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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1a and 1b are a plan view and a side view of a
conventional piezoelectric ceramic sounding body, and FIGS. 2a and 2b are a plan view and a
partial sectional side view of another example of the same. 3a and 3b are a plan view and a side
view of a piezoelectric ceramic sound generator according to an embodiment of the present
invention, and FIG. 4 is a perspective view of the same portion. 9 ииииии Piezoelectric porcelain plate,
10 ииииииии Metal plate, 11 иииииии Section 13 ииииииии Piezoelectric ceramic vibrator, 14 иии Support Table
15. Mounting portion 1'6 Mounting leg 18. Printed circuit board.
[Detailed description of the invention] Involuntary work is related to the f positive magnetic
sounding body using the lf magnetism measuring body, and it is possible to wipe off the vibration
and attach it to the mounting d of the printed circuit board etc. 'G easy \ ,. ??? 8.6 8.66 ?, 8
?, ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. 1 and 2 show an example of a conventional piezoelectric
ceramic body. The rE4 porcelain vibrator which vibrates in a sagging mode, which is constructed
by laminating a rice supper porcelain plate and a gold block, is held by an appropriate means and
produces an appropriate electric signal as an applied piezoelectric porcelain sounding body. The
holding is often carried out by holding the nodes of the vibration. lf city porcelain sounding body
itself is often one product, or vibration body on the printed circuit board, in many cases ttIi
corrected, sounding body is configured. What is shown in FIG. 1 comprises a king plate 7 and a
king seven porcelain plate 2 as a stone to form an instant hii vibrator 3, and a notch 5 with a
mantissa 1 in the vicinity of the circular ridge 4 of the metal plate 1. Are folded into legs 6, which
are tj on a base plate 7. This has the advantage of having a small number of parts, or-if section 4
is broken by a line, and if vibration body 3 is squeezed with a rigid body having dips such as
bending legs 6 as described above, vibration is significantly suppressed. The problem is that the
efficiency of conversion to air is reduced. 3 In FIG. 2, a cylinder 8 having a diameter substantially
equal to the diameter of the circular shape 1104 is formed on the cutting plate 7 (Gel, Lf, an
elastic device on this cylinder 8 through an elastic adhesive. The vibrator 3 is attached. Although
this piezoelectric ceramic issuer is excellent in electric sound-to-one conversion efficiency, it is
necessary to provide the cylinder 8 integrally with the substrate 7, and a normal printed board
can not be used, and means similar to resistors and capacitors There is a drawback that it is
difficult to lose the sound generator to the printed circuit board. The present invention is
intended to provide a Sakai-shi porcelain sounding bowl which does not have the abovementioned drawbacks, and an embodiment of a real-name proposal will be described with
reference to FIG. FIGS. 3 and 4 show a practical example of the present invention chisel porcelain
light body d, in which the disc-like n-type porcelain porcelain plate 9 is attached with a disc-like
gold IQ1 fi 10 using an epoxy-based adhesive agent. The dotted line 11 in FIG. 3 a is a node of
vibration of the piezoelectric ceramic plate 9. Reference numerals 12a and 12b denote leet lines,
which vibrate in a deflection mode of the rE ceramic vibrating body 13 by adding a weight ratio
therebetween. ?, As shown in Fig. 4, the support base 14 is made of brass, nickel-white solder,
etc., with a suitable solder 14 'and a strong metal iron 1.
The supporting stand 14 is provided at the diameter of the immediate circle 9 of the 1 King King
porcelain plate 9 (a ring-shaped mounting portion 15 which is approximately equal to t and a
lower portion of the mounting portion 16 A number of mounting legs 16 are integrally provided.
The lower ends of the mounting legs 16 are details 17 so as to enter through holes of a mounting
board such as a printed circuit board. Bonding the nodes 11 of the vibration of the VCrE
electromagnetic vibrator 9 on the mounting portion 15 of the support table 14 is performed by
using an elastic contact 111ilI of a rubber system such as silico / rubber. This double-pole rE
electromagnetic sound generator is constructed, and as shown in FIG. 3, the detail 17 of the tip of
the mounting leg 16 of the support base 14 is inserted into the through hole of the printed board
18 -C printed board 180 Solder with surface music. If the support base 14 is made of a metal
that can be soldered as described above, the B <magnetic optical element can be handled as a
component similar to a resistor or a capacitor, and the printed circuit board 18 can be easily
removed 19 . However, the support base 14 'can be made by cutting or using. The piezoelectric
ceramic sounding body of this study tea is made by bonding a pressure electromagnetic A size
plate and a metal plate as in the following 1). By leaving time for mounting on a printed circuit
board or the like, the mounting operation can be facilitated without adversely affecting vibration.
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