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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an embodiment of a
conventional sound generator, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of an embodiment of the sound
generator of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a piezoelectric buzzer of the present invention.
FIG. 4 is a side view of an embodiment of the present invention and FIG. 10 · · · Piezoelectric
ceramic vibrator, 20 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · electrode lead wire, 50 · · · · ·
· Circuit, 60 ..... Case. Correction A 52.6. 17
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is directed to a piezoelectric
bushing used for a piezoelectric ceramic vibrator V sounding body. Nowadays, piezoelectric
buzzers using a piezoelectric ceramic vibrator as a sound generator in place of electromagnetic
buzzers are increasingly used as alarms and signals in various electronic devices. Compared to
electromagnetic cushions, piezoelectric cushions are thin and light in weight with a sound
generator made of a piezoelectric ceramic vibrator and a diaphragm such as a metal plate
bonded to each other. (B) It is possible to adjust various blue colors depending on the
combination condition with the path, and in general, it is possible to use a simple electric circuit
as a pivoting circuit in a piezoelectric ceramic vibrator having good electrical conversion
efficiency and good electric conversion efficiency. It is sufficient to provide an Ii unit in
accordance with the natural resonance frequency of the sounding body, and it has become
possible to obtain a relatively miniaturized version as a buzzer unit in which the sounding body
and the drive surrounding are combined. By the way, the miniaturization of the conventional
piezoelectric bushing has been mainly achieved by, for example, the miniaturization and
integration of six parts which use the tola motion 1 path 0 size reduction j11 ′ ′ riot 1 path
“°”. Also, a large number of disc-shaped sounding elements are used, whose main component
is a pressure * S unit vibrator. If this sounding body is to be miniaturized, that is, a sounding body
with a small outer diameter is used, There is a drawback that the natural resonance frequency
moves to a high 10,000 and becomes a highly stimulable metallic sound which is not preferred
as a general alarm and a sound of a signal generator. Therefore, in the case of a piezoelectric
ceramic vibrator that generates an image frequency sound of about IKHz, the outer diameter is
about 55φ, and the miniaturization thereof is a problem. FIG. 1 is a #) view of the sounding body
used in one embodiment of the conventional piezoelectric bushing, in which 1 is a piezoelectric
ceramic vibrator, 2 is a metal plate, and 3 is an electrode. )belongs to. 4.4 is an electrode read
line. Also, since the natural resonance frequency of the sounding body is inversely proportional
to the square of the diameter of the disk-like sounding body and proportional to the thickness,
the outer diameter is made smaller to increase the natural resonance frequency. As a result, it
becomes very thin C to the extent that it is difficult to handle, and loses the precision polishing
process, and the manufacturing cost of the sound-producing body rises, which has realized a ring
defect. In addition, if the metal plate that is used by bonding with the piezoelectric ceramic
vibrator in the sounding body is thinned, the shape of the sounding body is miniaturized because
it shifts to the vibration mode or high frequency specific pregnancy moving band. In general, it
has been difficult and difficult to keep the natural resonance frequency at an audible sound of
about IKHz which is easy to hear. The present invention aims at providing a compact, efficient,
inexpensive piezoelectric browser that emits a low irritating audible sound while determining the
turtle point vs. the above-mentioned point.
Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the sound generating body of the piezoelectric visor according to
one embodiment of the present invention, 10 is a piezoelectric ceramic vibrator having a
substantially fan shape, 20 is a metal plate, 50 is an electrode, and 40.40 is an electrode lead (1)
wire. It is. Fig. 5 shows 1tfIl & l! 91 is a cross-sectional view of a piezoelectric buzzer formed
using a sounding body, in which 50 is a drive circuit including an oscillator, 60 is a case, and 70
° 70 is a lead wire. That is, the present invention is characterized in that the sounding body is
constituted by using the piezoelectric ceramic vibrator 10 having a substantially fan shape, as
compared with the conventional disk-like one. The shape of the disk-shaped metal plate 20 to be.
And non-similar shapes. The sounding body of the present invention is a large number of subresonances where the mechanical Q at the natural resonance frequency becomes large. ! -It
becomes easy to start up, and high-order resonances also occur, resulting in y-fault F ( Here, the
sound producing body is further added to the case of the gold plate 200 and the case 60 and
added by 5 to obtain the actual device 7, whose natural resonance frequency is reduced by 11: 1
compared to the visual end beat, for example, IkHz oscillation The sound generator is driven by
the output of the drive circuit 50 including an oscillation circuit having a frequency. In the
embodiment of the present application, the one with an outer diameter of 18φ is used as a
sounding body, and the number of 7 characteristic common & frequency is 5K)! In z, the fixed
peripheral frequency is used, in particular, the natural (4) resonance frequency of 25 KHz, and
this is driven at the excitation frequency of IK H 2. The characteristic of the frequency
distribution of the sound pressure level of the sounding body in this case will be shown in FIG. 4,
that is, it is apparent from FIG. 4 that the generated sound has a frequency component in the
audible range from IKHz to 10KHz, One of! The wave number phases interfere with each other,
and the timbre is a noise sound and a mixed sound resembling those of the electromagnetic
buzzer. This clever mixed sound is pure sound and soft soft "," with high jIil # IL number "? "It is
less irritating, and aurally it looks like it's a frequency response-it is not accepted as a lower-wave
sound. In this case, although the sound pressure level of each frequency component is small, the
sum of the sound pressure levels in the entire audible range is large, and the volume of the sound
volume is sufficient. By using a sound generator with a disk-shaped piezoelectric ceramic vibrator
having an inherent resonance frequency of 1KH1 conventionally, the outer diameter of the sound
generator was 55φ, but the sound generator of an outer diameter of 18φ approximately 1/3.
The same IKHz excitation frequency 12wJ times jIv is used, and the power consumption is also 1
(j) 12v (about 1 m per person, when using a Daqing sounding body, or compared with an
electromagnetic buzzer) It can be small. Here, it is possible to easily obtain, for example, an
approximately O-shaped piezoelectric ceramic nacreator to be used in the present invention by
dividing it into four disk-shaped piezoelectric ceramic vibrators v4 to 6 and dividing them into
equal parts.
As described above, according to the configuration of the present invention, it is possible to
reduce the large diameter, that is, the outer diameter of the sounding body which is the main
component of the piezoelectric zoom, and the mode dynamic power is also relatively small. Since
the dynamic circuit can also be miniaturized and a small-sized piezoelectric bushing can be
formed, it has the effect of widening the application to each of the 11 electron Im spinal cords of
the small ratt which could not have been predicted conventionally, and a shield shape Since the
piezoelectric vibrator of the present invention uses several existing disk-like ones, the material
cost is also reduced by a factor of several, and as a whole piezoelectric buzzer together with the
miniaturization of the pivot circuit described above The effect of reducing costs is also low, and
since Yayoi sound is a low-frequency mixed sound with low stimulability, it is an extremely
highly practical device such as (6) which is widely used as a general alarm device and signal
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