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Specification L name of the invention 7 tI force,-range of plate & special f tilj ice (1), heat-sealed
thermoplastic resin on the surface to heat-seal the entire foamed area t-tack It relates to a
diaphragm for a slider made by the above method, and a diaphragm for a linear force
characterized by using a metal foam for the g support plate. For this purpose, it is
straightforward to use a diaphragm which is light and hard in nature. That is, it is more
advantageous for P-sita ratio E and mass P to be larger as V-A is more advantageous for this
purpose from the point where the metal such as aluminum, titanium, beryllium or the like has a
small whistle. It is necessary to maintain the bending strength over a large area C for use in the
low to mid-range range, which has a large aperture diameter, and is used for the diaphragm of
the slider. Because of this, it is necessary to increase the thickness of the diaphragm, so that the
mass boost port is large 9 as the whole diaphragm, and this is 0 た め to apply the light chain of
aluminum, titanium, beryllium etc. It had become. On the other hand, as a method of applying
these light metals to a large diameter # 1 * temporary of a large diameter, Barl OW devised a
foamed synthetic resin, a damping material, a light metal such as aluminum, and a suntist
structure. However, these also do not completely indicate the nature of the metal. Foam metal is
a metal porous body made by foaming metal and is a material having a large porosity. The
porosity of this product is 90 to 98%, which is very large, and it is possible to obtain a product
having a pore size of 0.08177φ to 3uφ. Therefore, this foam metal can produce a metal plate
having a very low density as compared with the prior art, and is extremely effective as a
diaphragm for a slider. In the following, i) f: 紬 is read out without reference to the drawings.
EndPage: 1 Fig. 1 shows an example of a diaphragm made by using a plating metal I4, in which
(1) is a foam metal and (2) is a surface layer made of resin etc., +3 fl * l'l! A surface layer (contact
layer 413 for bonding two pieces) to the surface of the metal (1). 'I, being porous and generally
air-permeable to the holes, it is necessary to make the air-permeable in order to be used as a
speaker diaphragm. This is the reason why the surface no. FII is provided in the structure of FIG.
Therefore, it is a necessary condition that the nature of the surface layer is not ii1 temperament.
The invention proposes the use of thermoplastic plus decks in this surface layer. That is, by
placing a thermoplastic plastic sheet on a foamed splint plate and applying heat from the
thermoplastic urethane sheet side, it is possible to fill the vent holes of the foamed metal.
FIG. 2 shows an example of a method of molding the diaphragm for a speaker according to the
present invention, wherein the metal foam (6) and the heat plastic plastic sheet are placed
between the concave mold (4) and the heating convex mold (5). H7) is made so that the sheet is
on the side heat convex mold side. There is no air permeability of the foam metal-I, as a method i,
apply a coating solution or a method of using a adhesive to seal the surface material, etc. It is
very difficult to apply the spinner of the present invention uniformly on the foam metal, and it is
not easy to create a uniform vibrating body by this. However, according to the speaker
diaphragm of the present invention, the ideal speaker vibrator can be machined in terms of
rigidity and mass, and moreover, it can be processed into uniform characteristics over the entire
single-line copying body.
4. Brief description of the drawings shows an embodiment of the present invention, the first
factor is a partial mr plan view showing the structure of a speaker vibrating body using gold
foam pA, FIG. 2 shows a speaker vibrating body according to the present invention It is
explanatory drawing which shows the method for shape | molding. Explanation of fixation (4):
concave mold, (5): convex mold for heating, +6): foam metal, (7): thermoplastic. 112 figure
procedure correction book (spontaneous) June 23, 1977 Chief Patent Office Destructor
Katayama Ishibe 7 7, 21 case display Showa patent application No. 4819756, person who makes
correction Patent applicant's address Moriguchi City Keihanki Name: 2nd Street, 18th Name:
(188) Representative of Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Representative: Iekei Contact: Telephone (Tokyo)
835-1111 Patent Sepha-Representative Kamata 4, Target of Correction
In order to reproduce a faithful sound in a sneaker, it is desirable that the vibration of the
diaphragm, which is a vibrating body of a single force, be as wide as possible within a wide
Detailed Description Field of the Invention EndPage: 25, Description of correction In this
specification, page 2 line 14 is corrected as follows. As for "the foaming metal which is a thing
and its manufacturing method, it is detailed in Japanese Patent Publication No.47-10524. The
porosity of this foam metal is very thick 9 [J ~ 9] EndPage: 3
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