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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to FIG. 3 are explanatory views of a conventional
piezoelectric bushing, FIG. 4 is a sectional view of the piezoelectric bushing according to the
present invention, and FIG. 5 is a sectional view of another embodiment. FIG. 6 respectively
shows the diffusion decomposition view of another embodiment. 7
ииииии Piezoelectric porcelain Vibration-element 13, 13 'и и и и и и и Metal diaphragm, 14, 14' и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и child
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a sound generator
t * which comprises a piezoelectric ceramic vibrator integrally mounted on a metal diaphragm.
This type of piezoelectric buzzer is lightweight, small in size, excellent in standability, can be
adjusted in various tones depending on the combination conditions with the drive-path, and has
advantages such as low power consumption, no noise, and long life. In place of the
electromagnetic browser, it has been increasingly used as a w-report and a unit 411 in various
electronic devices. In this type of piezoelectric buzzer, a piezoelectric ceramic vibrator in which
integral K 111 is mounted on a metal moving plate is & i! With an appropriate frequency and
electric signal. At this time, the structure is such that IL 111 c which is generated in the
piezoelectric ceramic vibrator at this time, and the structure m K which generates vibration
sound by causing the metal diaphragm to resonate. In this case, in order to lower the resonance
frequency and obtain a good rattle noise of the earpiece 9, the conventional piezoelectric bushing
employs a rock support method in which the outer peripheral edge of the metal diaphragm is
fixed and supported. Figures 1 to 3sg are rice crackers related to this ji1 side support universal
equation. (и An example of the power browser is shown. That is, in the case shown in the mx
diagram, the outer peripheral edge of the metal diaphragm 1 is supported between the stepped
portion 3 in the inner case 111 of the holding case 2 and the metal wire ring 4, and the metal
wire ring 4 is provided in the outer cylinder It has a structure in which it is fitted and bonded in a
container and supported by a nine-circle cylinder 6. However, if it is such a structure, it is
necessary to separately prepare a special metal wiring 4 to be fitted to the outer cylinder S, and
the number of parts and the number of manufacturing steps thereof increase, and the outer
cylinder IPiK inner cylinder S (-When bonded and attached, the mounting agent from both of the
consignment mails is transferred to adhere to Table IIi, etc. of the metal diaphragm 1, and the
substantial thickness and supporting position thereof are changed, so that the metal
reinforcement The resonance frequency and the sound pressure level of the plate 5 have a
drawback that they are unstable. Furthermore, the covering agent is deteriorated under the
influence of full-time impact, ffl [and heat, etc., and the adhesion strength at the junction between
the outer cylinder 2 and the inner cylinder 6 is The constant supporting capacity of the plate IK
is lowered and the co-am number is changed, and in the final case, the air-drying is impaired. In
the case shown in C and No. 111, the outer peripheral edge of the metal diaphragm 5 'is inserted
into the junction between the case 3I and the cover 31, and the joint portion of the case 8' and
the cover 3 'is a ring 5 having a claw 4'. By pressure bonding, the outer image of the metal
diaphragm 1 'is fixed between the case 2I and the cover 3I. Such a structure requires a ring 5 'of
a special shape or structure adapted to the structure of the cover xx' and the cover 1 ', and in
addition to the increase in the number of parts and the number of steps, the ring 5' is crimped.
There is a disadvantage that the machine needs to have a dedicated machine tool and the product
becomes expensive.
Furthermore, the third problem is a structure in which the outer peripheral edge of the metal
vibration-relief "" is held between the upper and lower holding cases Baa, 3 "-and an adhesive is
added to this part and pressure is applied It has become. With such a structure, the number of
parts is small, there is an advantage that the assembly becomes a good product without requiring
a special dedicated machine, but the defect of using the adhesive described in detail in the
conventional example of FIG. , Variation in quality ?occurring, stratified yield. The present
invention brings about the above-mentioned drawbacks of the conventional piezoelectric
bushings, and stabilizes the resonant frequency, while reducing the number of parts and the
number of steps as much as possible, and making the assembly easy. Intended to provide.
Another object of the present invention is to provide a wedge-reliable piezoelectric bushing in
which the piezoelectric ceramic vibrator does not peel off from the metal vibrating wedge during
assembly. The contents of the present invention will be described in detail with reference to the
attached embodiment which is one embodiment below. FIG. 1 shows a cross-sectional view of a
piezoelectric bushing according to the present invention. In-, 7 is a holding case released from a
thermoplastic synthetic resin, and is divided into a front piece 111 g and a rear piece 9. Each of
the front piece ms and the rear piece K is freed from a closed circular inner portion 111, 11 and
the opposite end face of the outer horse thick portion covering the inner groove 10% 11 The step
part loa% xiat which is fitted opposite to this, and this RIllOa% 111 L, outside the disk-like metal
vibration @ 13 which concentrically and integrally adheres the piezoelectric ceramic vibrator 5 1
IIII detail I will keep you in mind. Ill [i! Placed outside the steps 1110m. ilK has projections 141.
