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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a part of a
conventional speaker diaphragm, FIG. 2 is a top view of the speaker diaphragm in one
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view of another
embodiment of the present invention. FIG. FIG. 3a to 3h ииииииии Heart piece, 4a to 4h ииииииииии
Reinforcing material, 5.5 ? ииииии Surface material, 6 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии ... voice coil, 8 ... central hole.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The uninvented is related to the structure of a
speaker diaphragm made of a material such as a former and former gold scale, a squeeze foam
ceramic, and an inner glass (a large number of materials having a large size). FIG. 1 shows the
first problem in which the cross section of the conventional speaker diaphragm of this type is
broken, 1 is a disk-shaped metal foam and this metal foam 1 has a large number of hollow
portions inside. is there. The reference numeral 2.2 'is a surface material such as an aluminum
foil adhered to both sides of the disk-shaped metal foam 1. ? 1 In the diaphragm of the
piggyback shown in Fig. 1, Young * t-E of foam metal) 1), richness is ? and thickness is tl and
63! The Young's modulus of a two-person face 2.2 'E2. Assuming that the density is f2s2 and the
thickness is upper and lower, the ratio of the divided resonance frequency f2 of the diaphragm to
the resonance frequency f + o of the diaphragm made of only the foam metal 1 is as follows in
the case of a flat plate speaker. It is done. In the case of the diaphragm of the conventional
sandwich structure, the resonance circumferential slope number measurement direct
measurement has a lower dispute than that calculated by the equation (1). There were many. The
cause is that the rigidity of the foam is insufficient. That is, in order to satisfy equation (1), any
point on the upper surface of the diaphragm and the point at which the diaphragm faces when it
is at rest face the eyebrow in the vibration state as well. Need to be However, in fact-this caused
the resonance to occur at a frequency significantly lower than j2 shown in equation (1) by sliding
on the upper and lower surfaces. The present invention is to remove the above-described
conventional lighting, and one embodiment of the present invention will be described below with
reference to FIG. 2 and FIG. 3 In FIG. 3, 3a to 3h are heart pieces made of fan-shaped base metal
or the like, and between the 11I faces of the heart pieces 3a to 3h, from the Young's modulus of
the above-mentioned heart pieces 3a to 3h Bonding materials 4a to 4h such as an aluminum
sheet having a large blowout rate are adhered. As described above, the fan-shaped core pieces
and the sleeveless members are alternately bonded to constitute a circular core. The reference
numerals 6 and 6 'denote the upper surface of the core material, a facing material such as
aluminum foil adhered downward, the reference numeral 6 denotes a hobin fixed to the lower
surface of the core material, and a Heus coil wound around the seven hovins. The present
invention, as described above, has a large Young's modulus supplementary material interposed in
the core piece "1", and the number of the core material increases by 111, and the upper and
lower surfaces due to distortion of the core material also in the vibration state It has a ? j point
which can prevent the sliding of the material and can increase the one-division commutated
mantissa to an extent that the characteristic is not affected aesthetically.
FIGS. 4 to 7 show other embodiments of the present invention respectively, and even if the shape
of the core material is shown as the fourth and fifth evils ?) It may be in the form of a cone or
may be an adult or fixed hovin 6 in the center hole 8 of the core material as shown in the seventh
case. In the present invention, as described above, a reinforcing material having a large kink rate
is interposed between the side surfaces of a plurality of core pieces and integrated, and the
surface material is adhered to the surface of the core, and the rigidity increases. The divided
resonance frequency becomes high, and the sound pressure frequency wait I '+: of the speaker
using the diaphragm of the present invention becomes flat.
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