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、, ll 11 明 11 明 name ク ロ ス crosstalk component cancellation circuit 3 in the angle
modulated wave signal transmission line, the detailed description of the invention The present
invention relates to the angle modulation e, crosstalk component cancellation circuit in the signal
transmission line The crosstalk component from the modulation wave signal to the break P4 of
the instantaneously connected channel included in the angle modulation wave signal of the
desired channel among the plurality of angle modulation wave signals subjected to V modulation
by separate modulation No. ll- The above-mentioned 1 l l-channel angle-modulated wave 1 g
mixed with the angle-modulated wave signal of this desired channel to cancel, the anglemodulated o R flight level of the earth distribution n-channel is zero or miserable By applying the
sign to a multi-channel record speed circuit by making sure not to lose trade-off when it is small,
the crosstalk characteristic cancellation circuit that can improve the crosstalk characteristic all
times. The whole object of the present invention is to provide. There are a plurality of angle
summers a11 e which are L modulated into separate modulation signals, and as a signal
transmission path, for example, a multi-channel difference signal transmission system which is
self-recorded by 6 channels in a multichannel / channel record . In multichannel / channel
record, multi-channel audio signals are arranged as sum signal and 斧 signal, and angle
modulation is performed with difference 1 g as history 'c' and the angle modulated wave signal
obtained is directly taken as temporary remarks A large number of items are recorded on one
side wall of V next to 0. Because of this, the recording system of the multi-channel record and the
reproduction yarn have two cross talks between the angle modulated wave signals of both sound
groove walls. In this case, the angle of the angle modulated wave signal is changed to generate a
mutual band. In the plurality of angled rhombus A wave signal transmission paths as described
above, if the desired channel / ft fft angle modulation wave signal has a crosstalk J ratio from the
instantaneous channel, intermodulation as described above Distortion occurs, causing distortion
in the horizontal slope output. Therefore, in order to reduce this distortion component, it is
conceivable to control the level of the tone signal of the angle modulated wave signal in
accordance with the envelope of the angle modulated wave signal.発 明 @ i invention invented.
However, in such a method of reducing the crosstalk component in the demodulator, it is not
easy for each station to completely eliminate the crosstalk component. In addition, in the
transmission where the power of the angle modulated wave 1 digit is turned off / off to the work
9 of the demodulator of the regenerative illumination / alteration ai 11 of the multichannel /
channel record, in the prior art There is a problem that the crosstalk% note of the angle
modulated wave signal is deteriorated @ (at the start of playing a multi-channel record) when the
human power of the earthquake A slope signal is turned off from off to load.
Therefore, in the waiting application on the same date as the present application, the nonapplicant deciphers the angle modulated wave signal that says one crossing factor, and cancels
the crosstalk component before A 瑛 and the desired channel And U of the channel that is
momentarily touching, when the wave ex angle 1 harmonic wave number of the channel is zero
or is small, it is Miyamachi to be an angle modulated wave wave number 1 g of the desired
channel / channel. Eliminating the generation output of the envelope detection signal used to
cancel the stalk component Eri, the problem of self-conclusion can be determined Cough-I made
a proposal. Fig. g1 is a cross-talk component hit in the temporary use modulation slope signal
transmission line which will be the ground of the applicant of this Honda. In the figure, “l” is a
desired channel / channel <L5 +, −v is a channel of “n”, “g” is a% 4 channel number 1a
number input terminal, “2” is a channel spoiling a channel that is in contact with unspeak A
variable tAt counter signal input terminal. In the input terminal 1 (· an angle modulated wave
signal (hereinafter also referred to as an uncorrected signal) S □ of an irregular channel coming
into contact with it, the angle f adjustment (n of the other (i In the following, it is assumed that a
part of (SBSB) m is used as crosstalk, which is also referred to as f instantaneous teggin unle
signal. One-page cha / channel signal SB is twice amplified and extracted by the terminal 3 when
the input level is higher than the storehouse input level. Therefore, KSB 1B is generated at the
connection point (a) between the pain and the output side of the device 3 and the output 狽 1j of
the phase inverter 4 and one end of the resistor R6 and the later At the connection point (b) with
the input end of the opening J variation damping # 5, the -KSR 1B is generated. Here, the input
terminal l is connected to the other end of the above resistance ratio, one end of the resistance
'59' 51'7, and the main channel 1 signal output terminal 9 through the resistance ratio. The
connection point between the resistor 1 and the resistors R2 and f-4 is denoted by (R). In
addition, the other end of 3 R3 is connected to the input 1jIllK of DJ variation 5. Now 14.
