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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view showing a conventional input
mechanism, FIG. 2 is an exploded perspective view showing the input mechanism of the present
invention, FIG. 3 is a plan view showing its input state, and FIG. 10 is a cross-sectional view
showing the main part, 10 is a substrate, 14.15 is a lead wire, '16, 17 is an output terminal, 18 is
a contact, 19. '20 indicates a printed wiring, and 21 indicates an input terminal. 221 111, 11 ?
? I 20 20 19 21 212 11, fj J 11, .11 f j ? 20 ??t 2 ? processing ? ? ? q;
[Detailed description of the invention] The book 41 is at least ^ ^ for the subs and for the lows
"G-/ / / '? t) The second embodiment relates to a human-powered mechanical section 2 of an itype mold speaker in which two ones are incorporated in the same frame. In order to increase its
efficiency as a high-quality speaker for a 1jk near-tR end-use car, a compound composite speaker
called "two-wai" consisting of two-range and low-range speakers has been put on the market. In
terms of increasing the number of voices 1M with the spread of these composite speakers, even
using high-frequency low-range voice signals in their dedicated circuits using pi-amps, even more
than 1 There is lljIgI that does not have the same effect as the sound% effect. In response to the
above-mentioned immediate needs, the base plate of the 2nd class I temporary speaker type
speaker @ ((bifurcated, first frame shown in the first mischief frame tl shown in the figure)
dispersed on the base board (2) ship 2 recommendation area и m Input terminals (5+), (5-), (64),
(6-) w, two sets 411 provided to carry out the signal destruction (5+), (3-), (4+), (4-) from the area
speaker It was And the utilization of a single amplifier from a normal amplifier is lower (the need
for 5% gain from a single amplifier to a single amplifier, etc.) and so on. ) и Inward polarity t'jiik of
(6+) (6-) Incoming 3 terminals (5+) C6 +) и (5-) (6-) Short circuit between two short lines (7+) (7-)
and single The audio signal was introduced from the amplifier. The short circuit (7 +) (7-) is cut
off the short circuit (7 +) (7-) which makes the amplifier easy to use, and the high frequency и low
of the amplifier is made independent of the two sets of input terminals (5 +) (5-) (6 +) (6) k The
area 6 voice signal was introduced 6; However, a composite type speaker having an input device
11IB that can be used as such a single amplifier and a pair amplifier is versatile as described
above, but it is necessary to solder the production process 1 (bifurcated short circuit (7 +) (7-)
Also, if there is a need to praise the single amplifier 6-off 9 for some reason after the shortcircuited line (7+) (7-) TkCjJ has been cut in the station where the amplifier is used, the user can
use the shorted line (7+) (7 -) Should be applied to solder 1f? 9? This soldered sl & l: A generated
heat is different depending on the input terminal (5+) (5-) и (+6+) (6-) The solder of the lead wires
(3+) (5-) and (4+) (4-) is also melted. <S +> <S-> (44) (4-) contact failure # 1 There was also a fear
of causing it. 4 impossible work is such a fish 1; 8 t for healing, and will be described in detail
with reference to FIG.
2 2 ?; 4 ? ? ?1 ?1 ?1 ?1 ?1 10 10 (10 +) (10-) is a rectangular terminal board consisting
of a feed material of 2 yield, this board (1 o +) A substantially square-shaped * IIUU-d is projected
on one side in the longitudinal direction of (1o-) 5-, and slits 140 ... or 5 in parallel along the side
a. Among the above 5 @ windows ttIJun иии, the center one is the window U?U? for a frame U
field with a window U ? U? The window of Tawawaki 2--company, IUitlJ иии is shown in Fig. 3
Such as a speaker of a range such as the Ibaraki speaker and the Ibaraki speaker, an output end
(16+) (16-), to which a soldered edge (14+) (14-), (15+), (15-) of a series of fibers, etc. is soldered.
