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細 1 @ @ O カ ン カ ン カ ン カ ン カ ン カ ン カ ン カ ン カ ン カ ン カ ン 特許 特許 特許 請求 T
ゐ 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 振動 振動 振動 振動 詳細 詳細 詳細 詳細 詳細 詳細 詳細 詳細The invention
is a patent @ 86 for the inventor's invention! 18'F91D is an invention relating to the
improvement and development, and is a vibration device for speakers etc. 2 characterized by
supporting a plurality of OII stations with air in a manner like manner lever so as to make the
structure am single inexpensive, excellent in sound quality, durable A semi-permanent speaker
vibration device can be obtained @ @ 此 例 例 例 An example is given, R, jllll K as shown,
relatively long circle 11 (2) is joined at the center of the speaker cone (1) o At the end of the
cylinder (2), a voice coil (4.賜 (11 紘 (紘 空 空%% '' '' '71 71 71' '' '' '(と' 'と と と と と と と と と
と と と と と 紘 (11 zl) and (1g) ollg <cylindrical (# 0 in the outward direction no durable Is a
semi-permanent, and can input a large amount of electric power. 8th ai company z * e yen 曽 (2)
O One side is a (13) moth-it is a turtle. The first aoe meeting, air (((は η (を 通 を 通 を 通 を 通
前方 前方 前方 前方 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 上 上 上 上 上 上 上
上 上 上 上 上 上)) Also, the cylinder (to the left) lined with a line to the left in the figure, the voice
coil (S! There is a drawback that it slips from the Danett (Korean). · The flit map line points are
respected and air is discharged from the part of the weir by providing a cylinder @ busy 7 # (is). As with KL, air noise is not generated-as well as the amount of air is small (Less bes 人 り は ((())
番 (つ つ, while supporting circle l 11 (2), After that, (28) α 9) 0 air flow, or by pushing the lid
(13) to the right in the figure at 89, the circle mca is prevented from going to the left more than
necessary-Going to the ho more than necessary * Vh * ec, speaker ltus (1? ) Or control the air
(λ4) from the pipe (15) by 7 # (18) K blow-off control from the pipe (15). In the third (2) a
second example of the second gang, (za) is air-blowing pipe% (31, EndPage: 1 is noise even when
the cylinder (6) and lid (13) collide) is there. Voice coil (3) K corresponding part of cylinder (6)
(20) 11 little material loss of magnetic field loss, such as iron, permeade, sendust, etc., other
parts (6 companies good processability, eg ttf Since aluminum, true pigeons, etc., the material
that makes up the cylinder (second part of the phrase and (20) will be supported secondarily.
The reflector (23) provided K is reflected and emitted forward (25).
FIG. 5 shows another embodiment of the present invention, in which a portion of 07 (13) which
is a microphone is subjected to air vibration such as a human (26) CJ voice (2)), whereby a
cylinder (2) is obtained. The company's dynamic type is shown in figure 0) where vibration
occurs and electromotive force occurs, but capacitor digging or any other method may be used.
FIG. 6 shows another embodiment of the present invention, in which the disk car trip is nine
cases with zero air ((η and (3? 0) Press-fit from both sides of the cylinder (6), support the circle
fit (a, attach the needle foot (33), the needle (34) to the cylinder (d) and tn shake according to the
record groove) More cylinder <this moving pool starting force EMF. The company MO type is
shown in the figure, but any method T such as MMIJ. Also, although the company illustrated in
the figure, stereo can also be performed in the same manner. FIG. 7 shows another embodiment
of the present invention, and in the case of a record cartridge, a cylinder (arranged with a needle
foot (33) and a needle (34), centering on a central axis of the cylinder (6) It is shaken to generate
an electromotive force. The air spouts from the cylinder (6) 1) 6), and the cylinder (: 4) floats in
the air so that liiIgiI is 0, so the input can be taken out as the output (lt--:: ;;, + A) Am-like wear
parts are all (no-they have a semi-permanent life, 1 vibration stop to 1 body 0 w 1 attachment
material and selection work are not required, and the material of the vibration body is not
changeable Therefore, it is possible to select 広 く widely, and from these コ ス ト to cost
reduction 7, etc. The other various modifications of the above-mentioned 本 発 A Att which is an
extremely significant invention of the industrial effect is conceivable, and other applications are
conceivable. All are included in the present invention.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a side sectional view of the principle of the present
invention. FIG. 2 is the same. FIG. 3 is an example of the side view of the embodiment of the
present invention. Applicant Nakamatsu Yoshibe EndPage:2
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