Assuming that <kL2, Le, (The impedance of the sharp point is approximately R1, but the signal
KSB is divided by the resistance of 7L and the 1g number divided by the valley resistance value
of R42 and divided by α, αKS (As it happens, it occurs at the mark point. In part (b), the
extinction g is the attenuation weight of the oJ variable attenuator 5, the resistance ratio, and the
valley resistance of the R3 plus 1 division ratio β, J It is divided and occurs at the point (c) as a
signal of one βK1, SB.
2.) Since the main channel No. S □ containing a crosstalk component of δSB at this point (C) has
almost all resistance, and of course, there is a voltage V at point (C). In the following equation. ■
o = SA + δSB + αKSB-βKLISB = SA + (δ + α 1 βK1) 5B (1) The signal KSB at point (a) is
divided by R5 and divided into R5 and supplied to the envelope selector 6 It is supplied to a part
of the input terminal of the voltage ratio softener 8 by the envelope MI detection. Similarly, (B) KS of point b is a resistance 1 (16j ratio, 0 min at a certain rate, envelop taste, nl supplied to the
effect unit 7 where envelope detection is performed and a 1-voltage comparator 8 Is supplied to
the other input terminal of -10,000, above "voltage". It is divided and added. Accordingly, the
screw pressure d at the point (d) 2 is represented by the following equation, and the voltage ve at
the point <e) is represented by the following equation n. ここで、とおくと、となる。 Therefore,
Vd = rKsB + (1-r) Vo (61 ve−one γ KSB + (1−γ) vc (71) when substituted into the equations
(4), (5) 弐 k + 2) and (3). (6) Expression (7) is largely converted into expression (1) 弐 '(ilsubstituting V). When all the data are erased, the voltages vd and ve are expressed by the
following equation: 0Vd = (1-.gamma.) SA "((1-r) (. Delta. +. Alpha..beta.KL) + rK) SBt81ve" (1-r) SA
"((1- r) (δ + α to 1 β K L)-r K J s B t 91 above; ffEVd, Veflffl # + 1 IJpal device 6.7KjV princess
flow, and package kI 巌 transversely delivered to voltage ratio softener 8 level comparison here
where voltage generated by amplification of these 祇 is generated Is applied to the C'Jf reducer 5
as a control voltage for total control. Here, if there is crosstalk between the mantissa milked milk
anti-A modified 1S, the envelope modulation of the angular modulation a and sweet acid ↑ S of
the signal and the crosstalk component is compared with the angle amount of both modulations,
To change. Therefore, when comparing a signal with less crosstalk weight and a larger signal
with each other, a person who is a crosstalk fireflies has a large variation in envelope taste, and
thus, rising! The output of a variety of pots such as 6, 7 and so on when the length of time for
beans is longer than 10,000 hours is longer than 10,000 hours. It becomes a human DC output.
The 1-voltage comparator 8 has a name vd1. /) Make the human body part of the envelop taste
of the big M key and signal ve in your own space soft and all level ratio soft, and if vd> ve, the
destruction of the mouth 1 summer 拭 5 becomes small Let's create a filij?
