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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a conventional
speaker, FIG. 2 is a partially cutaway top view of the main part, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional
view showing an embodiment of the speaker of the present invention, FIG. 4 is a top view of a
reinforcing body used for the same speaker, and FIG. 5 is a front view of the same half section.
19 ...... field portion, 24 ... ... frame, no, 26 ... ... vibration plate, 27 ... ... voice coil, 28 ...... coil
bobbin 29, 29 Damper 30, magnetic gap 31, dust cap 32, air vent 33, eyelet 35
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Fig. 2, Fig. 4
Detailed description of the invention p, *** um '# h @ tvy "░" 11-4 ?-t 3 ? 3/2. -1. To stiffen
the vicinity of the tuck portion with a reinforcement to prevent circumferential deformation at
the time of large input amplitude, and to provide a speaker having excellent input resistance and
excellent sound pressure frequency characteristics in the low frequency range. It is A
conventional speaker is configured as shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. That is, the frame e is coupled to
the magnetic circuit 6 constituted by the plate 2 provided with the center pole 1, the ring-shaped
magnet 3 and the upper plate 4, and the peripheral portion of the diaphragm 6 together with the
gasket 7 at the peripheral portion of the frame 6 And the coil bobbin 10 having the voice coil 9
wound thereon is coupled to the central neck portion of the diaphragm 8, the additional mass 11
is coupled to the upper end of the coil bobbin 10, and the middle portion of the coil bobbin 1o is
the damper 12 The voice coil 9 is supported on the magnetic gear knob 13 of the magnetic
circuit 6 so that the voice coil 9 can be fitted without being damaged and the dust cap 14 is
attached to the upper surface of the central portion of the diaphragm 8. The above-mentioned
additional mass 11 has a vibration system mass of "3". If the vibration system parts of the
diaphragm 8 and the voice coil 9 and the coil bobbin 710 do not reach a predetermined weight
in terms of their manufacture and dimensions, only the amount required for the value required
for the design is met. It is used to control the vibration characteristics near the low frequency
resonance frequency by adding the mass of the above, to improve the sound pressure frequency
characteristics in the low frequency range, and to obtain a sound quality characteristic good for
hearing. In the lower diaphragm 8 of the dust cap 14, as shown in FIG. 2, a vent hole 16 is
provided, which is used for the dust cap 14, the diaphragm 8, and the coil bobbin 10. The air in
the space surrounded by the center pole 1 acts as a compliance when compressed and expanded
by the vibration of the diaphragm 8, and becomes an obstacle to regeneration in a low-pitch
range with a large amplitude. In addition, the diaphragm 8 is provided with an eyelet 16, and this
eyelet 16 is a relay lead wire comprising a gold wire connected to the termina 1 and the ring 17
provided on the frame 6. In a speaker with such a configuration, in which the 1859 force
soldered & 14 speaker of such a configuration, a vent hole 16 is provided in the vicinity of the
neck portion of the diaphragm 8... A circle of these existing pinch radius Since the imaging plate
surface strength on the circumference (D-D / in FIG. 2) is smaller than that of the other parts, an
excessive input is applied to the speaker to reach the amplitude limit of the damper 12 or edge.
That if, bending vibration plate 8 is in this part, there was a big problem that people kind of
The present invention eliminates the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks. Hereinafter, an
embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to FIGS. A magnetic circuit
19 includes a plate 21 having a center pole 20, a ring-shaped magnet 22 and an upper plate 23.
The magnetic circuit 19 shown here is referred to as an external magnet type, but may be an
internal magnet type in which a columnar magnet or a laminate of a columnar magnet and a pole
piece is incorporated in a yoke). . The frame 24 is connected to such a magnetic circuit 19, and
the peripheral edge of a conical diaphragm 26 is adhesively bonded to the peripheral edge of the
frame 24 together with the gasket 26. The upper end of a coil bobbin 28 on which a voice coil
27 is wound is connected to the neck portion of the central portion of the diaphragm 26. The
middle portion of the coil bobbin 28 is supported by a damper 29 and a voice coil is held in the
magnetic gap 3o of the magnetic circuit 19. 27 is envy without eccentricity. A dust cap 31 is
attached to the upper surface of the central portion of the diaphragm 26. A vent hole 32 is
provided in the neck portion of the moving plate 26 below the dust cap 31. The dust camp 31
and the neck portion of the diaphragm 26 The air in a space surrounded by the coil bobbin 28
and the center pole 20 can be freely flowed in and out when the diaphragm 26 vibrates.
Furthermore, an eyelet 33 for connecting the lead wire of the voice coil 27 is attached to the
neck portion of the diaphragm 26 by licking, and a gold wire for connecting between the
terminal 34 provided on the frame 24 is attached to the eyelet 33. The relay read wire 636 is
soldered. Moreover, on the back surface of the neck portion of the diaphragm 26, a reinforcing
body 36 made of synthetic resin, metal, paper or the like and also serving as an additional mass
is attached by an adhesive. This reinforcement 36 has a ring 37 ░ 38 at its upper and lower
ends, and between the upper and lower rings 37, 3s? ! It is integrally formed by a number of ribs
39, the shape of which is configured to match the curvature of the back of the neck of the
diaphragm 26. Moreover, the reinforcing body 36 is attached to the diaphragm 26 so as not to
block the diaphragm 260 air hole 32 or to be a hindrance of the relay lead wire 36 connected to
the foot 33. With such a configuration, the vent hole of the diaphragm and the neck portion
provided with the eyelet are reinforced at least equal to the other portions, and the system is
bent and deformed at the neck portion even if a large input is applied. Damaged ? 0 and 4
Completely arrested 7 и и 9 и Split resonance 0 shot 1 ? ? can be suppressed and can be made
reliable 14 ░, '-7 ?? ?
Since this reinforcement works as an additional mass with 7-1-, by selecting the material or
selecting the thickness etc., it is possible to obtain the vibration system mass as designed, and it
is near the low frequency resonance same wave number The vibration characteristics of the
above can be controlled to improve the sound pressure frequency characteristics in the low-pitch
range, and the sound quality characteristics can be improved on hearing. Thus, the loudspeaker
of the present invention has various advantages and is of great practical value.
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