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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a wiring diagram of a first embodiment of the
signal selection device according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a wiring diagram of the
second embodiment, and FIG. 3 is a wiring diagram of the third embodiment. FIG. 4 is a
connection diagram of the fourth embodiment and FIG. 5 is a connection diagram of the fifth
embodiment. L1 to L5 иии и и и L channel input terminals, R1-R5 и и и и и и R channel input terminals,
S1-816 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Mixers 3, 4 и и и и и и и и и
Output terminals, 92. 10 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и amplifier (preamplifier), 11112 и и и и и и и и (main
amplifier), 13-16 и и и? Speaker. ?????░????
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the present
invention used in audio circuits and the like. In general, in the Toyosei device having stereo
regeneration 1fe + Menji revenge's rego C2) raw material path, for each signal regeneration line
by using an appropriate signal selection device in addition to normal stereo reproduction. It is
possible to perform monaural reproduction of the signal that is squeezed. However, such
utilization of regenerative charging is in fact not generally practiced in the prior art, since the
effective code numbering method used for this has not been provided. Under the circumstances
described above, this device selects any one or two of a large number of stereo signal sources,
and obtains a stereo signal i or a mono signal from one signal taste. Also, it provides a signal
selection at which two different monaural signals from two 1R sources are selected, and the
input signal of one channel is selected by the first and @ 2 switches and the local channel is
selected. The above input signal! , 11. Select by the 3 switches and 4 switches linked to the% 2
switch, and select IgI! ! The first switch selected by the fifth switch and the mixed signal of the
signal obtained in the second switch and the fourth switch are obtained by obtaining the first
signal. A signal obtained by the fourth switch and a mixed signal of the signals obtained by the
second and third switches are selected by the sixth switch so as to obtain the cleaning of 42.
Further, in the signal 4-option device, the amplified signal of the first signal to be hidden by the
switch of the crucible 5 when the fifth and sixth switches select the combination scratch number
and the second signal is 41 second speaker And the second No. 7 amplified signal of the sixth
switch Vc is added to the third and fourth speakers, and the @ 5 and sixth switches are
connected from the first @@@ 2 switch. Of the second signal sent to the sixth switch while being
applied to the -1 (or third) speaker while the 4 signals of the @ signal 5 are switched VC4 of the
@ arrangement 5 to the speaker of the 1 100 A platform-signal is configured to add 4 to the 2nd
(the 4th is the 4th) speaker of the @ -top, and the above-mentioned one speaker system having
the il and the second speaker, and the third, the third, Both of the other loudspeaker systems
having a fourth loudspeaker, both Perform stereo playback of the same source in a speaker
system, it is obtained by the ?Ru so perform monophonic reproduction of different signal
sources at each of the speaker system. An embodiment of the invention will now be described
with reference to the drawings.
Figure 1 is 11i of this device! The configuration of the embodiment is shown. In this figure, L> Li
is an input terminal to which the L channel input signal is input, and R1 to R5 are input terminals
to which the L channel input signal is input. The stereo signals from the FM tuner, the tape
recorder, the record player, etc. are manually input to each set of Ls, Ls, and Stone. Input
terminal Ll, Lm. ??? L3 represents the switches 81a and 81b of the switch S1, respectively.
The switch S2 is connected to the contacts S1 d and 81 e and the switches S2 (contacts 82a, 82b,
82d and 82eK of 61 are connected, and the input terminal L3 is connected to the contact 810 of
the switch S1 via the amplification a (head amplifier) 1 and the switch S2 The signals input to the
input terminals L1 to Ls are selected by the switch 81.82 so that switching contacts 81o and
82oK of these switches S1 ░ S2 can be obtained. Also, an input 1 child Kl)) L2. ) L1 ░ 1 (s:
contacts 83a and S3b of the switch S3). S3d, 83ctK4'f and X, F-84 contacts 84a, S4b, S4d, 54eK
are connected, and input ladder 3 is connected via 1 ili gift (head amplifier) 2 of switch S3 AS 3
cv C * f and switch S 4 contact 54 e K? A signal connected to the input terminal R1-Rh is selected
by the switch 83.84 and is obtained at each of the cut contacts S3o and S4o of the switches S3
and S4. In the above item @ 4 episodes 1 and 2I, the level of 1g selected by switches 81 to S4 is
(6) rounding to keep the level within a certain range. A signal of a low level as compared with
other input signals, for example, a signal from a record player having a moving coil type pickup
cartridge is inputted to the input terminal Ls, R3. In this case, the switch 81 ░ S4 and the switch
82.83 are each configured to be retarded, and when the switching contact Slo is switched to the
eruption 81m-81e, the turning off * taS4o is sequentially switched to S4a to 84e, and the
switching contact The switching contact S3 ░ is adapted to be switched to the eruptions 83a to
S3e when the S2 ░ is turned to the next S2a to 82cvC. The switching contacts 81o and 84 ░ of
the switch 81.84 are respectively connected to the inputs 1M1a and M1tNC of the mixer M1,
and the signals superior to the switching contacts Slo and 84o are mixed by the mixer M1 so that
the output 4MlcV can be obtained It has become.
