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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the speaker of the
present invention, and FIG. 2 is an enlarged view of a portion of the corrugation of the speaker
cone paper 2 of the present invention. 1 is an endless tube, 2 is a cone paper.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker that
improves the peripheral cone method of focused cone paper. Heretofore, as a damping material
for the peripheral portion G of a speaker cone, a synthetic resin (a viscous liquid edge paint
containing a large amount of a plasticizer is applied to apply a viscous liquid edge paint to hold
the resonance of the cone paper. However, as this entry point, the plasticizer penetrates between
the fibers of corn paper, weakens the fiber entanglement and the hydrogen bonding force, and
causes the edge breakage when taking a large input. If heat resistance test is conducted at 70 °
C for 100 hours, or left for a long time, lJ plasticizing material volatilizes gradually and becomes
a brittle and hard material without viscosity / -z no jig f2 elasticity, There is no effect as a
damping agent. When used for a long time, the plasticizer may transfer to the lost paper-pasted
portion of the corn paper (this may weaken the adhesive force and cause the adhesive portion to
peel off naturally). The present invention was devised to overcome one or more of the
disadvantages described in L. As shown in FIG. 1 (herein, as shown in FIG. In addition, a solvent
resistant endless tube filled with cold barrel oil j pickles such as silicone oil, glycerin etc. is a
speaker to which r'fi is attached. FIG. 2 (a) is a partially enlarged view of the case where two
pieces are used when (II) 11 is used. (1) As a liquid, it is a non-volatile material, and it is a
material having a small change with respect to the temperature number two. Endless tube 10 @
rf mm 1 ['f diameter 1. The tube film thickness is 7 to 12 microns at t4 to 5 m / m. The adhesive
used for the endless tube 1 is a visco-elastic leather-like soft acrylic adhesive and a vinyl yarn
adhesive. Since the present invention is configured as described above, it penetrates between the
fibers of 3-cone paper, weakens the entanglement of fibers and the hydrogen bonding force, and
when it is vibrated by human power, the work I and the distribution wedge are broken. There is
no need. Even if it is subjected to a 2'fir positive heat resistance test at a temperature of 70 ° C
for 100 hours, or left standing for a long time, it does not volatilize and cause a material change
(the effect as a damping agent does not change . Since the endless tube is filled, the variation in
the amount of application is eliminated, and the appearance defect due to glue flow and dust is
eliminated, as described above (this non-volatile, viscous liquid silicone oil) A solvent-resistant
entless tube filled with glycerin etc. is adhered to the corn cone edge of the fixed cone to
suppress resonance of the cone paper, and since it is uniformly glued, quality is improved, and
Since there is no variation in quality because there is no variation in the amount of application,
there is industrial value, the appearance is also a device that is beautiful and enhances the
exhibition value
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