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Description 1 Title of Invention
The history of the ion speaker is well known, but because the temperature of the discharge
electrode and the discharge tube inside in operation by the corona discharge ranges from very
high <151 ′ ′ in to 2QOθ 0 c Damage to the consumable primary and secondary tubes is
severe until the failure 9096, and stable operation over a long period is expected and difficult,
and it is not easy to replace damaged discharge tubes and discharge electrodes. It must be
disassembled and exchanged by hand by hand, and despite the fact that ion speakers are the kind
of speakers that theoretically and practically have the highest sound quality, their spread can not
be seen for the reasons mentioned above The one-invention ion speaker according to the present
invention eliminates the above-mentioned drawbacks, studies the material and structure of the
discharge tube, the material of the discharge glL pole, etc., and obtains the one that withstands
long-term use. A speaker unit is formed including an electrode, a discharge tube, an electrode
terminal, a pawn, and a mechanism for attaching and detaching to the drive unit body, and from
the outside of the drive unit body-making the nubica unit easily detachable EndPage: 1,
Therefore, even if it is required by the general user, it is The structure, operation, effects, and the
like will be described in detail with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an
ion speaker according to an embodiment of the present invention, in which a part is diffused and
an oscillator, a booster coil and others are omitted. In the figure, (1) shows a speaker unit. FIG. 2
is a cross-sectional view of the speaker unit (1) of FIG. Fig. 2 (10) is the discharge electrode and
the tip of the discharge electrode is sharp, and the temperature rises to 1590 to 2Q11θ ° C
during corona discharge. For example, metal vapor is generated when the temperature
approaches the melting point, and platinum is deposited on the inner wall of the portion where
the discharge tube (9) is inscribed in the hole of the metal or conductive material horn (11). The
material selection of the discharge electrode (10) is very important because it causes the speaker
function to stop. The discharge tube (9) is made of a high withstand voltage and high heat
resistant insulator, but since an amplitude-modulated high frequency one high voltage is applied
to both ends, it is a lunar type with little high frequency loss and 1500 Since repeated use is
carried out between -2000 ° G (in use) and normal temperature (during stop), for example,
steatite becomes brittle and it is damaged prematurely and becomes unusable. Therefore, it is
formed of a high quality artificial quartz or quartz which is resistant to repetitive movement. (13)
is a holding portion of the discharge electrode (10) which has a discharge electrode terminal
portion (15) made of metal.
(12) is an external thread for attaching the speaker unit (1) to the drive main body, which fits in
the acid screw portion (2) of the hole provided in the front panel (3) of the drive main body, And
mount the speaker unit (1) on the drive unit body. In this embodiment, a screw mount system
using screws is adopted for mounting the speaker unit, but it is possible to use, for example, a
bayonet mount or a click stop mount system, and in any case it can be easily removed. At the
same time as the speaker unit is mounted on the drive device body by the mounting mechanism,
the discharge electrode terminal portion (15) of the speaker unit is held by the connector (4) and
connected to the drive circuit. (7) shows a circuit terminal for applying a high voltage of a high
frequency which is amplitude-modulated by one audio signal. The connector (4) is fixed on the
chassis (6) via the high frequency insulator (5). The imaginary line (8) is one of the drive unit
body! 18i "shows a part. Now, when a high frequency high voltage amplitude-modulated by an
audio signal by the drive is applied to the circuit terminal (7), from the tip of the discharge
electrode (10) of the unit 1- (1,) mounted on the drive main body, At the end of the portion of the
discharge tube (9) inscribed in the hole of the metal or JJ Denka horn (11), a corona discharge is
generated toward the periphery, and the corona discharge becomes strong and weak in
proportion to the audio signal. It generates compression waves in the air and is converted to
sound. If the tip of the discharge electrode (1o) wears out due to prolonged use and prolonged
use and the sharpness of the tip of the discharge electrode (1o) decreases, the corona discharge
will inevitably become unstable and the corona discharge when dealing with large input signals
Or the occurrence of discharge noise of one kind of frequency component, which is commonly
referred to as ion noise even in the state of an input signal zero. When the discharge electrode
wears out after such a period, the corona front stops completely. In such a time, or in the case of
failure 2 (in the ion speaker of the embodiment of the present invention, without disassembling
the drive main body for replacement and repair of the discharge electrode discharge tube) Even
with the user's hand, it is possible to easily form several rows of skiaks, knits 1) from the outside
of the main unit, and it is possible to replace or repair the speaker unit. For example, when
regenerating and repairing the discharge electrode (10), loosen the push screw of the discharge
electrode (10), pull out the discharge electrode (10), and sharpen the tip with one of grinder,
sandpaper, sandpaper, etc. It is easy to insert the position of the discharge tube (9) inside the
light, fix it with a push screw, assemble the Sbee jv unit 1-, attach the speaker unit to the drive
unit body, and expect the initial stable operation again You can do it.
Also, it can not be said that replacement with a new speaker unit by breakage of the discharge
tube (9) or the like is extremely easy. In addition, it is also possible to easily prepare and install
different speaker units having different shapes, sizes, structures, and the like of the horn and to
expect effects with their respective characteristics. In addition, a plurality of speaker units having
horns dedicated to the middle high and ultra high ranges are prepared, and each EndPage: 2 on
the front panel (3) is also EIJ function. -As described above, the ion speaker according to the
present invention can improve the various drawbacks of the conventional ion speaker by
unitizing the electroacoustic transducer, and also make horns of different shapes, sizes, and
structures. The exchange with the speaker unit is also simple and flexible.] Together with these, it
is possible to expect great effects that can not be obtained by the conventional ion speaker.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an ion speaker according
to an embodiment of the present invention partially diffused, with oscillators, booster coils and
others being omitted, (1) shows a speaker unit. . FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the speaker
unit (1). 3
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