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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS In the drawings, FIG. 1 is an operation view of a
conventional cartridge of this type, FIG. 2 is an operation view according to the present
invention, and FIGS. 3 and 4 are layout explanatory views of two embodiments of the present
invention. It is. In the figure, 1 is a cantilever, 2 is an armature, 3 is an element, 4 is a needle tip,
and 5 is a projecting piece.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention can transmit the signal from
the record groove as faithfully as possible ('), 5) -1') c "2" to the element, and in this case, It is a
proposal of a cartridge for a pink amplifier which is improved in temperature characteristics by
making the core different and clear without using rubber in the transmission path. First, in the
first Iff, these are the principle diagrams of the conventional piezoelectric type (ceramic)
cartridge, or the operation is as follows: when the needle tip is moved from 27 points to 14
points at the time of record reproduction, 1 and a point Q7 on the central axis of the cantilever 1
at a point located at a distance from the fulcrum 0 to a (that is, the length of the ridge contacting
the armature) from 94 The effective displacement amount δ7 which contributes to the power
generation of the cartridge or the displacement of the cartridge is Q) δ, -asin θ-,--------------- On
the other hand, the ineffective displacement amount d, which does not contribute to power
generation but rather causes various distortions, d-a-aoOsθ 1--(+2)! It is given by-. However, in
practical operation, the contact between the cantilever and the loom is not the central axis of the
cantilever but the outer periphery. That is, in the practical operation, the point at which the outer
periphery of the cantilever I contacts the armature is the point R7. When the needle tip moves
from P to 27 and P to 2 from 27 points, the R7 point moves to the R2 point. At that time,
assuming that the effective displacement a2 is r, the radius of the cantilever l is .delta.2.sup. ++
a.sub.s.theta.-1r-r cos.theta.)------(J) The ineffective displacement d is (3) a2 = a + rsin .theta. --------(#) Therefore, the effective displacement amount a7 and the ineffective displacement amount d7
on the central axis of the cantilever I, and the effective displacement amount a4 and the
ineffective displacement amount d4 on the outer periphery of the cantilever I are respectively In
comparison, δl-o, -asinθ-(asinθ = (r-rcosθ) to: rj /-cosθ)---------------(S) cartridge In the case of
θ-d, because of the nature of, it is in a state of not playing a record, so in this case, the equation
(5) is always satisfied. δ7> Li------------------------(&) d + 1-dl-1 h + rsin O-aso θ 1-(a- acosO)-rsin6-------------------(7) Again, as in the case of equation (5), the time of θ-O If you ignore it, you always
satisfy the equation.
←) Jd u> d,---------(t) (4), (ff) In practical operation, the effective displacement amount δ7 at the
central axis of cantilever 1 is The effective displacement amount a4 of the outer peripheral
portion of l: not necessarily larger, the ineffective kMd of the central axis of the cantilever l, the
letter 1,-,-, -4 must always be larger than the ineffective displacement amount d of the outer
peripheral portion It becomes small. In particular, when the displacement amount of the needle
tip becomes large (in the case of playing a large amplitude record) and when the outer diameter
of the cantilever 1 becomes large, the difference becomes large. Since the effective displacement
amount at the same needle tip displacement amount is larger than the displacement amount
contributing to the power generation of the cartridge, the output voltage can be increased with
the same compliance, and the ineffective displacement amount is conversely Because the
displacement (3), which does not contribute to power generation, is large, the loss increases and
causes various distortions, such as causing distortion. Here, considering the operation of the
configuration shown in FIG. 2, the plane CG orthogonal to the central axis of the cantilever is
displaced to the CGn + 4aG 'plane if the cantilever is displaced by f. Therefore, if CG = a, the
effective displacement is δ-asinθ ineffective displacement (s d = a-acos θ, which is the same as
the displacement of the central axis of the first II, and the ineffective displacement decreases.
Based on the above viewpoints, the present proposal proposes the following two examples. First,
in FIG. 3, l indicates a cantilever, y (shun)-indicates an armature, and 3.3 indicates an element,
and the substantially circular armature on the cantilever 1 with the needle tip 1 attached thereto
is almost on the axis of the cantilever 1 While attaching orthogonally, almost <4! The angular
intervals of (5) are attached to attach the projections 5, 5 and the cartridge is assembled such
that the projections S, 5 are brought into contact with the surfaces of the elements 3, 3. These
projections 5. In the second embodiment shown in FIG. 9 in which the side to which S is attached
is reversed, in this example, the projecting pieces S, S are adhered to the surface of the element
3.3, and the projecting pieces S, S The free ends are respectively brought into contact with the
surface of the armature coup, and in both of the above embodiments, it is also considered to
apply a thin elastic layer to the contact surfaces of the projecting pieces S, S if necessary (7) . The
following effects can be obtained with the cartridge having the above configuration. That is, l)
Since there is little useless movement, the signal from the record groove can be faithfully
transmitted to the element through the needle tip and cantilever. 2) Since it is not necessary to
use rubber (it is very thin even if it is used) in the transmission passage which transmits the
signal from cantilever to the element, the signal can be transmitted faithfully.
3) Since a thin wire can be used for the armature, the elasticity of the wire can be used to obtain
a large degree of compliance of the needle point, and at the same time, no rubber is used, so that
the temperature characteristics can be improved. (r)
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