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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view showing an example of a
conventional coaxial type one-sided loudspeaker, FIG. 2 is a central longitudinal sectional view of
the above, and FIG. 3 is a coaxial type to which a flat diaphragm of the present invention is
applied. It is a top view which shows the example of a flat speaker. 1 ииииии Flat diaphragm, 1a ииииииииии
?Detailed description of the invention? \ ? ? "1 '; name of the four alternatives, Hiragana
insect d ? for two persons for the song cedar speaker (for recording four claims for the shape of
the ten-faced ? ? root In the center, outside of the ? 10 и и и и Q piece Q) 3 sides of the ? ? [I'll
wear a hole on the top of the tree to the shell on the extension forest] lShrink 1 head, bow, 1 type
speaker ? 10 ? board. 3.4 East-it'UN explanation This review is a symbiosis + 1ml speaker A11
and a single child with a low pitch и village ? concave speaker and lO ? Hit 1 l) V ? ? ? ?
speaker Irinahira (additives 13. D temporary change Q, this rule. tt ? и и ? l lll 1 cedar ? ? ?
? speaker и и ? ? r 01 r 1? 01 01 01 01 01 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ?. 5S2? (The central ll r ? view. Reference numeral 1 is a low-pitched speaker
121 and the like, a reference 9 and a force diaphragm 2, an outer peripheral edge 2, an inner
peripheral edge 3, a high-pitched speaker mounting portion 4, and a frame 5. ????????
?????????????? The reference numeral 8 denotes a magnet, 9 denotes a pole
hysteresis, and 1011 yoke plate. The plano-concave shape of the diaphragm 1 is a normal shape,
and a hole 11L is formed at the center for allowing the speaker for the material to be used. This
hole 1a is a square similar to the shape of the outer periphery. The outer peripheral edge 2 and
the inner peripheral edge 3 are attached to the outer periphery and the inner periphery, and the
edges 2 and 3 are firmly connected to the frame 5. The voice coil 6 is wound around the
periphery of the voice coil bobbin 1 in the same city shape, and 0 to 11 configured to drive the
flat diaphragm 1 indicate a speaker mounting plate. ); Pumushi и и] because the outer and inner
circumference of the plate 1 is the same square shape so that each side is parallel 0. Therefore,
the vibration coil, ie, the voice coil bobbin 10 position Ц t-jf table with the inner and outer
Distance ratio was compared ? put, if the upper right part is made into the 1st quadrant in ? 11
t 4, the car 4 to the inside is longer than the 9 companies to the outside with the Off. In the case
of the 451 circle, the opposite relationship is obtained at a 90 degrees, the distance to the inner
circle becomes longer again. The fact that the distance from the 5th series 1- @ source to the
outer circumference and the inner circumference is different means that a uniform moment is
not generated when the speaker is driven. 0 As a result, from the 7th line to the outer
circumference and the inner circumference The vibration transmission time is different, and the
ceiling vibration frequency is collected at a low frequency, resulting in a narrow speaker in the
piston work area. In view of the above points, the present invention enlarges the piston vibration
region by raising the primary resonance frequency by setting the distance from the vibration
source of the flat plate to the outer circumference and the inner circumference. The purpose of
the present invention is to improve the sound pressure and 1 frequency characteristics, and the
embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings.
FIG. 2 is a plan view of a flat-panel speaker according to the present invention, in which a flat lII]
? -dog of a dog is applied to a semi-mid-brain crest-shaped flat-panel speaker. The same parts as
the parts shown in FIG. 1 are denoted by the same reference numerals. -In order to raise the
ceiling removal frequency, it is necessary to make the distances from the vibration source to the
outer circumference and the inner circumference as equal as possible. Therefore, the shape of
hole ? 1??1 m of the plane diaphragm 1 of the right shape is a square having an apex on a
substantially perpendicular bisector of one side of the outer periphery. If the upper right portion
is made 41 quadrants in FIG. 3 by configuring the shape of 0 plane Ji and ib temporary 1 as
described above, it does not prevent the rectangle from becoming a polygonal shape as a matter
of course. According to the present invention, the distance to the outer circumference and the
inner circumference can be made substantially the same at 45 degrees or so + i. According to the
present invention, substantially perpendicular to the outer periphery of the plane diaphragm
Since two holes of the polygonal shape having the apex on the bisector are divided, when the
diaphragm is finely subdivided radially, the apex of the outer circumference and the apex of the
inner circumference never become 1 The distance to the outer circumference and the distance to
the inner circumference are approximately the same. The area of the outer side and the inner
side can be made approximately equal, bordering on the voice coil of the voice coil in one
elephant. As a result, it is possible to increase the number of co-operation techniques to fit in the
structure of the master, and therefore by reducing the piston's movement area, it is possible to
determine the reduction ft1 of the divided i-A area, -4 pressure, A mouth 41 having the effect of
making it possible to increase the interwave characteristics. A: During the A range, Figure 1 is a
plan view showing a row of conventional coaxial cedar speakers, Figure 2 is a central
longitudinal section 1 of the same figure, and Figure 3 is a flat directional diaphragm according
to the present invention. It is a top view which shows the example of the coaxial type cocoon
surface speaker. 1 flat diaphragm, IIL hole. ???░??? 00 ░ (y, coJ !, song "-",, C% l,.: 11, -2.
??????? ????? -; U'l: to \ 00 = и 7], ? o 011 'l-Miya: 11 ?-2-и 00 ? и 1 Ki, tJ' f6, the
other inventor or utility model applicant (1 ) 4 planners, 3 J J ') 9 + t 9 ?/ 4 Tokosawa flower
garden 4 chome 2610 address 81 ad wakaku! Younai address Pioir Co., Ltd. Tokorozawa factory
77 ? Kunihiko name) 1) Kunihiko Tokolobsk address Tokorozawa city Tohozawa city 4 branch
f12610 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Pioneer Corporation Tokorozawa plant motohigeo name
Hideo Yamamoto address name address 2) Utility model registration applicant address (location)
name (name) representative address (location) name (name) representative (?-12 rice 3)
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