For example, the tip of the projection 14 is supported by causing the inner groove 50 to protrude
in an annular shape), and the front end portion of the protrusion 14 to contact with the surface
imim of the flat imxs formed on the outermost side 111 of the rear piece 1ias. It is Selection of a
value such that shimes a can be taken between the steps 1ea and l1m and the surface of the
metal diaphragm Am in a good condition by bringing the projections 14 into contact with each
other and making contact with the tips of the flat portions XI in Table 1iiK It is In addition,
although the shape of 51 over 14 can be slightly changed, it is a membership fee that it is at least
a thermoplastic synthetic resin. l @ indicates a sound release hole. The piezoelectric bushing
according to the present invention is assembled as follows. First, after setting each component t
to the position shown in the figure and placing it on a processing table (not shown IA) K, the
supersonic aS attachment device ? ? not shown on the upper surface of the front piece 1ias
The sonic horn 17 is abutted, and thereby the ultrasonic wave is irradiated while pressing the
piezoelectric sleeve.
Then, the projections 14 are ultrasonically heated *, and the tip 11 Illli I is crushed under
pressure and is welded to the surface of the flat ffi portion 11 i of the back piece 1 IBII. As the
melting of the tip 1m 111 of the protrusion 14 progresses, 6 2 4 4 squeezes a, the shimeiro a
formed between the step portions 101L and 11a and the metal diaphragm is decreased, and the
JIK is out of the metal vibration Ji1g The edge is to be determined at step @ 10a and step 11a.
FIG. 1 shows another embodiment of a piezoelectric tube according to the present invention. In 1,
the fourth and fifth similar reference numerals indicate identical or similar components. The
characteristic of this embodiment is that the projections 14 ', which are melted by ultrasonic
waves, are fitted into the holes 18 corresponding to the front pieces b8' (or the back pieces Will
') K and The turtle portion 14'at-projects from the hole 58, and the projection point of the kernel
* 111114'at-ultrasonic heating and melting is carried out to melt the gs 18aK on the hole 18.
That is, the ultrasonic horn 17 'of the ultrasonic heating device is brought into contact with the
tip 111 ? 14'aK of the projection 14', and ultrasonic heating is performed by the ultrasonic horn
zy 'while pressing the tip 1114'at- Melt down. In the initial stage of heating and melting, with
regard to the pressing force by the ultrasonic horn 17 ', the rear piece part' is restrained via the
projection 14 ', and the metal vibration at this time placed on the rear piece s9' '. 13 'and the
front piece as' remain open. As a result, since the peristaltic impact applied to the metal vibration
and & 13 'decreases in the early stage of heating and melting, peeling and falling off accident of
the piezoelectric ceramic pregnant member 1m' due to the ultrasonic vibrational impact which
prevails in the process of heating and melting. It is possible to prevent and improve the
reliability. As the heating and melting proceed, the protrusion amount 'by' of the melting ridge
14 'decreases and the protrusion 14' is welded to the upper ridge 1Ill of the hole 18 and the step
18a of the hole 18 The pressure K of the ultrasonic horn 17 'is applied. Under the pressure of the
kernel, the front piece s8 'is pushed in the direction of the back piece s9', and the outside Ila ?
