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Specification for the invention Ethical growth Tata, Be of 7 tIO or more Be, Bev, Be characterized
as including the process of visualizing by confirming the kneading at a temperature F of 300-100
° C for acoustic viewing How to make a vibrating plate.
The acoustic device is a diaphragm that claims an acoustic device and its manufacturing methodan α-divided diaphragm with 1-Be as its main component, and its Be crystal has an outward
orientation of C ′ ′ Q direction as E and 0. A sound board characterized by a sound #.
Detailed description of the invention The invention of C relates to a method of producing
beryllium (Blil) thread tis @ and its digging gutter, “the Be plate of the above-mentioned low
cutting plate mainly comprises (: 001) To improve the acoustic characteristics. Vibrations that
have acoustically infertile characteristics convert electrical signals etc. into mechanical vibration,
and are required to have good conversion characteristics when converting mechanical vibration
into electric symbols. Be done. This conversion characteristic is often more in the material of the
photographing and the board itself than the structure, arrangement and the like of the vibrator
since the & moving plate performs divided photographing movement particularly in a high sound
area. For this reason, the Bθ rear shooting moving plate, a moving plate made of fi-/) X was
developed, but these diaphragm materials 4 are light in weight and the Young's modulus is large.
Conversion characteristics. In addition to the characteristics that the present applicant has
recorded characteristics of being able to lie on the diaphragm material, that it has a weight 1 and
a large Young's modulus, the sound of the sound propagating through the moving plate] * I
found that it was necessary to make it as close as possible to a faithful sound. R11: When the
sound velocity of the sound that turns the moving plate τ is large, not only the high-pitched
sound (0) but also 萬 l! The town also transforms the ill sound into the fourth, and natural sounds
are not only audible sounds but also high frequency components in the book. If it is used, it is
considered that the sound converted and used exclusively by the town is a book close to natural
or EndPage: 1 and so on. Specifically, the sound to be re-increased is smooth, and the sound
quality is stretched ◎ Conventional Be made of vibration, animal is manufactured by specific
stretch processing or evaporation, and the speed of sound propagating through the diaphragm is
“kjg Not, it has dBe crystal-like, ラ ン ダ ム random directionality in the conventional Be 感動
moving plate, and the speed of sound propagating its vibration g2 is the best even in the book /
1000-1rsoo "/, Oo) d degree. It was found that this invention was made based on the findings of
IIJiJ, and that in Be crystal, when (ooI) .j4L is made 4 <>, the first speed of the wedge transmitted
through the electric plate is improved. The present invention is optical. Therefore, the diaphragm
according to the invention vc is a diaphragm in which the acoustic diaphragm for acoustic use Be
is a king i as a decomposable component, and the Be crystal is characterized mainly in that (ooQ1
is a preferred orientation. This invention is based on the provision of O, which also provides a
method of producing a more favorable peristaltic plate, Be of Beth of the 9.7 staff of #sta be Be
(Jij, 300S-rooU warmth The work to be done by vapor deposition;
According to the moving plate for an acoustic device according to the present invention, the
abundance of the (ooi) direction is large on the conventional Be 夷 side work plate, and the sound
velocity of the sound propagating in the peristaltic plate becomes faster, It becomes smoother,
and the sound quality is enhanced, so that it is possible to obtain a sound close to a natural state.
In addition, according to the invention vc according to the present invention vc, according to the
v and c of the v-excitation plate Vc, it becomes the priority 11 'L [OO1] of Be crystal to be
deposited on the substrate, and the formed light is shone light It will consist of Be crystals with
[OOl] as sheet +, the speed of sound of the sound propagating in the noise will be improved, and
thus the sound will be closer to nature as described above. The invention will be described in
detail in history. According to the present invention, it is clear that the + h base plate according
to the present invention is clear from the embodiment described later, and the Be crystal to be
exposed is a king (it can be b-if it has the orientation of OOt1 orientation. In this case,
conventional B.theta. Yarn resurfacing machines are of course by pressure-locking-finishing, but
of course vapor deposition (even if there is a problem due to wrecking, there are various
orientations, printing 8 '81 IK random, not directional-pure Be originally has an axial orientation
which preferentially grows in the oot 1 direction, but other impurities such as m. And so on,
crystals grow in directions other than the [001] direction under the influence of their four
uniquenesses. Such an intention to lengthen FJi in directions other than the θo / 1 direction is
considerably large even in the presence of vague objects, and is not positive on Be, impurities
and h abundance, and increases in an accelerated manner. Heading on Zo So, once in Be? It was
found that the presence of [θ O 1] of Be crystal: h] of J crystal even if it is less than 9.74, the (J I
31) rotation by the shadow # of Udse O is small. In the case of manufacturing the Bo yarn taking
temporary by # by # or 必要, it is not necessary to have the high temperature Be inside, and the
Be crystal direction is substantially not necessary. It was random. However, when manufacturing
vibration & of B111 N degree of 29.74 or more according to # h-, it is unexpectedly found that
('43 / 1 orientation dot hardly occurs ((oot 1 direction 5 mainly exists C The For this reason, the
amount of trespassing θ 11 of the invention of C is preferably 92.7 + or more, based on the
heavy dust of fried rice as a base dust. Of course, if it is a diaphragm whose Be crystal has a [00
/] orientation as a king, this invention 6N is not determined. Thus, for example, if a suitable
"food" and co-tcB.theta. Are deposited (oot ') orientation or a king, then the slope of B8 is not
critical in this invention.