Output 0 As a result, when the peak name or the change in the envelope taste of the envelope of
the name No. d and the signal ve is the same -V, the operation of the circuit is added at zero. B
EndPage: The pressure ratio softener 8 and = 'J change reduction unit 5 are operated to reduce
the difference to n1δ + α so that change amounts of the third value or the envelope-like change
become equal. This VC eli, (The angle modulated wave signal at the point of the mark is output
from the output terminal 9 by the crosstalk 7i of the cross-talk 7i. Partly, when the momentary
channel signal coming in to the input terminal 2 becomes small or small, the output of the
differential pressure ratio 蝦 # 8 is not generated. The envelope function 66.7 and the tIL lf
comparator 8 are When configured, the variable reducer 5 is deactivated. At this time, the
resistance value of the resistance kL5 and the first straight line of the IJT 5 are set to be equal to
the resistance R2. In this case, when the human power of the J: v% modulation table modulation
his signal is turned off particularly from off (for example, when playing a multi-channel record)
VCS crosses the plate angle A he signal of the hope channel of the VCS. B can be added to
prevent components from being added. Therefore, it is difficult to add 2 to the value of the Loe
transformation reduction device 5 for collection and 2 for any fixed value. For example Loe f:
Decreasing seeds 5 ff-Effect transistor (FET) Using JP 53-732906 (4), its drain and source are
connected to a resistance point, connected to a connection point (, b), and output signal t gate of pressure ratio l l Supply drain drain noise of FET, (RD8), when it is configured to change Rie, the
output 4 pressure of the pressure ratio ratior 8 is set to Li kLi) 8 + it, = hill, I will do my best to
get in on the inside. "This is the second time with Kate ・ North of the FET (VG 8) and R 98, but
with the second attack, it has a quick response, and the included resistance is 此. -1 (,, K where
vGS is vGS2), the gate-to-source screw pressure V. s2: FET-f: ((Consequently, even if the
surrounding weave is different, it has (4). This is because the value of 82 will be k. It is the same
even if it uses a bipolar transistor instead of u, iT, and further straight line '# L alveolar stomach
rate Hf. Instability of temple occurs. The present invention is a shoulder-dog version of the above
problem, and the -dm example will be described with reference to FIG. 3 below. FIG. 3 shows a
circuit thread pile of the geocentric force of the circuit of the present invention. In the figure, the
same parts as those in FIG. 1 are denoted by the same reference numerals, and the description
thereof will be omitted.
The resistor R2 and the resistor 二 are divided into a dog resistor '2aIR2b and a resistor R5a *'
6b, and the collector of the seven wax points vLCPNP transistor lr2 and the collector of the NPN
transistor Trs are dusty. トランジスタI”r2. The base of the Tr, is the m pillow. The output
'rolling pressure of the one-pressure comparator 8 is all-valved to the resistor R8 and is
photoelectrically transferred to the capacitor C, and its likelihood pressure is 伽 仇 R ·. And the
transistor IJ: lr2. C is applied to the base of "Il" r3. Now for resistance 3J8. Assuming that the
value of the point (h) at the point where the point S falls on the point S, and the point C of the
capacitor C is positive, the transistor “fr2 is turned off, and 1 j resistance 1 direct k L2 a + 1 (,
21) n The resistance of the transistor Tr is 1%, and the collector-emitter l ′ ′ dJ of the
transistor 3 is a resistance 1 resistance, since the base current is overwhelmed by the resistance.