Switch 82 ░ S3 UHI 4 AS 2 o, S3 on Q'r'ta combined Iv 2 input 3 M 2 a, connected to Al 1 b,
switching contact S 20 ░ (?) 830 K 4 signals are mixed by mixer M 2 so that its output end M 2
CK n ing. Also, the switching contact Sl of the switch S1. And the output end Mlc of the mixer M1
are respectively connected by the contacts 85a and 85bK4 of the switch S5, the signal obtained
at the switching contact Slo and the output 4M1c is selected by the switch S5, and this selected
signal is switched by the switch S5 It is designed to be obtained at the output terminal 3
connected to the contact point S5o. Further, the disconnecting t4 contact point 84o of the switch
S4 and the output end M2c of the mixing 4M2 are connected respectively to the contact points
S6a and 56bK of the switch S6, and the return point S10. A signal obtained at the output end
M2c is selected by the switch S6, and this selected signal is fed to the output terminal 4
connected to the switching contact S6o of the switch S6. The four sets of switches 85 and 86 are
configured to interlock with each other. For example, when the central contact 85o is screamed
to the hair point S5aA-85b, the switching contact 18) point 86o is cut off at the contact 56a-%86b. It is supposed to be replaced. When switching contacts 85o and S6o of switches 85 and 86
are brought into contact with contacts 85b and S6b, respectively, the output terminal 3 mixes
signals generated by the switch 81.84. A signal is obtained, and at the output terminal 4 a mixed
signal of the signal selected by the switch S2 ░ S3 is obtained. In this case switches 81.84 and
82.83, for example as shown in FIG. 1, are switched contacts Slo. S4o, S2o, S3o contacts Slc, S4c,
S2c, respectively. If it makes contact with the 53 c VC, the switch 1.2 processes the L channel
signal applied to the input terminal L3, and the switches 3 and 4 select the display number of the
remote channel applied to the input terminal R3. , 1.1 by the switch 1! The selected L channel
signal and the R channel signal selected by the switch 4 are mixed by the mixing WMIW, and the
L channel 91 ? selected by the switch 2! ! The T (9) 7 frame and the R channel signal selected
by the switch 3vC are mixed by the mixer M2, and as a result, a monaural signal of the signal
obtained by the output / ladder 3vC input terminal Ls, R8KJII is obtained, The same monaural
signal as that of the signal is obtained at the output terminal 4. ??????????
For example, switching S4 and S2 ░ S3 warms the switching contacts 81o and 84 ░ to the
contacts 81a and d4aK, respectively, and switches the switching contacts S2o and S30 to
contacts S2b and 53bK? When turned on, the switch 81.84 selects the input signal seen at the
input terminals L1 and R1, and the switch 82 ░ 83 receives the input J1 L2. Select the manual
power number added to R2, and make the same as above, input terminal Ll to output terminal 3!
rL ', rC are added and a monaural signal of nine signals is sunk, and the output terminal 4
receives the input terminal L2. No. 41's monaural signal has been switched to kL2. As described
above, in the condition in which the uJ symptom 85o and S6o of the switches 85 and 86 are
made to contact the contacts S5b and S6b, respectively, the output 81 In 3.4 we can get a mono
signal from one stereo signal and a different mono signal from two stereo signals. Also, if all
switches 85.86 are cut off from the above condition and the '-g' J conversion contacts 85o and
S6o are made 4Jkm to the contacts S5a and S6a respectively, the signal selected by the switch S1
is output period 1 Thus, a signal which is output to the output 4 child 4 by the ji switch S4 is
obtained. One choice of Shingo by switch 81.84 is the L channel and input 1 child 1 (, 1 to 1 (5
reconnaissances) added to the input shoulders Ll to Lsjl. 0 when the R channel is on and the
result is that when the switch 85.86 is in the setting of top 2, you get a stereo '100 from one
stereo source at the output terminal 3 ░ 4 be able to. Therefore, if you c and cW ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? lt lt 1 l t (not shown), monaural ? IN IN IN of one of the many stereo sources,
stell Leo playback is possible, and it is possible to perform monaural playback of any two signals.
FIG. 2 shows the construction of the second embodiment of the present invention, and in this
47Ii example, between the input terminals L1 to Ls and Rt5 to the output terminal 3.4 is the
above-mentioned ? 1 ? ?! The same structure as the right example, and the signal derived to
the output 1 child 3.4 is each variable resistor 5 and 6 for volume l @, channel Jvl IJ! sound of! ?
