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Description 1, title of the invention
The invention relates to a loudspeaker with a voice coil. Conventionally, a speaker having a spiral
voice coil on a thin flat film diaphragm can make the vibration system very lightweight, and thus
can provide excellent high frequency characteristics, but there is a conductor of a spiral voice
film. On the other hand, although it is desirable that the portion without a conductor be as small
as possible in terms of the efficiency of the speaker, the thin 7 inch substrate etching is limited to
about 75 μm or so from the blood of dimensional accuracy. From ls parting, a frequency of
approximately 2 to 5 KH2 is generated and a field normal vibration is generated, and the same
wave formula K is about 6-4 (the unevenness of LB is generated in the frequency characteristic to
generate patterns. there were. The present invention was made to solve the above-mentioned
drawbacks, and the speaker diaphragm lj! It is intended to reduce distortion by increasing the
strength of the diaphragm and reducing the unevenness of one frequency characteristic 07,
while hardly increasing the i wave. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. Fig. 1 shows a cross section of the speaker of the
planar film diaphragm having a spiral voice coil. Fig. 1 shows an ear, a 1ff 7 ear / one diaphragm,
a double spiral voice coil, 6 is a plate. , 4 yokes, 5 balls. In this case, both of the conventional film
J1 moving plate 1's voice coil EndPage: 1'2 are bonded by the bond 6 as shown in 2's meat, but
the portion a (eg, line width 175 μ) with the conductor The strength of the mobile plate is large
in the non-conductor part b (for example, 75μ), so that the frequency characteristic is # 2 to # 5
in the frequency characteristics. Occur. Therefore, as shown in FIG. 6, the film diaphragm of the
present invention is formed by forming a metal vapor deposition film (@) 9 entirely on the entire
surface of the diaphragm, for example, on the other side of the diaphragm 1 opposite to the voice
coil 2. In this case, the metal material to be deposited is preferably aluminum, chromium or the
like, and the thickness of the deposited film 9 is 0.. Very VC thin film compared to IP-1μ and
voice coil (eg t is 20μ 、 for aluminum) and film (eg polyimide film for 12μ thickness), and 9ii
amount of deposited film is less than about 5 質量 of mass of whole diaphragm It has become.
This vapor-deposited film 9 completely forms the diaphragm 1 through the gap IC spacer 7 of
the magnetic circuit shown in FIG. With a decline in However, the metallized film is formed on
the speaker film diaphragm of the present invention, and the increase in mass is less than v5%
and small XAK, and the diaphragm strength is increased in the frequency range of about 2 to 5
KHz The effect is large, and it also has a large effect on the reduction of second and $ 3 harmonic
distortions around about 5 KH2.
Fourth Characteristic Frequency Characteristic Curves of a Loudspeaker Having a Film
Diaphragm Having No Conventional Metal Vapor Deposited Film FIG. The same wave number
(KH 2 l 'r, t is shown on the horizontal axis and the sound pressure is shown on the axis ((5 B 1 is
shown by 1 square), and it is measured at a distance of 1 m with an input 1 w). As shown in FIG.
5, it can be seen that the unevenness of the frequency characteristic is improved by about 2 dB
in the range of 2 to 5 KHz by the addition of the vapor deposition film. Furthermore, about 5 + IB
was improved by distortion to 5KH2. The frequency characteristics of about 2 to 5 xag, greatly
improving distortion
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a main part of a
loudspeaker with a flat film diaphragm, FIG. 4 is the same wave number characteristic of the
conventional speaker, and FIG. 5 is 1 in the drawing of the present invention: fill value mM2:
voice coil = 1! EndPage: 2
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