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Description 1, title of the invention
Sound reproduction device
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a sound reproduction
apparatus for listening in a relatively narrow room such as the interior of a car. FIG. 1 shows a
conventional automobile sound reproducing apparatus, 1 being a car, 2 and 3 being front and
rear seats disposed in the base of the car 1, 4a. 4 b is a speaker arranged at the rear of the rear
seat 3, and 6 is a steering wheel. When a stereo signal of 2 channels each is applied to the
speakers 4a and 4b shown in FIG. 1 and listened in the vehicle compartment, the sound field is
limited to the range A shown by the broken line and n1 I did not hesitate. In general, when a
person listens to a sound emitted from a sound source, an acoustic energy density ratio between
a direct sound reaching the ear directly from the sound source and an indirect sound reflected
from the sound source n reflected by the floor or wall and reaching the ear Thus, the distance to
the sound source is determined, and when the indirect sound is small, the sound source is felt
close and when the indirect sound increases, the sound source is felt far. When listening in a
small room such as car ice shown in FIG. 1, the distance between the speaker and the listener is
short and the delay time of the indirect sound is short, so there is little substantial indirect sound,
so FIG. 1 I felt the sound field in the narrow range shown in A. The present invention eliminates
the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks, and EndPage: 1 or less r An embodiment of the
present invention will be described with reference to FIGS. 2 and 3. In FIG. 2, the same parts as in
FIG. 1 are given the same reference numerals. A speaker 6 is disposed at the front of the cabin of
the car. Next, the electric circuit of the sound reproducing apparatus of the present invention will
be described with reference to FIG. In FIG. 3, ya-, 7b are input terminals, 8a. 8b and 8'c are
amplification circuits, and "ea, 9b is a leaving device, and the left and right stereo signals are
applied to the respective reverberation devices sa and 9b, and reverberation is added. Generate a
signal. This reverberation device 9a, eb. For example, it can be constituted by a delay circuit
(delay time ?m 5 ec и ?20 m (8)) and a feedback circuit which feeds back the ░ output of this
delay circuit to the input terminal. A subtractor 1o applies reverberation signals from the
reverberators 9a and sb to the subtractor 1o to extract the component of the difference between
the reverberation signals. This difference component is applied to the phase shifter 11. The
phase shifter 11 generates two outputs that are in-phase in the low band and in anti-phase in the
high band, and these two outputs are added by the adders 12a and 12b. It is a thing. ????
13b is an adder [adder, the above reverberation device 9a. The reverberation signal 9b is added
to the left and right channels by the adders 13a and 13b.
The adder 14 adds reverberation signals of the reverberators 9a and 9b in reverse phase in the
adder 14 and emits indirect sound from the speaker 6 through the amplifier 8C. As described
above, in the above embodiment, the three types of sound are emitted, and the listener emits a
direct sound and an indirect sound while emitting a sound corresponding to the difference signal.
The speaker is felt far away and the expansion of the sound field is felt. The reverberation
component is included in the normal 2-channel program source as well, and the difference signal
between the left and right stereo signals has many reverberation components. In the above
embodiment, this reverberation component is also reproduced, so the sound field spreading
effect Is an increase. When listening in a wide room, various indirect sounds with different
phases are heard. In order to obtain the same listening state as in such a wide room, in the above
embodiment, The phase shifter 11 is used. In the case where the circuit shown in FIG. 3 is
applied to the car audio reproducing apparatus shown in FIG. 2, the speakers 4a and 4b. Sounds
as if they are at R, R 'and F respectively, and the sound field is expanded to the range shown by
A'. The arrangement of the speakers is not limited to the arrangement shown in FIG. 2. The
arrangement of the speakers may be reversed, or may be arranged in front of the three speakers,
and the effect of the expansion of the sound field is possible even with the arrangement of the
ponds. Is the one to get. Further, the device of the present invention is not limited to the one for
automobiles, and can be used as a sound reproducing device used in a relatively narrow room. As
apparent from the above embodiments, according to the present invention, a wide sound field
can be obtained even when listening in a relatively narrow room. , ...
4, brief description of the drawing ,,. FIG. 3 is a schematic view of the apparatus applied to a car,
and FIG. 3 is a block diagram of a sound reproduction apparatus according to an embodiment of
the present invention. 4a, 4b, es... Speaker, ya, yb... Input terminal, 8a, 8b, 8c... Amplifier circuit
9a. 9b иииииииииии Reverberation device, 10 ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Adder. Name of Agent Attorney
Nakao and 1 other EndPage: ?
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