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Description 1-Title of the invention
Electroacoustic transducer diaphragm
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a diaphragm used for an
electroacoustic transducer such as a speaker, and in particular, strongly bonds the fibers of a
diaphragm made of a natural fiber or a reinforced fiber to form an excellent acoustic property. It
is an object of the present invention to provide a diaphragm for an electroacoustic transducer
which is made to be obtained. Conventionally, as this type of diaphragm (for example, a
diaphragm for speakers), it is fibrillated by kraft pulp or other fiber total beating processing, and
subjected to primary sizing processing with a sizing agent to prevent moisture absorption, or
paper forming Furthermore, may the diaphragm thus formed be subjected to a secondary coating
treatment with a treating agent such as a nitrocellulose-based lacquer or an acrylic paint diluted
to an appropriate concentration with an organic solvent such as ethyl acetate or methyl ethyl
ketone It is used. In such a conventional diaphragm, the next-size processing only works to
prevent moisture absorption, and as shown in FIG. 1, the bonds between the fibers forming the
diaphragm are the above-mentioned beating. The entanglement of the fibrillated fibers 1 in the
processing and the very low bond OH bond make the acoustic characteristics such as conversion
to so-called paper noise which is squeezed by friction between the fibers. In addition, in the case
where such a diaphragm is subjected to the secondary coating treatment, as shown in FIG. 2, one
minute of solvent in the treatment agent is volatilized, the paint component 2 is cured, and the
fibers 1 are completely bonded. Therefore, although the bond strength can be increased, the
above-mentioned paint component 2 can not achieve sufficient acoustic characteristics with the
increase of EndPage: 1 or the substantial mass. Generally, in the electric sound transducer
diaphragm, it is required that the density 物 性 be small, the Young's modulus E71i be high, and
the physical property such that the internal loss tan δ be appropriately large. That is, when the
ratio Young's modulus E / ρ is large, the resonance same wave number becomes high, and
extends to the reproduction band 高 域 and the high region to obtain good frequency
characteristics, and the larger the internal loss tan δ, the more the sharpness on resonance sail
characteristic It can be made small and has excellent acoustic characteristics. Therefore, the
present invention is for an electroacoustic transducer in which a diaphragm in which a partially
acetylated n-treated fiber is formed into a sheet is impregnated with a solvent capable of
dissolving acetyl cellulose and then subjected to a drying treatment. By providing a diaphragm, it
is intended to provide an electroacoustic transducer capable of obtaining excellent sound tcharacteristics by directly coupling between polar fibers with sufficient coupling force without
increasing the quality kf. is there. As the diaphragm treatment agent used in the practice of the
present invention, for example, an acid anhydride is used as an acetylating agent for partially
acetylating the fiber, and a mixed solution of acetic acid and perchloric acid or (d A bath
prepared by appropriately diluting a lead chloride of 10% water as a reaction aid, as well as
daricellol triacetate (trade name: triacetin) having disintegrability on acetyl cellulose, vinegar rwave ethyl ester, etc. Agents are used.
And about the paper-making raw material which is subjected to beating processing to Kraft
Varno other fibers, it is pretreated by soaking in pure acetic acid at normal temperature for
several hours, and then the mixed liquid of the above acetylating agent and reaction auxiliary
agent Partially acetylated in the heated state. Here, the partial acetylation treatment is to
acetylate 91 hydroxyl groups (OH group) per 1 unit of glucose in cellulose, and the fibers to be
soaked with the papermaking raw material by this partial acetylation treatment are only the
surface thereof It is acetylated to acetylcellulose. In this way, all of the partially formed material
subjected to the acetylation treatment is formed into a diaphragm such as a cone-shaped
diaphragm by ordinary sheet forming. Here, in the case of the above-described sheet-fabricated
molded diaphragm, fibers in which only the surface is acetylcellulose are in a state of being
bound by the entanglement produced by the fibrillation by the above-mentioned refining
treatment. The above solvent is sprayed onto the surface of the diaphragm by impregnation or
immersion and the like, and then the solvent is scattered and dried in a furnace. In the diaphragm
for an electroacoustic transducer obtained in this manner, as shown in FIG. 3, the acetyl cellulose
on the surface of the rubber 3 bound by the entanglement produced by the fibrillation is
dissolved by the solvent, Because the leash parts 4 and so on are joined together. The fibers are
bonded together by a large bonding force, and the fiber has a sufficient blow rate. Since the
above bath agent is splashed by the drying process, the specific Young's modulus E / ρ can be
increased without an increase in the effective mass of the diaphragm. Furthermore, since the
fibers forming the diaphragm are only acetylcellulose on the surface by partial acetylation, the
entire fiber is acetylcellulose to form a large swing TJ, tr plate of internal loss tan δ, rather than
sweet. I can do it. Furthermore, partial acetylation is easier to process than acetonylation of the
whole filament. In addition, it is possible to adjust to an appropriate internal htlbl loss tan δ by
dissolving only acetyl cellulose on the surface portion of the diaphragm with a solvent. In the
above-mentioned example, all acetylation processing was applied to all the papermaking raw
materials, but metal fibers such as inorganic fibers, organic fibers, carbon fibers and metal fibers
are mixed with the papermaking raw material subjected to the partial acetylation treatment to
make paper By forming a diaphragm by molding, the surface of the diaphragm is impregnated
with a solvent and impregnated, and the acetyl cellulose on the surface of the partially acetylated
fiber is dissolved and bonded to the reinforcing fiber. You can also do so.
In this way, it is possible to obtain a diaphragm for an electroacoustic transducer with further
excellent acoustic characteristics by utilizing the characteristics of the reinforcing fiber. As
described above, according to the present invention, the acetylcellulose k solvent TEndPage: 2 on
the surface of partially acetylated fiber is dissolved and bonded to each other, and the abovementioned solvent is scattered by drying treatment so that the fiber As a result, the specific
Young's modulus C can be improved without any substantial increase in mass, and an
appropriate internal ff1 ibi loss can be obtained. Also, by making the acetyl cellulose on the
surface of the partially acetylated fiber dissolve in a solvent and bonding it to the non-acetylated
reinforcing fiber, it is possible to use the first property of the reinforcing fiber as an acoustic
property An excellent electroacoustic transducer diaphragm can be provided.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is an explanatory view schematically showing the
bonding between fibers of a conventional diaphragm in which fibers are bonded due to
fibrillation. FIG. 2 is an explanatory view schematically showing a bonding state between fibers of
the conventional diaphragm subjected to the secondary coating treatment. FIG. 3 is an
explanatory view schematically showing a bonding state between fibers of a swing weight −1
plate according to the present invention. Fig. 111I Fig. 2 Fig. 3 EndPage: 3
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