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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a front view of a speaker system using a mount according to the present invention, FIG.
2 is an enlarged front view of the same part, FIG. The figure is the same plane as seen by taking a
beard bus beaker, FIG. 4 is a sectional view taken along the line AA in FIG. 3, FIG. 5 is a sectional
view taken along the line BB in FIG. 3, and FIG. FIG. A · · · Main speaker, B · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · mounting base D · · · · rotation control means, 1 · · · · · · lower base 5 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · friction plate 10, · · · · · · click plate, 11 ·
· · · Seat plate, 12 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Spring washers.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION A ///// y-Car This invention relates to a speaker
mount for stereo components, in particular employing a sub-speaker system. In recent stereo
components, in order to serve unique sound, sub-speakers are prepared as a single unit and are
being developed so that they can be sent to free places. An object of the present invention is to
provide a mounting base which can be mounted on the main speaker in a detachable manner and
the direction can be freely applied to the left and right. Although the present invention will be
described in detail below mainly as a speaker mount for stereo components, the mount according
to the present invention is not limited to the speaker mount, but may be used directly as a mount
for a radio or a television. It will be clear from the explanation. According to the figure, A is a live
speaker for stereo components, and B is a smaller sub-speaker mainly for high-pitched sound.
The main speaker A is mounted as a single body by the mounting table O. The mounting base C
is provided with a sleeping area 1a having a flat inner bottom portion except the outer peripheral
portion, and is fixed to the main screw ring via the ring backing 2a and fixed to the mounting
screw 3 by, for example, aluminum The lower base 1 and the rotation control means 7 installed
in the lower floor 1a of the lower base 1 are secured to the bottom of the sub-speaker B via the
ring backing 2b by the mounting screw number, for example, aluminum The upper base 5 is
provided with a through hole 5a at its central portion, and its surface is provided with a next
stepped locking hole 5b, 5m) [protruding from the rotation control flat step] By locking the head
portions 6a, 6a of the locking rod 6.6, the rotation control means is fixed and 1 some backlash is
generated between the ground base 5 and the rotation control means. And the step 1-this
backlash is provided on the upper base 5 Holes 5 -, 5 ... and the holes 111 were formed to hold
cho "(- than is the compression coil spring 7 to act as compensated with a buffer bin 8 which
projects to. The lower base 1 is further provided with a through hole 1b at a central portion, and
a plurality of blind grooves 1C of a relief relief shell extending around the through hole 1b, blind
holes 1d and ltl, and a boss 1e11e Stepped through holes 1f for mounting the wedged screw 3
are provided respectively. The rotation control means is provided with the through holes 11)
provided on the lower base plate 1 mentioned above, the through holes 9a, 9b... 9Q, 9Q
overlapping with the lf # Φ · and the blind holes 1d, ld, and the other through holes 9d and 9d
are bosses le projecting from the lower base 1 and 10% inserted, while the lower base 1 is fixed
to the inner base a so as not to rotate, for example AB!
It rotates with the friction plate 9 made of synthetic resin such as resin, and the through holes
10a110kl, which overlap with the through holes 9a, 9b,... Provided in the friction plate 9, of the
roller polymerized on the friction plate 9 The bosses 1e and 12e of the lower base 1 inserted at
the time of insertion are separated by 15 degrees from the central part at positions overlapping
with the long holes 1oc and 100 for releasing le and the blind holes 1a, 1d and L when rotating.
And a click plate made of an iron plate provided with cutouts 10d,... Arranged in a fan-shaped
manner in phase with each other and through holes 1o.theta. And 1oe newly provided, and after
being polymerized on this click plate 10. , Through holes 10a provided in the click plate 10, 10be
++ 5l Oe. 108 overlapping holes 11a, 1 lb-*-11 d. It consists of a sheet plate 11 made of synthetic
resin, for example ABS III, provided with a long hole lyc and llc, and is attached to the friction
plate 9, the click plate 10, the sheet plate 11 and the through hole 1b of the lower base plate.