??????? 6 are input to 1 signal line (preamplifier) 9.10 through variable resistances 47
and 8 and voltage amplified by these amplifiers 9 and 10, and 9 signals are input to 1-1 (main
amplifier) 11.12 These signals are output by means of these platforms @ marion ti, t2 so that the
signals VcdII can be enjoyed by the telespeakers 13-16 Vc via the switches 87-812 for speaker
In this case, the hair accessory between the four fixtures 11.12 and the speakers 13 to 16 is one
of the following. That is, the output disease 118 of the shoulder '11411 is connected to the
switch 4870 of the switch S7 and the switching black point 890 of the switch S9, and the
repulsion 12a of the amplification 412 is a cutting table of the switching melting point S8o of the
switch S8 and the switch 812 The switch point 812G is connected to the switch point 812G and
the switch 87 is connected to the contact point S8b of the switch S8 and the switch point 8110
of the switch 811. The contact 88m of the switch S8 is connected to the contact point S7b of the
switch S7. And the switching contact 5100 of the switch 810, and the contacts 89m- + 8121: '+
i% of the switches 89-812 are hair-dressed by the speakers 13-16. In this case, the switches 87.
88 communicate with one another and the switch S5. Gambling contacts ?7o and S8o are
respectively provided when the switching contacts S5o and S6o of the switch 85.86 are
respectively switched to contacts 85a to 85b and S6a to 56bK. VC is arranged to be divided into
87a to + 7b and 88a to 88b. In addition, six sets of switches 89 and 810 and switches 811 and
812 are also configured to move in tandem. For example, when switching contact 89o is
switched to contacts 89a to 89b, cutting mMA 8100 switches to 510a to 810b. When the
switching contact 811o is switched to the contacts 5lla-811b, the 1 switching disconnection
point 5120 is switched to 812a-512b. The contacts S9b-812b in the switches 89-812 are
contacts. In the above configuration, as shown in FIG. 2, the switching contacts 85o to 88o of the
switches 85 to S8 are brought into contact with the contacts S5b to S8b, respectively. If the
switches 81 to S4 are set so as to obtain the same monora A / 18 each at the output terminal
3.4VC, the speakers 13 to 16 are respectively connected. 1 ffl-monaural bias can be obtained)
switches s1 to S4 or outputs 1 and 3 and 4 are different so as to obtain monaural 1 ? different
from each other. One monaural remark is supplied to the speaker 13.14, and one monaural one
digit is supplied to the sby sword 1s and 1 cs. In this case, it is possible to adjust each fllt level of
the speakers 13, 14, 15.16 by operating the variable low resistances 5 and 6, and by operating
the usable resistance 47, 8t, the same speakers 13.14 and 15t are operated. It is possible to
balance the volume level between 15.16.
Also, when the switch 85 to S8 is turned off and the 4-contact aSSO to S8o is brought into
contact with the contacts S5a to 88a'IC from the above state, the stereo selected by the switch
81.84 at the output ladder 3 ░ 4 Since a signal is obtained, each pair of speakers 13.14 and
15.16 is supplied with a 10 d stereo signal. In this case, each volume level of the speakers 13,
15.14.16 can be Am by operating the variable resistor 5.6, and the same speaker can be
operated by operating the ? resistor 7.8. 13. It is possible to balance the volume level between
Is and 14.16. Also, in any of the above signal selection states, the switches 89.810 or 811, 812
are switched to bring the switching contacts 89o, 810o (811o, 812o) into contact with the saddle
points ssb, 8tob (8ttb, 5lzb), tW wheel ill, 12 output end 11a. 12a Vc The obtained signal can be
supplied only to either one of the speakers 13, 14.15.16. Thus, in this embodiment, a signal can
be supplied to the speakers 13 to 16 as if it were turned on, so for example, the speaker 13.14 is
installed in one room and the speaker 15.16 is installed in the room If placed, by setting the
switches 81 to S 8 appropriately, it is possible to obtain monaural signals t-'s of different signal
sources in both rooms by setting the switches 81 to S 8 properly, and also listening to the stereo
signals of the same family and old family in both rooms Further, it is possible to selectively
supply emotions to the speakers in both rooms by cutting off the switch G @@ 89-812. In
addition, '@ 3 Figure 3 shows the constitution' N of the third embodiment of the present
invention, this ?! In the example, the output 1 child 4 is t-connected 111 based on the second
and threshold configuration. ! @ 4 100 to the input end of the instrument while stirring! Is the
resistance 46 ░ 8 interposed between the switch S 4 off = i point 84 o and the contact 86 b of
the switch 86 and mixed? ??? Between the output 4M2c of 1ti2 and the ? point S6b of the
switch 6, the variable resistor 31 for the f pupil node is inserted as a valve stem. In this
configuration, by operating the variable resistor 5.31, the speakers 13 ░ 14 and 15.16 and the
switches 85 to S8 which are made to touch a ? ? = @ aS5 o to 88 oi 4 points 85 b to 5811 C4
touch You can use Section A to cut 1 ^ 1 levels of each state. FIG. 4 shows the construction of 44
practical cases of this invention, and the embodiment Vc's? Based on the configuration of 1.2 (2)
2 par 4, similarly to the third embodiment, a 10,000-town resistance resistor 6.8 connecting the
output terminal 4 immediately after the input terminal of the amplifier 10 is used. Between the
switching contact 84o of the switch S4 and the contact S6b of the switch 86, and the switch
