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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the main part of a
conventional sneaker, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the main part of a loudspeaker according
to the present invention, and FIG. 3 is an explanatory view showing an operating state. is there.
In the screen, 10 is a magnetic circuit, 12 is an edge portion, 13 is a damper, 14 is a voice coil,
16 is a frame, 17 is a step portion, and 18 is an edge portion.
[Detailed description of the device] This device is intended to be a part of the younger sister
Shyka. 1 + j coming corn speaker u4; 1 vuc as shown, customer department kemenpa 3. The
outer peripheral edge [5 of edge of cone paper 1 adhered to voice coil 4 [5 through edge h 2 f,
and the outside SK shadow of speaker frame 6 formed Ni! h; 7 long. It is fixed by a bonding
agent, etc., and the upper surface of the outer edge 5 is made 2--2-y, lin. 2 glued Patzin 8
Therefore, since it is necessary to always provide the pasting part of Patzkin 8 on the outer
peripheral edge s5 of the cone # 1 and 1, the effective lifting radius of the pasted face # of the
Patzkin 8 and the cone paper l is -hJFik. In the case of hi-fi speakers, there was an interruption in
the reproduction of the low-pitched range and the limit of the power range at the constant peak.
The present invention has been made under the present circumstances, and is intended to
eliminate the need for patting on corn paper and to expand the effective vibration area of the
diaphragm. Hereinafter, this invention will be described with reference to the drawings of the
embodiments. In FIG. 2, 10 is a magnetic circuit, 11 is a cone paper, 12 company edge parts, 13
# i dampers, 14 company voice coil; 4 ′ ′ ′ ′ 3 ”, 15ti edge part 12 outer peripheral part,
16 gage speakers A frame, a stepped portion formed on the outer periphery of the 17 frame, an
edge portion projecting forwardly on the outer electrical edge of the 111 stepped portion 17,
and the outer peripheral edge portion 15t * of the speaker edge portion 12 of this invention
Bottom of the frame 16 formed on the outer edge of the frame 16 and directed to the bottom
wall of the outer periphery of the kR portion 17-! l! The air chamber A is formed between the
two-step portion 17 and the etching portion by being fixedly fitted by an adhesive. Therefore,
since the edge s12 is formed immediately from the bottom ridge or ri-gate formed on the outer
rim of the younger sister, 7 lame 16 in the speaker of this confectionery, when the outermost
diameter of the speaker frame is made the same The effective radius of cone paper is about 15 to
30 times wider than that of the conventional speaker as shown in FIG. 1 and thus the effective
vibration area is improved by 430 to 70%. And the constant output limit are also significantly
improved. tた。 Since the outer peripheral edge portion 15 of the edge portion 12 of the
speaker cone paper 1 is attached to the bottom wall of the frame 16 or to the side of the
company, it has an effect of preventing sagging or the like which tends to occur in the highly
compliant edge. As shown in the figure, stage 1 of edge 12 and 7 lame 16! Since an air chamber
A is formed between it and l617, the cone paper is restrained by the air flow kJK of the air
chamber A, which is a fiber itself which tends to occur in a ship, such as a cloth edge, in the chain
direction. It can be reduced.
Furthermore, since it is not necessary to use Patzkin as in the prior art, it is possible to reduce
the production process of the speaker by one and reduce the cost. As mentioned above, the
speaker according to the present invention can be greatly improved compared to the
conventional ones with the same diameter of the effective vibration radius of the paper. Even a
speaker with a small diameter is suitable as a hair ice beaker because it can reproduce sufficient
low frequency range.
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