とlる。 Therefore, the output angle-modulated wave 1 Lu of the phase IX gain 4 is a resistance
几, 6 and 1 。. According to V divided r1 and further resistance R38 through the resistance of
the test channel signal of the human power terminal lLv and that OC is a signal at (C) point when
the pressure is reduced to the hidden pressure, resistance 0 (h) means that it becomes a large
cocoon which is equivalent to L or L. It is the cons of the shell of the fish as it is easy to do with
the above and coworkers.坏 山 1d is a temple 11 mountain body size 5 (= '5' a + 几 5 b) プ 「し
て 布 置 チ ャ ン ネ ル g g 混 − ま た ま た 槽 槽, tank i business life 3 output Shunky チ ャ cha /
Nell · No. 16 is one song like the second R2 Eri also become a person who has become a straight
forward body and the speed 布 に 速 に 速 速 速 速 信号 ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル. In part (h) the
point crying 7 Ji 岑 or the image of a small small ore, the transistor 1 1 r 2 t-pr, the transistor f 1
L is also turned off, so transistor d rr 2 t ll 'r' ,,)) Colette-Emitter series is combined into one and
becomes one heaven, and the combined output forceps of the platform 1 bite 3 and the
conspiracy doctor 4 are body R2 (-m, a + Hr, b), i仇 R, (= Wsa′′sb) k5 + d and d = 16−5 points
(can be compared with those connected to り. Therefore, if you set the resistance R2 and the
eyebrow of the resistance to the same eye in advance, C, Adjacent Channel Adnomist's power
level is miserable at the small father level, you can use Output l! The quadruple-channel signal
and this output signal from the phase inverter 4 with a phase difference of 180 ° and the end
panel: 4 signals are to be mixed isomorphically at the burn point, and both signals are I will
Thus, the instantaneous channel signal does not mix with the signal at this time, eg, 1111I. Thus,
according to the book @ Ming circuit, eyes ■ my V. s2 not depend on the Fugejo voltage of the
temple, it is possible to make in-Soken Concert stability of cross-talk 苓. We described the circuit
definition method to turn off the transistor Tr2Tr5 largely when the output of the 4-pressure
ratio teacher 8 is zero or rich and at a low level at zero p1 real picture 0. When both transistors
are off and not off, the collector-emitter resistance ffK of +7 扛, and + direct mistaking is 1 、, etc.
1 resistance of resistance is ω, voltage ratio 4! Depending on the output of the I unit 8, it is
possible to lower the value of one of the% value mortgages. Also, in the above-mentioned central
area, transistors Lllr2 and 41r5 are different types, but the same type, using a FET temple of one
transistor, and one power as a voltage for if + IJ # In the case of using the 'out-of-the-field
comparator 80 output blade and using the total pressure in which the output area pressure of
this voltage ratio soft number 8 is reversed in phase on the other, the same operation as in the
above 4 examples can be performed. . In addition, according to the invention 1 circuit,
envelopment 1 6,7 出 6,7 大 ks 6,7 6,7 ks ks ks ks ks ks IQ IQ) 老 circuit, 城 filter, second @ @ fi%
all 1 prefecture Kusaka pillow continuation JyA8a1 This item is a 1g gauze and a gauze that is
suitable for use in the construction of an unconducted box to make a change in the envelope and
change the envelope, so that the pressure comparison book 8 and the Or change reduction
installation 5 will be made. If the channoll signal of the ship is in love time, unmodulated or if the
angle shift is small, then this is a small amount of summer time in the view of the human power
signal of the @ flow circuit of Listing 1? なくすことになる。 For this reason, the low pass filter I
reduces the signal level of excessive noise or decreases accordingly. As a matter of fact, there is
no power of the field in the second inflow, and the output level of the pressure ratio softener 8
also becomes zero. As a result, the potential of the unintended point in (h) becomes a problem in
the third factor, but this means that the +4 depending corner / near A / store number l no kundai
of the outlet terminal 9 is eliminated, There is no possibility of erroneous movement caused by
variations in circuit elements on the ground. In the non-invention circuit, for example, the output
'IN' of the amplifier 3 is used as a human power signal for the output terminal 9 shown in FIG.
Even if it passes through the circuit which further comprises the same as the third illustration
and the composition vocabulary and t, the initial object can be achieved. Moreover, in this case,
the crosstalk component from the W4 channel, which is 7 channels larger than this Tyanyi A /
signal, and the @phase contactanene / I / signal, regardless of the constant phase left, crosstalk
or t can be defeated.
