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Description ■, the name of the invention
Method of processing titanium diaphragm for microphone
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of processing a
microphone diaphragm, particularly a titanium diaphragm used for a condenser microphone, etc.,
and is effective for minimizing stability and improving stability over time. 2.) Aging of a vibrating
membrane can be described as a change in resonant frequency and sensitivity, but as its first
point. To the diaphragm that is clamped to the microphone case. The machine distortion of the
case and clamping element and the creep of the vibrating membrane itself act in combination.
Conventionally, heat treatment at about 200 ° C. for about 5 hours has been performed to
eliminate such obstacles, and considerable results have been obtained. The second mark, the
material of the diaphragm itself, hardness. It is to change gradually from the time of rolling
manufacture. Usually, the vibrating membrane is made to have a required thickness by rolling, so
that the change over time occurs even after the final resonance frequency is determined due to
the rolling streaks and other rolling strains. In order to minimize this problem, the present
invention heats the vibrating membrane rolled to the required thickness. Increase the extension
force on the extension. In other words, it is characterized in that the hardness is made extremely
high. The drawing shows the process of the present invention, and an electric flow air furnace 2
is heated for about 30 minutes at about 400 ° C. in an appropriate heating furnace 3 as a twoply stack of pure titanium material 1 as a two-ply to maintain temperature uniformity. Then leave
it naturally in the atmosphere. During this natural standing, the surface oxidizes and turns to
gold. The vibrating film thus subjected to high temperature treatment has a very small timedependent change due to rolling strain, and after clamping as a microphone, the stability can be
remarkably improved by performing conventional heat treatment as well. EndPage: 1
4. Brief description of the drawings The drawings show the process of the present invention.
Patent Assignee: Rion Co., Ltd. National Acoustics Laboratory EndPage: 2
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