82.83 OFF * saddle point 82o, S3o and mixed iJM20 input glaM2m.
In the case where 10,000 variable resistors 42 are interposed between them and
M.sub.2 b, recording terminals lf terminals 43. 44 are respectively provided on the output
shoulder side of these variable resistors In this configuration, with the switching
contacts 55oxS8o of the switches 85 to S8 in contact with the contacts ssb to 88bl'C, the signal
supplied to the No. 14 selected by the switch 82.83, that is, the speaker 15.16 r1 child 43.44 tlcan be used for recording, and the recording level can be overwhelmed by making one variable
resistor 41 ░ 42. Further, FIG. 5 shows an example of 45.sup.4 of this 44. In this embodiment,
based on the construction of the second fort, the output end 11m of the fork @ 411, l2. The
switches 1 to 8 in FIG. 2 are different from the ones 12a and the speakers 13 to 16 in the
configuration of FIG. That is, in the fifth case, the output end 11m of the positive terminal @ 411
is connected to the contact point 813d of the switch 813, and the output terminal 5 12m of the
console 12 is 4 divided by 814 dK of the switch 814. The switch contact 8t3o is covered by the
speaker 13 and switched to the switch 814 switch 4 ? 8140 "и и и и и the switch S15 switch
connection aS 15 ░ or the speaker 15 is switched switch 816 A hard point 5160 is squeezed by
the speaker 16. And the even point 513a of the switch S13. 5tab, 5tac + and contacts 615a and
814a and contacts 815b and 515c of the switch 815 are interleaved with each other, and a
saddle point 514b of the switch s14. The contact point 515a of the switch S15 and the points
516a, 516b, 516c of the switch S16 are layered on top of each other by -1. At this time, the
contact 514c of the contact 13C1 switch 834 of the switch S13, the contact 515d of the switch
s1s, and the air 816d of the switch S16 are 6 points of play. The switches 813 to 816 are
configured so as to be mutually connected, for example, when the switching contact 513o of the
switch S13 is switched to the second switching point 813a to 51ac +, the switching contact 8140
of the switch 814 is connected to the contacts 4814a to 814d. , The switching contact 5150 of
the switch 815 or the contact 515aS-815d. The cut Ju 1 point 8160 of the switch 816 is cut to
the 4a 816 a ? ? + contact 816 d. In the above configuration, assuming that the signal output
to the output terminal 3 is 11g1 and the output terminal 44N (the signal obtained is ? 2, the
switch contacts 813o to 516o of the switches sla to S16 have the saddle point 513a- When the
speaker 816 al C4 is made to sound, the speaker 13, 14 vc1; tI H 7] 1 is supplied with a signal of
42 to the speaker 7 '715 ░> \ 16 and similarly, the speaker AS 13b to 516 b Vc contacts the
speaker 3.15 The first signal is supplied to the speaker 4 ░ 16 and the second signal is supplied
to the speaker 4 16, and the first signal is supplied to the speaker 5 and the speaker 1 is supplied
to the speaker 6 when contacting the contacts 513 e to 516 c. When the contacts 13d to 16d are
brought into contact, the speaker 3 is supplied with a first signal and the speaker 4 is supplied
with a second signal.
As apparent from the above description, according to the signal selection device according to the
present invention, it is possible to obtain arbitrary one hundred source stereo signals and
monaural reproduction from among a large number of stereo sources, but they are different from
each other. Two monaural biases from the signal source can be made, and this is followed by four
stereo writings, a stereo reproduction of the cross shields in the cohabitation shell, a montan bald
or a different No. 1g и I can play a monaural reproduction of the sail. In addition, a speaker
selection (2)) / option switch is provided at the output 4 of the front-band ?-only X1 t, for
example, both speaker systems for two sets of speaker systems-with stereo signals of the same
signal line While the IIA can be activated, it is a nose to have both Sveicak systems powered by
the mono signal of the signal source.
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