As described above, the crosstalk component cancellation circuit in the angle-adjusting liquidconditioning signal transmission line according to the present invention comprises: the first
modulated signal of the angle and the first modulated wave of the channel in contact with the
desired channel. Through the 1st or 2nd modulated wave of 1st and 2nd angle modulated waves
and τ which has a predetermined phase difference with each other and a VC phase angle
different from each other, and the level through the above means. The mixing channel 1100 is
mixed with the breaking angle #f harmonic number of the desired channel in which a part of the
first modulated signal of the angle modulated signal of the adjacent channel is mixed as a
crosstalk component. Third and fourth angle modulated wave signals are obtained by mixing
each of the first and second one-angle rhombus wave signals with a predetermined type to obtain
the third and fourth angle modulated wave signals, and a crosstalk is generated by the combining
circuit. When the person wave of the modulation wave 1g is above the charcoal level, the third
and fourth At least some of the first and second angle modulated wave signals are fully described
above so that the peak values or changes of the envelope of the angle modulated wave signal are
substantially equal. When the summer means is subjected to L di O J control and the above
human power level becomes zero or decreases with time, the above first and second angle
modulated wave signals are substantially added to the angle modulated wave signal of the upper
6Cs shop Tayanonel. Since the above-mentioned level variable means is controlled so as not to be
mixed 7′L in time, the first and second modulated signals of the first and second modulated
signals become unstable when the upper input level becomes smaller. It is possible to prevent
crosstalk as 1s14 in the channel gl angle ff / 4 wave polarization, and as in multi-channel / nel
record demodulation number, the input of the angle modulated wave 1 g is turned on and off If it
is suitable for such a transmission system @-Indicates that the cross talk characteristic sound of
the angle modulation 汲 1 M is not deteriorated when the angle modulation wave signal is turned
off or EndPage: 5 and so on (during playing @ '4), and the surface distortion tear annulus
breaking angle Only the crosstalk component mixed in the quake vIA jig can be beaten to Kio
before demodulation, and therefore, it is possible to prevent the brotherhood of distortion due to
the above-mentioned crosstalk component of the temporary output, and The bell or variation
means has the 1st and 2nd angle shift all 1d to reverse phase relation with each other and the
harmonic damage number of the desired angle of the desired char / roll. The crosstalk is
connected to a plurality of first and second resistances 2 ′ ′ connected to the 1st and 2nd
transmission lines in a large scale IJK and the first and second valleys of the first and second a
ridges. Equivalent a 仇 埴 r town that says the first and second resistances of the first and second
resistances according to the output signal of the heavy discharge circuit If the first and second oJ
variable resistance elements to be controlled are four in number, and if the above-mentioned
human Karepel becomes zero or totally smaller, then @V is the same as in the first and second
transmission paths. In order to make it straight or very large, the barbed angle of the 接 #L
modulation wave number of the instant contact cha / nel is acclimatised to the ephemeral time,
or even if it is bKpJ, the malfunction is caused by the malfunction. Do not cross talk component
what 7701 and 1st and 2nd variable resistance accumulators non 1liJl '¥ binding, and the values
of the 1st and 2nd resistances to each other by templeing to each other, 0T To prevent the crossstitched button of R's own crosstalk component and to keep it stable without affecting the
variation of the characteristic of the variable resistance system child against the fluctuation of
the signal and the balance of the ambient temperature and the summer ratio temple of the
ambient temperature. What can I do?
4. Brief description of the drawings The first section is an example of the circuit system 1ViIC
effect of the crosstalk component cancellation circuit in the M angle modulation his signal
transmission line which the applicant has applied in the same day's diligence application. 2
shows an example of drain / source resistance Kfl gate-source voltage hunting of an insult
transistor used in the main part of FIG. 1, and FIG. 3 is a diagram of the circuit of the present
invention. Example circuit system ffc is bad. 1 · · · Hope channel flannel lf summer rAlf 1.16 input
terminal, 2 · · · 檜 チ ャ 接 す る 41 / 接 す る 接 す る 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41
癩 癩 5 5, 5 · e 口Ding attenuator, 6, 7 ... envelope-detector, 8 meeting · 適 appropriate pressure
comparator, 'rr2 @ @ a PNP transistor, Tr3 * Tr * 1 lPN) 5: / Gist. EndPage: 6
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