made of foam metal, (2) is a frame, and (3) is the above An edge elastically
connecting the diaphragm I and the frame (2), (4) is a damper which elastically holds the base of
the diaphragm 11), ■ is a voice coil, (6) is the voice coil J @ (7) is a magnetic circuit consisting of
a central magnetic pole, 1-even, etc., and the voice coil 161 is disposed in the magnetic circuit
(7); -4 according to the signal Drive the diaphragm (1).
Thus, the expanded metal diaphragm (1) can be enlarged and illustrated as shown in FIG.
Referring to FIG. 2, (8) is a diaphragm made of foam metal, (9) is a pore of the diaphragm + 81,
and () is a plug impregnated to seal the nuclear pore (9). It is an agent. The filler is required to be
substantially completely resistant to air permeability and to be lightweight so that there is no
change in the weight of the diaphragm before and after the impregnation. . An easy-to-gelate
colloidal solution can be raised as a filling agent which supplements both the prevention of air
permeability and the light weight. This is a reversible reaction from sol to gel or gel to sol, and
has the property that the weight becomes extremely small when it becomes a xerogel, and it is
possible to use agarose (molecular formula ('l: There is an organic compound (gI !, heaven) whose
main component is 1tHtiOi (OH) n] n). When a diaphragm made of foam metal sealed as shown
in FIG. 2 is actually produced, a commercially available agar is solified with island water, and the
foam metal am plate (3) is immersed therein, and then 5 If forced drying is carried out with a
wind at about 85 ° C., the agar is impregnated into the foam metal diaphragm (the holes (9) of
the group) and xerogelation is achieved to achieve complete sealing. Agar is an organic matter
and has the disadvantage of decaying over time. However, if an antiseptic is added at the time of
the above-mentioned solification, it exhibits the effect sufficient to prevent decay 8 目) as a filler.
There is almost no carbonization of the point of the non-clogged foam metal diaphragm and the
cross-linked foam metal diaphragm, and a diaphragm capable of exhibiting the characteristics of
the foam metal can be obtained. Therefore, i temperature of gelation which changes from sol to
gel is 0 ° "′ ′ kbs6 / ′ ′ cc change Vk conversion ′ ′, [JQ ′ ′ 2 pa“ on, −y h ”°!
“1” 1; soaked agar, normal speaker operating temperature (11 ° shoulder, Xl- itself). Heat
dissipation etc. 7. Absolutely, without becoming 77, it can be fully used also in terms of
durability. As described above, the electrodynamic X ′ ′ ′-force 4 according to the present
invention is also superior in both rigidity and weight to conventional ones, and can be easily
manufactured □ 6 It is practical.
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