(17+) (17-) t- for forming. The second slit is a brown one which determines the contact position
WL of the contact 11 uius described later. (19+), (19-), (20-)-, (20-) is a printed arrangement on
which the outer block surface l1i11 of the above-mentioned semi-colored plate (1? +), (10-) is
printed 8r, The female (19+) (19-) (20+) (2LJ-) CDAf-y has seven letters and L Ц form an evening,
each pattern (two 141 ikl windows 5 ? ? I ... If the output end f ? ? (16+) (16 ?) (17 +) (17
?) is made 16 times, the co-electrical di-slit 1 span и и и is shielded to the vicinity to form the
input end tGD w ? There is. More specifically, the car 12 positioned at the central slit @! 12] Jl 2
has a small distance-both print edges ul-are pressured, and the usual Oka slit 1-1 Only one
printed wiring 14 exists in each of the binary input terminal ports IJ-?. Then, the terminal board
(10+) (10?) of such a two-in-one terminal board (10+) (10?) having the same wiring pattern is
placed on the outer side of the printed board ul? and j j j As the eyelet-terminal board (1 ?)
(143-) central window uN1) I knee. Jealousy also formed a two-frame day, defeated jlWl Two
envy copyist Airett @ ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ((1g +) (1 o-) attached to the
frame L3 is complete. Restraint: When the pattern of the printed wiring (t9 +) (20+) exhibits a
letter shape in the ixus side iopro (io +), a disputed latitudinal shape with a L shape in the
negative face of the face of the moth turtle 27 * 4om indicates contact with the input terminal ?
and electricity a91: state of contact, contact with 111 has inward elastic elasticity, mutually
magnetic turtles; achieved status il A pair of inter-pair contact pieces (24+) and (24-J), and a
passage (25+) and (25-) for supplying the stitch piece (244) (24-) one voice code, It is seized
from the block store (dest) to support.
A convex portion (274) (27-) is formed in the vicinity of the block body of the history (the second
contact piece (24+) C24-), and the convex 4 (27+) (27-) is a terminal board The alignment
between the contactor and the input terminal is carried out in line l from the (10+) (10?) slit @
[?4 fitted with -4. In such a concentrated acid input fiber 5-, first, a voice signal is output from
the amplifier on the axis tL and on the circuit of the amplifier and the amplifier for the area of
the amplifier.? ? ? ?? ?? ?? 254 254 254 254 254 254 (254) (25-) и (2 needles) (25-).
These contacts Ud ? are iIl ? ? 4 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ?? ? ? 611 ? ? 1iJQ 4 ? L L ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? IL IL IL IL IL End rglJ ? I:
electrical contact forgeries. And the audio signal contact pieces (24 +) (24 -) - ... Ri Puwonsu
wiring 711 ... ... 4 two heat transfer via the output - from a child utilLn the audio crows zone ??
's ?? speaker leads iI ! 1141 cL 4, for the low frequency is led to the lead name ? toughness 1
of the low frequency speaker, and the voice 1 d of the general is located to people's speakers. In
the case of a single-one-one-pump input, when the central input kerf Bt two vesicles-jh ? make
contact with this input car double-ended to the respective output end tg of both speakers connect
to Since the custodial arrangement is extended, the contact piece (24+) (24?) of the above
contact rui is a pudding) rjmIL a life-spanking spear 9 torsion T ? ?A person who is ill at the
same time is squeezed simultaneously into i4 low-pass speakers. In the above explanation, the
two-way valued mold speaker has been described as yIi, or as for the S-waei Ii Iya, it is also
possible to concentrate on the pattern details of the print record-IL field-14I; Action b-? 1 is
done. Clearly, from the explanation on the varnish, the input area #Ik of the speaker 4 of the
present invention is a printed circuit C provided with a single plate 2 two beginning and end-and
(a dimorphic ore ? input / output end Among them, contact points for introducing audio signals
to the input terminals are not included. 1: Freely contact the output terminals with the high and
low frequency speaker leads m @, so The input signal is a contact iui of the contactor 1. The
contact of the input terminal 1 with two contacts is small. ???? If you want to feed a voice
signal that is characteristic of the external circuit of the kite, it is easy to do by switching the
input terminal t-select 6;
In addition, compared to the conventional speaker input device, the number of soldering
processes is reduced, and there is a great place where one solution 4 can be used to automate the
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