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Monopoly. 1 ? Name of invention
Voice signal transmitter
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an audio signal
transmitting apparatus, for example, a microphone output is superimposed on a monaural audio
signal of a television receiver etc., and only the monaural audio signal of the television receiver
etc. It is an object of the present invention to provide an apparatus for converting into an audio
signal which is artificially expanded. Conventionally, 1M radio broadcasting performs stereo
broadcasting by means of a pilot tone system called 9 using a main channel and a secondary
channel 2 Benoyannel, but the present invention uses this principle and simulates using an FM
wave. For example, the monaural audio signal of television broadcast broadcast is output from
the earphone terminal of the television receiver, converted into a signal for pseudo magnified
sound image, and the microphone output is superimposed and transmitted by radio wave. This
stereophonic signal is received by the stereo receiver, and the sound from the microphone is
localized at the center from the pair of left and right speakers (headphones) and the magnified
sound image can be heard. An embodiment of the present invention will be described with
reference to the drawings. In the figure, 1 is an audio signal source, for example, a monaural
audio signal of television broadcast. The output of the audio signal source 1 is applied to a
balanced modulator 3 and at the same time a subcarrier signal (38 KHz) is applied from the
subcarrier signal generating circuit 2 to the balanced modulator 3 and this subcarrier wave
signal is Amplitude modulation is performed on the output of the audio signal source 1. The
output of the subcarrier signal generation circuit 2 is applied also to EndPage: 13, иииииииииии 1?2
divider 6 to 19 Kz (to create a pilot signal of z and mark in synthesis a7)) n ? f 7 :), This pilot
signal is used when the subcarrier side is demodulated at the reception side. The amplitude
modulation wave which is the output of the balanced modulator 3 is combined with the output of
the external signal source 4 at the combining 6 side, The outputs are combined, and the pilot
signal is also combined by the synthesizer 7 to become a composite signal, which is trained to the
FM modulation 68. The composite signal is to be emitted as a radio wave from the B ? ? MM
modulation transmitting antenna 9 in the attitude adjuster 8. When the radio wave from the
transmitting antenna 9 is received by a normal l / IV I stereo receiver +, the subcarrier signal
output from the audio signal source 1 is demodulated in the opposite phase to the left and right,
so the sound field feeling is Magnified t?1. It is not localized and 1 sounds as a spread of sound
to the human ear. On the other hand, the output of the external signal source 4 is not enlarged
but can be heard from the center of a pair of speakers, that is, for example, a plug of the
television receiver as an audio signal source 1 into a earphone receiver of a television receiver If
you get a 4V monaural audio signal and get a monaural audio signal that is spread by a
microphone as the external signal source 4 with a microphone, it becomes so-called microphone
mixing, and if this composite signal is reproduced by a stereo device, The performance is heard
as a spread sound not localized from the left and right pair of speakers, the voice from the
microphone is localized at the center of the pair of speakers, and it is possible to obtain a sense
of presence as if singing at the performance venue.
When the external signal source 4 (microphone or the like) is not opened, the signal of the audio
signal source 1 is switched to the external signal source 4 so that the signal of the audio signal
source 1 converts the signal into a pseudo magnified sound image signal It is possible to
reversely receive the sound and enjoy the sound with a three-dimensional effect, and to localize
another monaural audio signal superimposed on the monaural audio signal to the center of the
pseudo magnified sound image. For example, one can enjoy the effects of microphone mixing and
the like. It is a block diagram of six Beno. 1 ...... audio signal source, 2 ...... subcarrier signal
generating circuit, 3 ...... balanced modulator, 4 ...... external signal source, 6 ░ 7 - ....... Name of
Agent Attorney Nakao and 1 other EndPage: ?
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