It is desirable that the ratio of [OO1] orientation to the total crystal plane in the Be orientation of
the Be crystal orientation is preferably at least 屯 ♂04. In such a case, the sound / wood of the
sound propagating in the diaphragm is not fast enough, the island f reproduction area is
narrowed, and the material a is not wrinkled, so that it becomes a center rod for treating the
throat. Most preferably, it is 1oo 4-h 1 Desirable As the other components to be Be and / 1 &-in
the diaphragm according to the present invention (· · can be obtained BIIIIO etc. In the invention
according to the invention, it is preferable that the width of the diaphragm is about / j to ioo μ
groove, but the invention according to C is not particularly limited to K + 4. /! This is because
it is not sufficient at one time for unambered teeth, and one amount is too heavy if it is mixed
with 1003 m. This invention also relates to the method EndPage: 2 for producing such multi-duty
plate, this The method uses a Be ingot of purity Z7 or more as a source and has a royal right to
deposit at a temperature of 300 to 100 ° C. 0 This L beating e Be ingot of purity 29.74 or more
is 88 materials once true ? 博 、 凝固 凝固 凝固 凝固 y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y
y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y ! It can be built. C's KB8 material
genuinely dissolved (II 11! If it is pretreated by the method, BeO in the bath water can be
removed, and the vacuum melting furnace and the furnace can have a large heating power, so
near N order unfamiliarity @ can be removed. The beneficiary of the Be ingot is 99.74 or more,
and the Be ingot is ground and 7A-layered in the above-mentioned manner (the diaphragm
crystal is oriented with the [OO7] orientation as the king). is there. The Be ingot is deposited as a
Be source, but the substrate on which Be should be deposited is basically not limited to the IX
technology, and any substrate may be used so far as it was conventionally used for Be deposition
[the substrate used. For example, Ca, a machine made of monet metal can be used. * When
making this process e # ★, the temperature of the vapor deposition system needs to be 300 to
100 ° C. If the temperature is less than 30 °° C., the obtained product is not light enough in
the skin, and if 100 ° C. is developed, the substrate and Be usually react with each other. . At
this time, it is desirable to preheat the substrate to 3jO <0> C to tro <0> C in advance. If the
substrate temperature is 330 ° C, the vapor-deposited atoms move 〈〈〈〈〈・ が <再 ・ 憧 に
く く に く く に く く に く く に く く に く く OO OO OO OO OO OO OO ts ts ts 7 Because the
base snow and Be react with each other to form an alloy.
It is preferable that the total threading of the 76 yarns is about 10-10 wsHg. In the case of 10
fiHg-A-vortex, the evaporative atoms are kept short, and the distance between the substrate and
the chapter 30 is shortened, and f'L, lf, and one master product and one production will drop.
The equipment ff18 when you io-10 Hg. 1-I) = <a different or high-curved one v? : '! xる。 The
step size and the degree are Be # degrees existing in the gas phase, the core of the vapordeposited yarn, and the degree of repulsion V, but generally it is preferably 1 to 3 μ-. The array
is light with 1 μm / mf: m, but the productivity is good, and since the steaming + temperature
becomes tighter than the recondensing 1 velocity determined by the temperature of the
substrate when it exceeds 3 μm The orientation 1 is badly scolded. Is such a bonding method
basically marketed in this invention? It may be a normal A-space observation method, and may
be a real one, or may be a near-field development method or an active bi-historic method
steaming method. Tongue reactivity # augmentation is virtually true "?" 礪 礪 q 謡 工 工 工 工 匈
工 q q q q q q 体 体 イ オ ン イ オ ン イ オ ン イ オ ン ち ち ち ち ち 5 5 5 ち ち. The following is
an explanation of the treatment. This application example · · · Stop this invention -1? The
substrate is preheated to ≠ 00 ° C, l, fan-beam of KW is inserted, Be # ion is ion-coated, and the
steamed layer on the substrate is thick. The temperature of the skin spreading system was 0 ° C
and the total pressure was 10ymHg. In addition, the steamed mackerel was com m / m. After
setting the size of the Koto layer to 206 m, the substrate was dissolved and removed with HNO,
to produce a diaphragm of 10 Hm. The result of X-diffraction of this manufactured diaphragm is
shown as No. 1 'and 21. FIG. 1 shows the result of the conventional vibration Vt plate, which is
29-% as a Be source 99. It is the case of using an ingot. This is the case where the 4Ai # e Be
ingot is rolled. As apparent from FIG. 2 and FIG. 2, in the diaphragm with this t light, B8 is mainly
distributed in the [OO7] direction, and 1st order is arranged in [011, 21], [Jlλl, [AJ. There is a
large amount of 0 to tlVc at 11- of 10,000-th, and conventional diaphragms, (t3i) direction is->
many, and then [ooi] direction, (442 / 10,000, (2 /, ? 10,000th l! The speed of this system is ll d
速 伝 J J 結果 結果 コ 発 明 、 結果 コ コ コ コ コ コ コ コ コ コ コ コ コ コ コ コ コ コ コ コ コ
I/aであった。 In general, according to this invention according to the invention (the sound
velocity of the sound which is rare in the plate of one bird, 113 θ 00 to 100 μm 300 m / s Fig.
7 Fig. 7 is a graph showing the results of X-ray diffraction of a Be-based diaphragm of a follower,
Fig. 7 shows a graph of Be yarn thread cut-off plate X according to the present invention 1 CL It
is a graph which shows @ east of a diffraction. Application Application Attorneys EndPage: 4
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