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Specification, 1, title of the invention
Electro-acoustic transducer and method of manufacturing the same
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an electroacoustic
transducer using a film of a piezoelectric polymer material as a vibrating film and the 114
method, and in particular, providing uniformity to the tension of the vibrating film and
uniformity of curvature. In order to improve the wave number characteristics, In an
electroacoustic transducer that uses a film of a piezoelectric polymer material as a vibrating film,
it is essential to bend the vibrating film in a state where an appropriate tension is given. Since the
film of this piezoelectric polymer material has piezoelectricity to the stress in the film plane, it
has a bent structure and converts the force in one direction perpendicular to the film plane. The
tension applied to this kind of film is necessary in order to obtain a smooth curved structure
without wrinkles on the film surface. A conventional electro-acoustic transducer of this type has
been constructed as shown in FIG. That is, an elastic body 2 having an arc surface on the surface
is housed in a case 1 formed in a U-shape by a rigid body EndPage: 1, and this elastic body 2jK
has electrodes on both sides. Disposing a vibrating film S made of a film of a hydrophobic
polymer material, fixing both ends of the vibrating film 3 to the case 1 and pressing the vibrating
film 3 with the elastic body 2 to make the vibrating film 3 into an arc surface I was making a
turn. According to this configuration, it is difficult to control the curvature of the curved surface
of the vibrating membrane 3 as a circular arc surface, it is difficult to obtain predetermined
characteristics, and the curvature changes due to the elastic change of the elastic body 20. And
tension changes, and it is not stable. In order to eliminate this prior art defect, an electroacoustic
transducer shown in FIG. 2 has recently been developed. In the case shown in FIG. 2, the Ushaped case 5's upper INK and rigid body-shaped frame 6 consisting of a rigid body are curved
in advance, and the diaphragm 6 is attached to this frame 6 It is configured by combining the
configured ones. According to this configuration, since the curvature of the curvature of the
vibrating membrane 6 is determined by the frame 6, the reliability is excellent. However, in order
to make the vibration film 6 inflate with a certain degree of tension without causing the wrinkles
of the vibration H6, there are eight forms in which the vibrating film 6 is tensioned to some
extent, but the tensioning method, in particular uniform tension The curvature of the central
portion of the vibrating film 6 apart from the fixed portion to the frame 6 as shown in FIGS. 8A
and 8B is not equal to the curvature of the frame 60 (indicated by a broken line) due to the
application of K by + t. . If a portion with a different curvature is generated in the> 6 K vibrating
film 6, split resonance is generated, the characteristic is disturbed at a high frequency, and a flat
characteristic can not be obtained.
Further, when wrinkles occur, there is a disadvantage that the sensitivity is lowered. The object of
the present invention is to construct and manufacture an electric sound-to-slip converter having
a water-like configuration as shown in FIG. 2 so as not to cause any inconvenience as shown in
FIG. . That is, the tension of the vibrating membrane 6 is made anisotropic. It is intended to
improve the uniformity of curvature. Specifically, as shown in FIG. 2, the tension in one
circumferential direction B-Be is increased and the tension in the axial direction A-AI is increased
to improve the uniformity of the curvature. Next, an embodiment of a method of manufacturing
an electroacoustic transducer according to the present invention will be described. 414. In the
embodiment shown in FIG. 6, a vibrating film 6 made of a film of a flat plate-like piezoelectric
polymer material in which an electrode is applied by vapor deposition or the like to a single plate
frame 5 SK jifi surface before bending is adhered with an adhesive. Ru. In this bonding step, in
order to make the tension of the vibrating film 6 anisotropic, the tension in the axial direction AAI is made strong and the tension in the 1-circle li1 direction B-Be is weakened, and the
diaphragm 6 is adhesively bonded to the frame 8. After attaching the vibrating membrane 6 to
the frame 6 in this manner, the vibrating membrane 6 is cut to a predetermined size, and this is
shown in FIG. 6 using the jig 7 having an arc surface on the MKi plane. Make When the thickness
of the frame 6 is large, the tension in the circumferential direction B-Be changes largely due to
bending, but in this case, the tension I-6 in the circumferential direction B-Be is further weakened
in advance in the frame 6 Bond it. In addition, the tension of 1 yen l ITJ direction BB 'is so weak
that vibration film 8KL does not occur even after bending processing, and the tension of axial
force direction A-A / is as follows: circle 117i direction B-B Depending on the purpose, it is
selected in the range of a creeping membrane temperature of 6 ° or less and a tension several
times or more of the tension. tた。 As another embodiment, the vibrating membrane 6 may be
adhesively bonded to the frame 6 which has been curved to a predetermined curvature in
advance, as described above, with an anisotropy in tension. According to the above, according to
the electro-acoustic transducer of the present invention and the method for producing the same,
the vibrating film maintains a predetermined curvature, and uniformity of the curvature is
measured, thereby preventing generation of split resonance and achieving high frequency. As a
result, it is possible to make the same wave number characteristics flat and eliminate the
occurrence of wrinkles, and to measure the sensitivity t. It has the advantage of being able to be
productive and has a large industrial value.
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a conventional electroacoustic transducer, and FIG. 2 EndPage:
FIG. 2 is an example of a recently developed electroacoustic transducer and an embodiment of
the electroacoustic transducer of the present invention. The perspective view which shows, 3 and
FIGS. 3A and 3B are explanatory views showing the inconvenient state of the vibrating
membrane of the same transducer, and FIG. 4 is a perspective view of one step showing the
manufacturing and fabrication method of the electroacoustic transducer of the present invention.
FIG. 6 is a cross-sectional view of the other process. 4 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
vibrating membrane 1, 7 · · · · · bending jig. Name of agent Attorney Nakao Toshio others 1
master-1 Figure 3 A, B Lolo U) faction EndPage: 3
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