of the metal sliding plate 13 'is opposed to the facing of the front piece 8' and the back piece 119
'. Dan! % Fixed to 1 lil O'a% ll 'a. It is sufficient that the time of this pressure tightening is
extremely short. In this way, the assembly of the piezoelectric sleeve is completed. FIG. 6 is
another 11 that further embodies the application example shown in FIG. 5! It is a diffusion
decomposition figure in an example. The same reference numerals as in FIG. 5 denote the same
In this embodiment, the projections 14 '' are provided at the four corners of the back piece 9 ',
and the respective projections 14' are fitted in the holes 18 of the ff 7'L provided at the four
corners of the front piece 9 '. It is. The first port electrode 19 forms a part of the metal moving
plate 13 ? ? as a part of the metal moving plate 13 ? ? and forms an identical body, and
elastically couples the face of the 20 ? ? piezoelectric ceramic vibrator 12 ?. Department! It is
the other power supply pin terminal which formed 01L in the same body. In the piezoelectric
bushing shown in FIGS. 4 and S, the projection 14 ? ? is fitted into the hole 5 8 formed in the
front piece 8 ? or the back piece ff 19 ? and the projection tip south 11414?a is ultrasonic
wave m heat ff11 111 sete, said hole 1817) upper rim 1sa K! The following effects can be
obtained from wearing it. (1) At the initial stage of heating and melting, where the heating time is
long and it is easy to cause the peeling station path of the earth moving device, the rocking force
1list for the gold atlIf moving plate is as small as possible, peeling @ peeling of the piezoelectric
ceramic vibrator % Can be prevented. (The final stage of heating and welding in which the
ultrasonic wave work plate W1 is added to the metal moving plate, that is, the time for pressing
and pressing is acceptable.) Shortening to friends and preventing the peeling and falling off
accident of the piezoelectric ceramic vibrator it can. As described above, in the piezoelectric
bushing according to the present invention, the holding case made of thermoplastic base bottom
resin is divided into the outer peripheral wall t% scale and the rear piece of the metal sliding
plate to which the piezoelectric ceramic vibrator is attached. In the piezoelectric bushing formed
by pressing and fixing between the opposing end faces of each piece, a protrusion is provided to
improve the facing crease of the front piece or the back piece, and the spinous process is heated
and melted by ultrasonic waves, Since the front piece and the rear piece are mutually crushed tcharacteristics, the following effects can be obtained. (After setting each component in a
predetermined position, the assembly can be completed by a simple process of ultrasonic heating
only, and labor saving of the assembly process can be achieved, and speedup can be achieved. @
A structure is simply provided with projections for ultrasonic heating and melting, and no special
parts processing equipment is used as a membership fee, so an inexpensive piezoelectric bushing
with reduced number of parts and man-hours can be provided. (3) Since the outer peripheral
edge of the metal sliding plate 0-1 ? ? ? ? ? ? can be securely fixed without using any
seeding agent, its co-WI Wii wave number and sound pressure level are stabilized, Reliability can
be improved. (In addition, in the embodiment shown in the fourth to third melting, the
piezoelectric ceramic vibrator prevents an accident of peeling off from the metal moving plate,
while preventing the gold II 4 #i! The outer peripheral edge of the moving plate can be securely
fixed by pressure, and the reliability and quality tS can be improved.
4. 1111 in the drawing is a simple figure 11 ~ # 3 is the description of the conventional
piezoelectric visor-Figure 4 is a cross section of the piezoelectric blazer according to the present
invention, Figure 11 is a cross section of another embodiment of the same The figure, 5e Fi, also
shows a diffusion exploded view of another example. 7 ... holding case 8.8 '' ... front piece 9, 9 '...
back piece 12, xz'-pressure 11i1! & Vibrators 13.13 'и и и Metal work plate 14.14' и и и и и и и и и и и 18
projections practical application applicant Applicants Dongguan Electric Chemical Industry Co.,
Ltd. Attorney Attorney Attorney Attorneys Department Pi department beauty department 11- 1
Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3: t1 Fig. 3 и и 11 / I ? ?) 85 persons Practical side plan (, 1 Photo taken from
Tokyo Electric Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorney Mie Abe Department и и и N ? Figure
4 11---717 и и ? ? yoyo: 5213. 1 l5ll, V17 '1 1 1 ? 8 8 a 8 ? ? / practical use) "Ministry
ascending man, Tokyo 1-?, 10 ?, 'Ding Co., Ltd. ? Agent attorney 1-1 и и i ?: 1, 1', ?, ? ? ... 1W Fig. 9 'B 418] 310------' lOa + 2 ' 18 ? (] fusion 4 '] 8; 4 practical j ,: (,-"/, + = 7. e application
applicants Tokyo Electric Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. 1st person valve I: Michi Abe part i' J ':, ...: L, ,:, J0 turtles deviser address other than the above address East capital-I! a mountain LW & "I
Snow T Eye 14 Building No. V View '! View V ? ? ? V internal company name i 4 4 address
Tokyo ? ? ? IA 'Prflfi! In the 14th No. 14 V view Chome 7a7 Kayan formula company name 11
? ?? ?? Tokyo + AGA ^ ░-"? ? 14 ? 6 No. 5 IL ', i ? ? i ? V 7 ? Ц v formula company
Name ? related) 7 administration-/ X address address change notice 31 8 8] May 56 ? ? 2 ?
? ? ? ? (7 Patent Office Director Mr. Tani Tanimoto 1 display case Showa 53 s utility model
registration request Relationship between the 10457 2 and the case where the address has been
changed to the name of the device 7 Practical application Registered applicant Former former
office Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Uchikanda 2-chome 14-6 New address Tokyo Central Ward JapanKosho No. 16 No. 1 Seven-character correction (306) Tokyo Electric Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
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