Each transparent print 9a, loa, lla is inserted into the shaft 12 while polymerization is performed,
and a washer 13 is mounted on the upper side of the 7-jaft 12. The whole is adjustably pressed
to the lower base 1111 by the spring washer 14 and the nut 15 through L1131) and the stepped
base of the upper base 5 is provided with its head 6a in the closed hole 5N +, 5tl. , 6a are
attached to the through holes 10e, 10e, 1 id 1 lid provided so as to be superposed on the click
plate 1o and the sheet plate 11, and further provided in the lower base 1 as a blind hole. In the
holes formed by the holes 1d and 1d and the through holes 90 and 9C provided in the friction
plate 9 overlapping with this, one steel ball bearing the compression coil spring 16 is
accommodated, and the head is The notches 10 (provided in the respective ones of l) provided on
the click plate 10. Therefore, when the sub-speaker B is turned in any direction, the upper base 5
and the seat plate 11 of the rotation control means and the click play 10 are engaged with each
other by the sub-speaker B1. Since the lower base 1 and the friction plate 9 fixed to the main
speaker A by the attachment screw 3 and the friction plate 9 are connected to each other by the
boss portion 1e11θ, the sub-speaker B is the upper base 5 , The sheet plate 1 and the click plate
10, which is rotated while encountering friction between the click plate 10 and the friction plate
9, and one of the steel balls pressed by the compression coil spring 16. Is taken out of the notch
Nod of the click plate 10, which had been inserted at rest, and the other steel ball 1 is provided
with a phase difference of 1.5 degrees on the opposite side. By fitted into the cutout 1011, click
to stop.
In addition, when the lower base 1 is attached to the main speaker A, each of the friction plate 9,
the click plate 10 and the sheet plate 11 has a square 9! -Submerged through hole 9b---. Since
each 11'b ... overlaps, the tip of a driver can be inserted and attached from this. If the subspeaker B is turned further to the left or right, further up? The bearing is rotated while
encountering friction resistance, and the opposite steel ball 1 γ is phased by +1.5 degrees in
either of the opposite left or right direction by inserting it into the notch 10 d, 7.5 Take off and
stop clicking. In this manner, the sub-speaker B has the long holes 10 c, loc, ll c provided in the
click plate 10 and the sheet grate 11 by the bosses 1 @, le protruding from the lower base 1.
Repeatedly turning off some clicks of friction and +1 and +5 "1 each until the end of the lie is in
contact with the end of the ring 8 and turning the direction of the sound emitted from the subspeaker B by t'LK Well, I can serve to create unique sounds that fit the occasion. Next, the
vibration transmitted from the main speaker A is a ring backing 2a interposed between the lower
base 1 and the main speaker A, and a buffer bin 8 provided between the upper base 5 and the
seat plate 11 facing the old, Furthermore, it is buffered by the ring backing 2b interposed
between the upper weir 5 and the sub-speaker B. And this shock absorbing action also works
against external vibration and impact. Matomo, 7 rotation pigeons of a rotating type of means,
and sisters of Natsuto 15 can create a hem through sleeves 7ja. Next, when the sub-speaker B is
pushed in one direction (left direction in the (supporting) surface), the stepped locking holes 5b,
5b provided in the upper base 5 with the heads 6a, 6a of the hooks 6.6. Since it is disengaged
from the step 5b 115 b I of the main speaker A, it is possible to remove it from the main speaker
A only by rotating it up by lifting it all the way up. The removed sub-speaker B applies the head
6a, 6a of the locking rod 6.6 to the stepped locking hole 5b 15b or pushes the self downward
and inserts it into the stepped locking hole 51) 511. f'Lf: If you press the FF in the left direction
while squeezing in the left direction, the head 6a, 6a of the locking rod 6.6 will be in the stepped
locking hole 5! , And 5b, and thus the sub-speaker B1, 1 is attached to the main speaker A.
Therefore, when packing and transporting each speaker, it is possible to handle it separately and
remove the sub-speaker from the main speaker and place it on a suitable place such as a room
shelf to lay out It is good.
Furthermore, as described above, since the buffer pin 8 compensates for the rattling that occurs
between the upper board 5 and the seat plate 11 of the rotation control means, the sub-speaker
B is used as the main speaker Aj7. It will be fixed at 9 with no looseness when running at $ 9. As
described above in detail, the present invention is capable of turning the sub-speaker, which is
provided independently as a single unit, firmly to the main speaker without causing rattling, and
by turning this to the left and right, The directivity can be applied freely, so the room of installing
stereo components can be separated into two parts, such as IM heavy can be created to enjoy the
sound to your own taste, so the speaker packaging There is an effect that these can be dealt with
by number +1 at the time of transportation.
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