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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of an essential part showing
an embodiment of a capacitor type transducer according to the present invention, and FIGS. 2 to
4 are other different embodiments according to the present invention. It is a block diagram of the
principal part shown. 11 ...... cantilever 12 ...... fulcrum, 13 ...... fixed pole, 131 ...... elect Lesotho,
132 ...... back electrode, 14 - .......
The invention relates in particular to a capacitive transducer suitable for pickup cartridges. As is
well known, the capacitor 壷 transfer used for a pickup cartridge etc. has a movable part with a
distance change (constant Ili product) or an area change (constant distance) with respect to a
fixed pole, and in any case the capacity of the condenser By assimilation] I am getting a blindness
signal. By the way, the movable part is mechanically coupled to a so-called cantilever when it is
used for a pickup cartridge, and a fixed pole is provided in a pair, but in the case of a probe, the
internal impedance as the entire transducer is There is a drawback that the size is too large, and
as a result, it is difficult to widen the critical linearity characteristics particularly as the 1character i-rotational conversion table. Therefore, this invention is made in view of the above
points, and it is an object of the present invention to provide a very good capacitor type
transformer which simplifies the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks and yet allows for a
reliable removal. An embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail below with
reference to the drawings. That is, FIG. 1 t 11 is a cantilever supported in a state where it is
inclined at a predetermined angle via the fulcrum 12 to the one-character correction fixing
portion of the shell (not shown). A fixed pole consisting of an electret 131 and a back electrode
132 is vertically disposed on the fulcrum 12. The movable pole L "is supported on the proximal
end of the cantilever 11 so that only the proximal end of the fixed pole 13 can be in contact with
the electret 131 of the fixed pole 13. The pole is dosed in a substantially V-shape. Here, the
movable electrode 14 is fixed to the pace 141 made of an elastic material such as rubber, the
electrode body 142 of the conductive layer deposited on the surface of the pace 141, and the
base end of the cantilever 11 on the back side of the base 141. And a supporting member 143.
Then, the electrode body 142 of the conductive layer of the movable electrode L ′ ′ is
grounded to be a so-called cold electrode, and the back electrode 131 of the fixed electrode port
is a so-called hot electrode. However, as the pickup 11 transmits the vibration generated as the
cantilever 11 traces the sound groove of the recording board to the movable pole 14 and
converts the change in capacitance of the capacitor between the fixed pole 33 and the fixed pole
33 into an electric signal 0 function can play. By the way, in the capacitor type transducer having
such a configuration and action, only one end is brought into contact with the surface of the
electret of the fixed electrode JJ, and the movable electrode 14 made of an elastic electrode body
having conductivity in a part of the book is cantilevered. Since the contact area between the fixed
pole U and the electret 131 is not increased by the vibration of the internal pole, the internal
impedance of the entire transducer can be reduced as much as possible, and the width of the
linearity characteristic in the conversion characteristic is It is something that can be
In FIG. 2 above, the elastic electrode of the movable rod is brought into contact with only one end
of the electret surface of the fixed pole, and the contact area of the movable pole and the fixed
pole by the vibration of the cantilever is not increased. The surface shape of the elastic electrode
body 241 of [L] is formed on the large arc secondary side 111 such that the distance between
the fixed electrode jJ and the surface direction of the fixed electrode jJ increases as it goes to the
tip. It may be a structure most suitable for the above purpose. FIG. 3 shows another embodiment
in which the lower end portion of the movable & elastic electrode body 34 of J4 is fitted to the
base end portion of the cantilever 31 and is interposed between it and the fixed portion of the
shell. You can have the function of Danneau. That is, since the damper required in this type of
pickup cartridge is integrated with the elastic electrode body 341 of the movable rod 34, it is
easy to manufacture and has an advantage that the structure is simplified. There is also an
advantage that the support of the opening is stable. FIG. 4 shows still another embodiment, and
in the case of the previous example, it is necessary to exchange all the movable poles together
with the cantilever in needle exchange, and only the electret of the fixed pole is out of place in
the crucible exchange. The gap Wj4 of both poles has been exposed to the surface and after
replacement! In order to eliminate the difficulty of 1 :, the movable electrode 44O elastic
electrode body 441 is pivotally attached to the front end of the housing 4 # as a part of the
housing so as to project from the front end of the housing 40 The support electrode 443
provided at the base end of the cantilever 41 elastically contacts the elastic electrode body 441
so that the fixed electrode 4J is opposed to the elastic electrode body 441 in the inside of the
housing 400 in a writing-closing manner. According to this configuration, the needle is replaced
only by 41 parts of the cantilever, the deer does not expose the electret 431 of the fixed pole 4J
to the outer surface at the time of replacement, and the gap adjustment of both poles can be
unnecessary after replacement. To improve the reliability of the exchange [fk seme. It goes
without saying that the invention can be embodied in various ways without departing from the
scope of the invention which is not limited to the embodiment shown and illustrated. Therefore,
as described in detail above, according to the present invention, it is possible to provide a very
good capacitor type transducer which can simplify the conventional defects and remove it in a
secure manner.
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